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The Principal of Lerato School, Valley Campus, Mrs. Aladi Esezobor, has observed that students are dedicating lesser time to qualitative study.

She said this at a Christmas party organised by the school in Lagos.

?Students just want to get things done easily. They are not ready to burn the midnight oil. They just want to write exams and come out with distinctions without any effort on their part but you cannot eat your cake and have it,? she said.

She added that the trend could be curbed if more emphasis was laid on the practical aspects of the curriculum other than the theory.

?Let?s use more hands on methods in our school curriculum, everything should not just be theoretical, when you?re being taught and you see it, you have a higher likelihood of remembering and that is the modern method of teaching,? the principal said.

Esezobor attributed the increase in examination malpractices to the craze for certificates in the highly competitive labour market.

This, she said which could make students to go through dubious means to get fat salary paying jobs.

She advised companies to be more performance- driven than certificate- oriented when recruiting fresh graduates.

?Organisations should conduct interviews on logical reasoning and not just go ahead and shortlist the ones with the best grades who bought their way by lobbying for distinctions; they should give all a fair opportunity to defend their certificates.?

She advised parents to take their responsibilities beyond paying fees of their wards.

According to her, parents should also cater for the emotional, physical and social needs of their children.

She noted that without adequate parental care in their growing years, children would end up as dysfunctional and frustrated adults.

?Some parents are visiting parents. Many children lack parental love and care, apart from paying their school fees, you should also know about your children?s day to day activities. If not, they can develop emotional problems that would definitely affect their academics,? she said.