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Post by: LOCK on September 19, 2008, 06:10:16 PM
League of Concentric Konsultants (LOCK) is a body formed by consultants specialized in providing information regarding to Academic opportunities outside the country. 
Established in 2005, LOCK has become a household name providing admission placements into affordable and free tuition Universities which are of the highest academic standards as well as registering prospective students for SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and all entrance examination for both Bachelor?s and Master?s degree programs.
Concerning the tuition free Universities in Europe, this academic opportunity is absolutely genuine.  It is the best thing ever to happen to the educational sector of the world, providing equal opportunity to excel.  This academic opportunity became available about 10 years ago.  Thousands of foreign students have graduated from these Universities, majority from Asia, Africa, North America, United states and of course Europe herself.
The Scandavian countries are the countries providing tuition free education, but Sweden is the best among others.
Apart from being a developed Nation and ranked among the richest countries in term of per capital ratio.  Sweden is a safe and modern country in Northern Europe.  It has accrued a spectacular reputation as an innovation and creative force.  Sweden is the home of corporate brands like Volvo, IKEA, Ericsson, H & M and Saab.
   Taking advantage of its closest to sea, Sweden has exploited a lot of areas in the field of sea products.  For more details agriculture in Sweden and job opportunities contact LOCK.
   Sweden has a long & proud history of academic excellence, with outstanding universities dating back to the 15th century.
Going back the history lane, western Education started from the scandavian countries which comprises of present day Denmark, Norway (or Netherlands) and Sweden, with Sweden as the core source.  Sweden is the home of the Nobel Prize (remember Nobel laureate professor ?WOLE SOYINKA), the world?s most prestigious academic distinction.
With a distinct innovation to build a close cooperation between industries and academic sector, Swedish universities are renowned for their investigative research and independent thinking.  This reputation is cemented with rigorous quality control, nationally and internationally certified degrees.
Sweden has one of the most ambitious educational evaluation programs in Europe and the world at large.
Swedish Universities offers around 500 Master?s programs in English, ranging from programs in the Faculties of law, science, Engineering, Health science, management sciences, Social sciences and Medicine.  It also provides 3-year Bachelor?s programs in English language as well.  These programs include but are not limited to Business and IT Management, Economics and Policy, English Language, Business marketing, Software engineering, Space engineering, Industrial management, Energy systems, Digital forensics and IT-security, Analytical Finance, Tourism Management and Electronics.  All programs accredited.
   Majority of students studying in Sweden come from abroad, with a growth of over 80% in the last 4-year period and room for more, Sweden is one of the world?s most inclusive countries for Education.
   Contrary to speculations, PhD candidates from over 800 countries including Nigeria are working towards their degrees in Sweden.  Sweden?s educational policy is based on the recognition that a multicultural student body is a resource.
   Aside from providing tuition free education to every student offered admission placement, Swedish government provides scholarships to students with excellent results to cater for their accommodation and stationeries.  Contact LOCK to check if you qualify for one of these scholarships.
   Though the Lingua Franca of Sweden is not English, almost all Swedish understand English.  The official language in most companies in Sweden is English, making Sweden one of the countries with the least tolerant for racism.  Students from make use of this opportunity to exploit many of the job opportunities present in Sweden because of the absent of language barrier.  For details about available jobs, how and where to apply for jobs, Contact League of Concentric Konsultants (LOCK).
   It is important for you to realize that this opportunity is not met for graduates with 1st class or 2nd class upper but for all graduates.  The Basic Requirement for the Master?s programs is your O level result and your Bachelor?s degree transcripts.  For the Bachelor?s degrees, your O level result is required and you must have taken and passed TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language), for details about TOEFL and registration contact LOCK.
   With array of Master?s programs and Bachelor?s programs available most applicants especially from Nigerians get their application packages thrown in the bin without it been opened.
   When Tuition free education became available to prospective students from aboard, the country suffered a setback especially from countries in North and West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco), Pakistan and Iraq.
   Majority of applicants from these countries submitted fake results, the universities found out after the results of their verification from their own countries shows that some of their Master?s students from Nigeria don?t even have O level results from Nigeria!
   Since then cases of fake results has been on the increase especially from the countries mentioned which include Nigeria.  In order to detect these fake applicants, severe measures are put in place to confirm the originality results submitted.  Majority of these conditions are not pasted online for some reasons best known to them, a few of them a listed below.  Contact LOCK for more details.
   Applicants get their application packages thrown out if their packages are not properly addressed; documents not arranged in the right order, special requirements for some special courses absent, one or more required results are absent, obtaining certificate from unaccredited universities and many more.  For Comphrensive information about submission of application packages contact League of concentric Konsultants (LOCK).
   Most People who had gone through the stress of visa application at various embassies will simple forget about making use of the tuition free education in Sweden on the grounds that their visa application can be decline at the end of the day even when given the admission placement by the University of choice.  We can authoritatively say that Swedish embassy is in a class of its own.  Visa pre-interviews are conducted via telephone, so you don?t have to spend three days on a queue waiting for Visa.  Most visitors at the Swedish embassy bare either there for business or educational purposes.
   LOCK, provides you with all you need to secure not only an admission placement but also a successful visa interview to Sweden.  This is an opportunity you or your ward has been praying about, act now, your future lies in your hands 

For further inquires and to book an appointment with one of our representatives, CONTACT
DEYEMI      08060004298
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