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Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE) is a reputable national indigenous non-governmental organization implementing a USAID-funded Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) project called Local Partners Initiative for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria (LOPIN-2) in partnership with local and international organizations as well as different tiers of the Government of Nigeria at national, state, local and levels.


LOCATIONS: Anambra, Imo, Akwa Ibom and Rivers

Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE) is soliciting for a consultancy firm to conduct a training for our Community Volunteers, Community Improvement Team (CIT) Members and Community Case Managers (CCM) on Auxiliary Social Works using generally accepted standard and guideline
The objective of these trainings is to improve the skills of WEWE field staff and community based volunteers, case managers and improvement teams in social workers to improve the quality of service, provision to over 40,000 orphans and vulnerable children in over 133 communities in 16 LGAs in  4 states, Anambra, Imo, Akwa Ibom and Rivers.
The consultancy services will include the following

Develop or use an existing curriculum for auxiliary social work.
Conduct pre-assessment and or need assessment of participants on their current level of auxiliary social work skills.
Training a total of 120 WEWE staff, community case managers, community workers and community improvement team members on auxiliary social works in 4 different sessions in each of the 4 states (Anambra, Imo, Akwa Ibom and Rivers).
Develop monitoring and supervisory checklist for state offices on auxiliary social works activities.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Requirement:
Design the content, structure and delivery of the training to enable auxiliary social work participants demonstrate that they have met the national occupational standards for auxiliary social works.
Ensure that the teaching of theoretical knowledge, skills and values is based on their application and practice.
Ensure that participant’s achievement against the required standard is regularly and accurately assessed, and confirm that they have been assessed and met all the standards before being awarded the certificate as auxiliary social workers.
Ensure that the number of hours spent in structured learning under the direction of an educator is sufficient to claim that participants meet the required level of competence. This is expected to be at least 12 days or 96 hours.
Ensure that principle of valuing diversity and equalities awareness are integral to the teaching and learning for participants.

General Requirements of the Consulting Firm
Experience in developing social work curriculum
Experience and evidence of conducting similar trainings
Verifiable professional reference with regard to proficiency in Social Works.
Duration of Assignment

The assignment is to be completed within three (3) months from the date of the official signing of the contract.
List of Deliverables:

The consultancy firm will provide hard and soft copies of Auxiliary Social Works. Training manual with full training reports including photographs.
Agenda for the meeting and minutes of the training.
Minutes of relevant meetings with WEWE-LOPIN staff.
Trainings report for each training conducted


A successful consulting firm should have the following expertise and experience:

Minimum five to ten years of experience in designing, planning and facilitating training for development organizations.
Experience in STATA implementation and analysis.
Experience with USAID funded project

Working Relationships:
The consult firm will be expected to work in collaboration with WEWE M & E Director and specifically WEWE-LOPIN 2 M&E staff.


LOCATIONS: Abuja, Akwa-Ibom and Rivers

Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE) is an NGO funded by USAID/PEPFAR to implement a project called Local Partners Initiatives for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (LOPIN) Region 2.
WEWE is soliciting for a consultant with expertise in QuickBooks Enterprise Accounting Software Development Training and Usage.

The consultancy services will include the following:
Requirements on Deployment/Training:
Deployment/installation of QuickBooks Enterprise Accounting Software to the State Offices, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Abuja
Conduct systems (hardware/software) requirement checks for HQ and State Offices
Conduct network requirement checks (bandwidth)
Conduct server capability requirement checks
Install QuickBooks on staff systems
Link and test new users connectivity between the server and the staff systems
Create chart of accounts in compliance with International Financial Revenue Service
Training of States/Abuja finance staff on the usage of QuickBooks Accounting Software including training materials.
Upgrade of QuickBooks users to 10 in the Abuja office.
Create users with access privileges
Provide free support services after consultancy for a given period
Replicate all accounts codes in the HQ in all the state offices.
Create customers and vendors ledger in the state offices.
Create other Ledger accounts in the state offices
Create reports modules in compliance with Donor requirements.

The consultant must be an accountant or have experience in accounting software.
Minimum of 5 years’ experience in deploying QuickBooks, installation, training and usage.
Conduct presentation to WEWE management staff before deployment in Abuja.
Strong report writing skills.
Evidence of experience in QuickBooks training.
Demonstrated experience in working with NGO’s accounting policy and procedures
Verifiable professional reference with regard to proficiency in QuickBooks.
Highly motivated and committed to the values of transparency and integrity

Duration of Assignment:
The assignment is to be completed within three (3) months from the date of the official signing of the contract

List of Deliverables:
The consultant will provide hard and soft copies of QuickBooks manual with full training reports including photographs
Increase QuickBooks enterprise 2015 from five (5) users to Ten (10) users
Agenda for the meeting and minutes of the training
Minutes of relevant meetings with WEWE-LOPIN 2 staff.
Profiles of engagement team and what they will be doing


LOCATION: Uyo, Akwa Ibom

This Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) data analysis trainings will focused on persons who have little or no Statistics or Mathematics background to analyze data in SPSS, choose the right descriptive statistics technique and write up the result of the findings with confidence.
The training should cover everything from entering data into SPSS to interpreting the result and offer easy step-by-step guide to mastering descriptive and inferential statistics in SPSS. The consulting firm should be able to take the trainees through the SPSS interface, how to work the system and how to choose variable types and format in SPSS. The consulting firm will then progress into entering data into SPSS, sorting, editing and data cleaning, and most importantly how to transform any variable into a new variable with recode functions. Then to descriptive statistics in SPSS and how to run the major descriptive statistics like Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation and One-Samples t-test etc.
The trainees should learn how to create graphs, plots and charts in SPSS and how to manipulate them to suit individual needs.
Finally, the trainees want to learn how to choose the appropriate statistical technique to analyze data in SPSS, SPSS Syntax and Matrix.
Upon completing this course the consultant should guarantee trainees’ knowledge on when to use the following inferential statistic techniques:

Pearson Correlation
Spearman Ranked Order Correlation
Kendall’s Tau B Correlation
Independent Samples T-test
Paired Samples T-test
Point Bi-Serial Correlation
Mann Whitney U Test
Kruskal Wallis
Mcnemar’s Test
Chi Square
Linear Regression
Multiple Regression
Binary Logistic Regression
Repeated Measures ANOVA
Between Subject ANOVA
Mixed/Split-Plot ANOVA.
This is expected to be a 5-day in-house training

A successful consultancy firm will have the following expertise and experience:

Minimum five to ten years of experience in designing, planning and facilitating training for SPSS for development organizations.
Experience in SPSS implementation and analysis.
Experience with USAID funded project

Working Relationships:
The consultancy firm will be expected to work in collaboration with WEWE M & E Director and specifically WEWE-LOPIN 2 M&E staff.


Have over 10 working years of experience in leadership positions such as being a head of unit/department/division, Chief of Party, Deputy Chief of Party, and Chief Executive Officer or Top manager
Be a professional i.e. Chartered accountants, auditors, senior lawyers, medical doctors, and public health practitioner, bankers, financial experts, senior programmer in HIV prevention, social scientist, social worker, child psychologist, registered nurse. This list is not exhaustive, once you are a certified/registered professional in any field it’s an advantage.
of experience as a senior executive
Have individual tax clearance for the last three years from Federal or State Inland Revenue service as this is a new requirement from Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)
A candidate whose home base is in Abuja FCT, has an added advantage
Widows/widowers who are professionals and have experience are encouraged to apply

Service on WEWE’s board is without remuneration or any financial benefit, except for administrative support, travel and accommodation costs in relation to Board Members’ duties subject to availability of funds. In addition WEWE has a conflict of interest policy which states that Board Members’ family members and relatives and any related party cannot work or benefit from WEWE financially. In addition WEWE does not give sitting allowance for attending meetings.


Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to:
Provide administrative and financial management of grants to ensure compliance with USAID grants processes and regulations.
To analyze and evaluate grants applications, monitor expenditures of beneficiaries
Provide grantees with technical assistance in financial management, procurement, planning and implementation of activities.
Conduct training as needed, such as for various potential grantee organizations and internal staff, etc.
Conduct pre-award audits for grantee organizations, in addition to audits during implementation and at close-out in coordination with internal Audit and compliance.
Monitor grantees to ensure they implement and administer grants according to grant agreement and USAID regulations.
Review WEWE Grant Manual
Monitor technical implementation of grants to ensure timely progress and according to submitted technical reports, proposed strategy and work plans
Provide guidance to local partners on grant management
Process administrative checks when potential Implementing agents applied for WEWE-LOPIN RFA
Ensures that IAs contracts are up to date and work on new agreements for new IAs
Conduct quarterly review of their transaction and follow up on any issues raised by IAs and close it on timely basis
Visit IAs activities to ensure things are done in line with WEWE’s procedures and USAID guidelines.
Process IAs timesheet for payments

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance.
5 years experience in USAID grants design and administration, management and oversight
Experience previously working on USAID projects in the role of a Grants Manager position or similar capacity
Familiarity with USAID Grants Management policies and procedures

Professional accounting designation such as ACA/ACMA/ACCA or equivalent
Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance is an added advantages

Use the email(s) below to apply.

Consultants – Social Works Experts –
STATA Training Consultant –
Consultant – Quickbooks Software Expert –
SPSS Training Consultant –
Board Member –
Grant Manager –
Interested and qualified candidates (consulting firm) should send their comprehensive CV’s and Cover Letters in ONLY one attachment (MS word document) explaining suitability for the job to: Please, indicate the title of the position applied for in the subject line of the email. Please you are advised to provide your functional emails/mobile phone number on your CV as well as that of your three referees.

Note: WEWE will not cover any cost incurred for attending the interview if shortlisted.


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