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Equal Access to Knowledge Development Initiative (EAKDI) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in Nigeria in March 2014, to provide access to education, information and human capacity development through the use of appropriate information and communication initiatives.


Soundman is expected to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound on location, within Studio or audio dubbing suite settings.
Sound man will identify the sound requirements for a given task or situation and perform the appropriate actions to produce this sound. Specific duties include:

Production activities:
Consulting with producers/Directors and performers to determine the sound requirements.
Selecting, positioning, adjusting and operating the equipment used for amplification and Recording on location, in the studio or in the dubbing suite.
Applying technical knowledge of sound recording equipment to achieve the determined artistic objectives.
Monitoring audio signals to detect sound-quality deviations or malfunctions.
Using the mixer to achieve the optimum sound levels for each situation.
Operating the software based recording system in the audio dubbing suite.
Filling in the necessary quality assurance forms at the end of each shoot.
Maintaining and cleaning all audio equipment and ensuring that the batteries are good for use anticipating and correcting any problems.
Post-production activities:

Integrating (synchronisation) of pre-recorded audio (dialogue, sound effects and music) with visual content.
Re-recording and synchronising audio (post-synching).
Mixing and balancing speech, effects and music.
Creating and altering sound effects for use in films, television, etc.
And Any other duties assigned by supervisor.

Diploma, OND in Media and Communication or related field.
Good practical skills and knowledge of sound equipment i.e. Sound Mixer, Radio & Boom Microphones.
An interest in photography, film and video.
Good communication and ‘people skills.
The ability to carry out instructions accurately and with attention to detail.
Calmness under pressure, patience and concentration.


Position holder is expected to provide translation services (English to Hausa/Hausa to English) of scripts for Hausa speaking audiences.
Engage actively in the correct interpretation of literary meanings of terms or pronunciation of words for effective comprehension by the audiences.
Ensure speedy and timely translation of scripts within timeframe without compromising quality.
Carry out any related assignment that might be given to them from time to time.
Any other duties as assigned by supervisor


Three to five (3 – 5) or more years of script translation experience, precisely translation of English Scripts into Hausa Language
An education in Hausa language
Excellent knowledge of English and Hausa languages
Ability to translate phrases, terms and expressions in context (avoiding direct translations out of context)
Previous work experience within structured work environment
Ability to keep to timelines set for deliverables
Excellent team player
Ability to work with minimum of no supervision


General duties include recording moving images for film, television, music videos and other related productions.
Cameraman would operate digital video cameras, under instructions from a Director


Setting up and positioning camera equipment
Planning and rehearsing shots
Following a camera script and taking cues from the director
Choosing the most suitable lenses and camera angles
Solving practical or technical problems such as lighting
Previewing the rushes
Filling in the necessary quality assurance paperwork at the end of the shoot pointing out any potential issues to the producer or editors
Working closely with other technical departments such as sound.
Maintaining the equipment and keeping it clean
Ensuring that the batteries are fully charged before each shoot
Any Other duties as assigned by supervisor


Diploma, OND in Media and Communication or related field
Good practical skills and knowledge of camera equipment
An interest in photography, film and video
Good communication and ‘people skills’
The ability to carry out instructions accurately and with attention to detail
Good colour vision
Calmness under pressure
The ability to work as part of a team
Patience and concentration
Good levels of stamina for holding and moving camera equipment and working long hours


Applicants should send their Updated CV, cover letter and references to: The title of the position applied for should be clearly stated on the email.

Note: We will consider applications and begin the interview process prior to the closing date.

DUE DATE: 24 March, 2017


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