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TOPIC UPDATES 20/04/2010

Due to high demand of people requesting for a resume copy, please click on this link, you will surely find an example of a resume that correspond to your field

Ask yourself, what do “The Lord of the Rings,” “Catcher in the Rye” and your resume have in common?

If you consider them great works of fiction, then it’s time to rethink your resume.

A resume isn’t a list of exaggerations. It’s not a hodgepodge of cut and pasted job descriptions printed out on nice paper. Nor is it a forum to advertise that you’re 6 feet 2 inches tall, single, a non-smoker and willing to relocate.

Simply put, a resume is an advertisement that makes the reader act. And if your resume is well-written, the reader should want to interview you.

Get advice on how to create resumes that get interviews — right from a recruiter himself.

Keep It Simple

Recruiters want resumes that are simple to understand, especially when it comes to the skills needed to perform the job and employment history.

Be sure your resume clearly communicates that you possess the knowledge and experience needed to perform the job in question. Use the job description to tailor your resume to the position. Try to avoid industry jargon and Dilbert-esque words such as “facilitated” or “value-added” when describing your skills and experiences.

Your resume should also include your dates of employment. The absence of dates makes recruiters scrutinize your employment history even more closely.

Features Versus Benefits

Your resume should show how you can benefit an employer — not just list your features and skills.

Past performance is often an indicator of future performance. Explain how you made a past employer money, saved them money or improved a process or product.

Think about instances where you went above and beyond the call of duty. Look at past performance reviews to refresh your memory. Employers want the best employees, and your resume should reflect your value.

Truth in Advertising

People say that it’s the sizzle that sells the steak. That may be true but, when it comes to job searching, you have to have done what you claim on your resume.

Many employers today take steps to ensure that you have the background you claim. They have a wide variety of background checking tools at their disposal.

Background checks can include:

* reference checks,
* credit checks,
* criminal background checks,
* past employment verification,
* education verification.

If you’re dishonest in the hiring process, odds are that you’ll be caught. Rather than waste the recruiter’s time — and your time — be truthful on your resume. It’s not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing.

It Takes Two

You can’t create a strong resume alone. Everyone needs help.

Don’t rely on automatic spelling and grammar checking programs. You need to find an editor you trust. If no one in your immediate circle of family or friends can help, try other resources. Yahoo! HotJobs offers valuable resume tips and advice.

Staff at your state’s employment development office may be available to review your resume. Staffing agency recruiters may also volunteer to help you. And finally, you can even take advantage of a professional resume writing service.

Writing an effective resume requires practice and feedback. But once you get the basics down, interviews are sure to follow.

TOPIC UPDATES 20/04/2010

Due to high demand of people requesting for a resume copy, please click on this link, you will surely find an example of a resume that correspond to your field

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    I will adhere to this very important guide in my subsequent seach.

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