Accountant goes wild, kills 7


Disaster struck in Jakusko in Yobe State    Monday when a 30-year-old    accountant, Kaigama Alhaji Jikurko went wild, stabbing virtually everyone on his way and causing the death of seven people while wounding many others.

Witnesses said unsuspecting people got the shock of their lives when Kaigama who has two wives and three children suddenly turned wild and went on the killing spree.

When the incident occurred, there were conflicting versions to the story. Some said Kaigama had a history of mental retardation. Others said he was frustrated when his salary was stopped by authorities of the Jakusko Local Government as part of efforts to sanitize the payroll and kick away ghost workers. Others said Kaigama was attacked by evil spirit in his farm. But his 70-year-old father, Alhaji Jikurko who has three wives and 16 children shelved all the insinuations and described the action of Kaigama who is his third son, “as an act of God”.   

Weekly Trust learnt that Kaigama does not have a history of mental problem and still works with the Primary Health Care Unit of the local government as Accountant II. The head of General Administration at the secretariat, Alhaji Fannami Lawal confirmed that Kaigama was in the office the previous day to prepare payment vouchers for August though it was a weekend.

Some said Kaigama was responsible for his misfortune. When the Yobe State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Moses Anegbode interrogated Kaigama at the police headquarters on Tuesday, the “assailant” attributed his  act to drugs and “wicked friends”.

At his hometown, Jakusko, which is situated about 200 kilometres in the northern part of Yobe, some people confirmed that Kaigama had been into drugs for a very long time though his aged parents had no inkling that their son, generally described as “cool, quite and very obedient” was into illicit drugs. “Many people who are into drugs are always quite, especially when they are economically okay because they would always eat well, dress well and go to work”, Mohammed Usman, a resident of Jakusko said.

“My friends mixed wee-wee (colloquial Hausa name for Indian hemp) with poison and gave me to smoke which made me to lose my senses,” Kaigama told the commissioner of police in a low, subdued tone during interrogation. He added: “I was completely mad when I smoked the wee-wee, I didn’t know what I did. How can I kill or inflict injury on somebody deliberately while I know that it is against the dictates of my religion?” he asked. 

Kaigama, who was crying uncontrollably while making confessional statements, declared that he was addicted to Indian hemp and drugs for a very long time. “I started smoking hemp since my school days at the Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu. I am a HND holder,”he said.

He said the last one he took was not normal  “Some of my friends had attempted setting me up several times but God in His infinite mercy has been taking care of me. Now they have succeeded. They have always envied me because I am educated. I am employed and also engaged in farming. They envy my progress and used poison to get me”, he said.

Alhaji Bako Jakusko, an elder brother to the assailant, said he was called from his place of work when Kaigama had killed three of his victims including an old widow called Yar Ali, another old woman Inna Baba Mulki and three-year-old Mohammed Alhaji Audu. “When I saw one of the dead bodies in front of our house, I rushed back and called the police who came and used tear gas canisters to stop him without success,” he said.

He said trouble started when the suspect who also lives with his wives and children in the same compound with his parents came back home from the farm and started quarrelling with his first wife over a trivial issue. “As I was told, no one could tell what he was saying because he was talking in parables and suddenly got provoked when his wife talked to him”, Bako  said.

He said when the wife realized that her husband was not in his senses and on realizing that he was about descending on her, she ran away. “That was when Kaigama took the matchet and trailed her with speed, calling her all sorts of names but she was able to survive his onslaught when our mother heard her wailing and came out,” Bako said.

Their step mother, Iya Nani who was in the kitchen preparing lunch, was not that lucky when Kaigama sighted her. “Immediately he saw me as he was pursuing his wife, he stopped and stabbed me on the head, on my hand and severally in my back. 

The next victim of Kaigama was his brother, Alhaji Madugu who also lives in the same compound. “When I heard people wailing, I rushed out and immediately Kaigama saw me, he turned and broke my hand with the sharp object, hit me on the head and was about to stab me again when I ran away,” Madugu, who is also receiving treatment at the hospital said.

Many neighbours, especially women, who trooped to the troubled house to catch a glimpse of what was happening equally escaped with various degrees of injuries. Rabi Audu (40) suffered deep cuts in seven places; Hadiza Alhaji (20) had matchet cuts in two places. “When I realized that he was determined to kill me, I pushed him and crossed a collapsed wall which led to the next compound,” she said.

“I followed about eight other women and we locked ourselves in a room but Kaigama followed us and was hitting the door in an effort to break it,” she added.

Forty-five-year-old Malam Ali Mai Kaji supported her story while speaking to our reporter on his hospital bed. “When I realized that he was about breaking the door and no one was willing to contain him, I took the bull by the horns, roared and jumped over him. I told myself that Kaigama must be stopped because it would be disastrous if he gained entrance into the room.

“It was in the process that he inflicted deep cut in my hand though I kicked him and seized the matchet which I also used to hit him on the head which made him lost balance and fell on the ground. That was when both the police and other people rushed and arrested him,” Mai Kaji said.

He said Kaigama was arrested after he had injured about 11 other people in which another one died on the way to the hospital. “Because of confusion, the initial report we gave was that he had killed his in-law but the truth is those who died are his neighbours,” Ali Musa, one of the rescuers said.

The Principal Medical Officer of the Potiskum General Hospital, Dr. Muna was in the operation theatre when our reporter visited but his next in command confirmed that 11 victims were brought to the hospital on Monday. “Two died while receiving treatment, six are still here while the rest have been discharged,” she said.

It was further learnt that the aged parents of Kaigama were both hospitalized as a result of the shock they received from the actions of their son. As at the time of filing this report, Alhaji Jikurko has been discharged though his wife is still in hospital.

In Damaturu, police authorities said the suspect would be taken to court as soon as they complete investigations.


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