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A CPA Account Manager in the House
« on: May 23, 2011, 03:57:45 PM »

With my experiences in most Internet Jobs and money making ventures, I can stand tall to say that I can manage any online money making venture.   But where I will be staying put is CPA Marketing Programme.

With full understanding of how CPA programmes work, I can manage your CPA acoount for your and earn you $500 per day.   I am not exaggerating.   I have been making more than that for the past 4months consitently.

Few days back, I posted how i earned my first $511 and I stated exactly how I did it.   It wasn't something I was hidding.   If you had my kind of tool, you would do the same thing I did and even make more.

For me to be your CPA account Manager, you will have to pay for the service.   My charges are so little.  But before I go into that let me explain to you  what I will do in order to make you that amount of money.

I would use the method I used as a case study:

I promised people that I was going to show them how to make thousands of dollars selling websites on Flippa. com.  Let me deviate a bit.  If you want to make money selling website, create a website that is ready to make your intending customer plenty of money by helping him not only get the market but also get the suppliers of the services he will be rendering.  Nobody wants hard work but will pay for where it has been done.  That is that for now.  Back to my illustration.

So, afterI promising them that I went to the offer pages after logging into my CPA account (i will give you the CPA companies that accept Nigeria later).  I used my tool script to crop out just the email or zip field my visitors require to feel including the submit button.  Then I linked I linked the submit button in such away that immediately they put in either their zip code or email (as the case may be) and hit the submit button, the following things happen;

- it records in my CPA account that I have been paid the cost of that submission

- and the download of what I have promised them starts immediately.

I generated the code for that and pasted it on my dreamweaver and did some final text editing and then uploaded it to the internet on my website

The cost of that submission is $1. 46.  Yes it seems small.  Wait and see what happened.  Mind you the tool that I am using is not made available by any CPA company.  I tailored it to use on my website.  And this method hides my traffic from my CPA company so I am clean and can get my traffic from any where in world.   Not only that, my IP is hidden making me get paid on any offer be it US, UK, or wherever

Then, I visited some newbie forums, where people who are looking for how to make money were available. 

After implementing this menthod, my first $511 came in.   All because I was a newbie (a starter) then.   Now I am averaging $1,000 per day with my other secret methods.

Based on this, below are my charges:

-  If I would manage your account fully, I would charge you N5,000 per month.

-  If you want me to edit your CPA offer link so that It will access to get paid on any offer, and ofcourse hide your IP address, I will charge you just N2,500 per offer.

It is up to you to make your choice.  I have nothing to loose on this because I am making that much from my account.

I am doing this to make other people benefit from my method.   I am not ready to teach my method.   Therefore, my intentionto sell it is lost.

If you are interested, you can make your payment to:

Pay to GTB
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0034229924

For more information, call me up on 08166234713



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A CPA Account Manager in the House
« on: May 23, 2011, 03:57:45 PM »

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