Author Topic: Mockery, God's recommendation for your making.  (Read 328 times)

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Mockery, God's recommendation for your making.
« on: April 24, 2020, 02:38:21 PM »

Until men mock you, God may not make you. The mockery season could be long or short, your reaction determines the duration.
Mockery is a prerequisite for Making. When people begin to mock you in one area of your life, just know that your breakthrough has come. Jesus was heavily mocked, even on the cross of crucifixion, Abraham was mocked, Isaac was mocked, every great man or great woman you see today was once mocked either for what they believed or for what they refused to believe. 

It is only those that are scared of mockery that ends up a mockery. For God to make you, He must first allow you to be mocked, He will allow you to be laughed at. People don't understand that everything about your life is purposeful, there is a reason behind every detail of your life.
The mockery season can be short or long it all depends on you. Your reaction determines its duration. When people begin to mock you, that is the time you must begin to praise God. When people begin to mock you, that is the time you must begin to rejoice because what it actually means is that your turn around just came around.
The more you weep or complain, the more the making season is prolonged or delayed. I want you to understand this; Not everything that happens to you is for your downfall, many things that you go through are actually meant to carry you through. Mockery is one of the raw materials God uses to make your destiny. 

Jesus' mockery season was not more than three days, why was it so short? It was because He forgave His mockers, you must forgive those people that are laughing you to scorn, you must be ready to show them kindness when you are made. Mr Job's captivity in scriptures did not change until He prayed for His friends. Job 10:42. His mockery season was about nine months, but it would have continued if he had not forgiven his friends
That present challenge that people are using to mock you, scorn you, laugh at you, would soon be what will make you and lift you. Let them laugh at you now, very soon they will come to laugh with you. What you cannot buy today because of lack, you will be able to buy tomorrow and even buy for others. I encourage you in the LORD, please carry a happy attitude, because it is your attitude that determines your altitude. Be blessed in Jesus name.



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Mockery, God's recommendation for your making.
« on: April 24, 2020, 02:38:21 PM »


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