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Re: Forex News from InstaForex part V
« on: September 06, 2019, 07:08:04 AM »
Enrich your account in New Year

Christmas and New Year is a period of miracles for both adults and children! On the eve of these holidays InstaForex will raffle $8,000 within the https://www.       instaforex.       com/contest_chancy_deposit]Chancy Deposit campaign!

Chancy Deposit is a monthly campaign held by InstaForex that enables traders regardless of their experience and trading results to enlarge their account balance.       

Now we will tell you how to participate in the campaign.        You need to https://secure.       instaforex.       com/en/deposits]deposit at least $3,000 to your InstaForex account.        Thus, you will automatically become one of the contenders for the main prize.       

The month has already begun so hurry to take part in the campaign.        Just log in Client Cabinet and  make a deposit.       The winner will be determined randomly.       *

*You can find all information on the monthly Chancy Deposit campaign on the company's website.       

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Would you like to get an opulent gift for Christmas and New Year?

We have something to offer! We are sure that a new car is an ideal present for everyone without exception.       Just imagine that you may get not just a car but Lamborghini Huracan, a new sports coupé of the latest generation.       Christmas is the most magical time of the year when all your dreams may come true! InstaForex helps you achieve your dreams!

The draw of a Lamborghini Huracan is coming to an end on December 20, 2019.       You still have time to take part in our New Year's campaign.       So, hurry up! Maybe you will become the luckiest one who wins a superb car! Try your luck! Lamborghini Huracan is waiting for you!

All traders who hold accounts with our company are welcome to take part in the campaign.       Register for the campaign and top up a trading account with at least $1,000.       

Do not forget about a little trick.       You will boost your chance for success if you open two or more accounts with InstaForex.       Go ahead! Fortune favors the bold! We wish you good luck! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Changes in trading hours for Christmas and New Year holidays

Dear traders!

Please pay attention to the changes in trading hours during Christmas and New Year holidays.     

December 24 – all markets work on a regular schedule but close earlier than usual at 9:00 p.     m.     

December 25 – markets are closed

December 26 - all markets work on a regular schedule, opening at 01.     00.      Trading on Futures Agro opens at 4.     30 p.     m.     

December 31 - all markets work on a regular schedule but close earlier than usual at 8:00 p.     m.     

January 1 – markets are closed

January 2 – markets open later than usual at 6.     00 a.     m.      Trading on Futures Argo opens at 4.     30 p.     m.     

*Trading cryptocurrencies is available on a regular basis during the holidays

**Opening new deals on ForexCrosses 4 and 5 can be limited from December 24 till January 3.     

Post Merge: January 14, 2020, 07:19:58 AM
What could be better than Ferrari for $1,000?! Ferrari for $500!   .   

Any of us cherishes the dream of a gorgeous sports car.     No matter whether it is colored red, black, bright yellow or snow-white, you easily imagine yourself behind the wheel of a posh sports car.     Such cars cost a fortune, so the idea of getting the dream car for a mere $1,000 seems unlikely …* InstaForex can argue this!

* At the end of the article, you will find out a couple of tips how to get a car for only $500.   

In the recent few years, the company has awarded its clients several supercars such as Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora, Lamborghini Huracan and others.     Now InstaForex is ready to raffle Ferrari F8 Tributo, a sports car par excellence from the legendary Italian automaker.     This iconic model represents a blend of exquisite elegance and state-of-the-art technology.                     

Here are weighty arguments why it is worth participating in the draw of Ferrari F8 Tributo from InstaForex:

- A good chance of winning.     Bearing in mind the number of participants registered for the campaign, it is obvious that the chance of winning is rather high even immediately before the campaign’s termination.     The chance is estimated roughly at 1:500–1:1000 that is quite realistic when contending for such a status symbol.   

- Simple participation terms.     You do not have to buy, search for, collect anything, shoot a video, or repost information.     All you need to do is https://secure.    instaforex.    com/en/deposits]deposit your trading account with the specified amount from 09/12/19 until 09/12/22 and grab a chance of winning Ferrari F8 Tributo.   

- Your deposit will not be wasted.     Indeed, after you register for the prize draw, you will be free to use your deposit in full without any restrictions and commissions charged for the participation.     In other words, if you plan to replenish your account during the campaign term, it makes sense to complement the https://secure.    instaforex.    com/en/deposits] deposit amount up to $1,000  and gain an extra benefit.                           

To sum up, there are lots of reasons for participating in the prize draw.     How to join it? It is as easy as pie! Make sure you top up your trading account with USD/EUR 1,000 from 09/12/19 until 09/12/22.     That’s it! You have to fulfill the only condition.           

Now we are glad to share some life ......s with you.   

You can take part at a 50% discount.     Participation in the prize draw is twice cheaper for the members of InstaForex Club.     So, they have to deposit just USD/EUR 500 to their accounts.       

How to increase the chance? A client can open an unlimited number of accounts, thus boosting the chance of winning.     Take advantage of this opportunity!

Join the race for Ferrari F8 Tributo!
Superior technological features and a unique design make Ferrari F8 Tributo a well-deserved reward for InstaForex traders!

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Results of regular rounds of InstaForex contests summed up

Happy New Year to all of you! 2019 was quite a bright and productive year.    We hope that 2020 will be no less exciting and will bring you even more interesting events and luck! We appreciate that you stay with us and are happy to delight you with more excellent contests! Today we will name the winners of InstaForex contests – InstaForex Sniper – for the most accurate, FX-1 Rally- for the fastest, One Million Options-for the most patient, and Real Scalping- for the sharpest ones.    Besides, we are ready to name the winners of the Lucky Trader, Great Race, and Chancy Deposit rounds.    We salute our champions, welcome ones seeking victory, and wish luck to all participants!

Chancy Deposit
The competition is held every month.    At the end of the month, the lucky winner is randomly determined by the system.    In December, touadbenlahcene from Algeria became the prize owner.    We congradulate the winner and wish him new victories! The conditions of the campaign are as simple as pie.    You just need to make a deposit with a specified amount of money and carry on with your trading routine.    However, luck may smile upon you and you will become the lucky winner! Every month the amount of the draw changes, so do not miss your chance to obtain an impressive amount of money.           

InstaForex Sniper     
InstaForex Sniper appreciates accuracy, patience, and sharp reaction.    Trader Nhtqlth Naglaa Eldesouky Mnsour Rezk from Egypt showed the best result and got the triumph gold.    Congratulations! Keep it up! All traders are welcomed to check their precision – register and join! The next stage of InstaForex Sniper contest runs from January 20, 2019, to January 24, 2020.   

One Million Option   
One Million Option is one of the most popular contests from InstaForex.    A lot of participants are longing to test their strong competitive spirit, to feel excitement and adrenaline! People with strong will compete for the title of the best option trader in the hot struggle.    Following the results of the contest's regular stage, Sergey Olegovich Levitsky from Ukraine became the prize owner.    We congratulate the winner and remind that One Million Option contest from InstaForex will be held from January 13, 2020 to January 17, 2020.   

FX-1 Rally   
This time traders Viktar Vatslavovih Eismant from Belarus и andrei Vladimirovich Starostin from Kazakhstan won the latest stage of FX-1 Rally contest.    We applaud the champions and wish them to prove the title of the best pilot in the further FX-1 Rally contest stages.    If you are not afraid of intense clash and adequate competition, test yourself in the race for leadership – you are welcome to the start of another FX-1 Rally stage! You can register and participate in the next race that will be held from 00:00 on January 17, 2020, to 23:59 on January 17, 2020.   

Real Scalping     
Real Scalping contest requires a sharp reaction, curiosity, and desire to learn.    Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes.    Therefore, a trader needs to excel the skills patiently.    Today аnatolii ivanovich Trubitsin from Russia was the number one.    Congratulations! Keep it this way! We invite all the traders to use this opportunity to fight and win in the next stage of the contest that will take place from February 3, 2020, until February 28, 2020.   

Great Race   
To participate in the contest, you need to register a new demo account at each stage.    Apart from monetary rewards, the winner of the stage receives bonus points that can be used in the last stage of the competition.    This time trader Alexander Vasilevich Moiseev from Russia showed the best results.    We are pleased to congratulate Alexander and wish him to prove the reputation of the best trader in the next stages of Great Race.   

Good luck!
Learn more about contests

Post Merge: January 17, 2020, 07:27:28 AM
Win a trip to Germany and visit a match of Borussia Dortmund


InstaForex offers its partners to take part in a fascinating campaign called Win a trip to Borussia game.   The campaign will be held from January 8th to February 28th.   During a three-day trip in April, the campaign's winners will visit the Borussia-Bavaria football match and travel to various German cities. 

Four lucky winners will see picturesque and cozy Dortmund that is famous for its long-standing sports traditions and endless devotion to its team.   It is widely known that Borussia is the world's most meritorious football club.   Besides, it is the most successful team in Germany. 

In Dortmund, winners of the campaign will be offered to visit the German Football Museum.   Thanks to modern technologies visitors can become real football players and experience the whole range of emotions. 

Another place of interest is Cologne, an ancient German city.   Its history begins in the age of Ancient Rome.   Therefore, a walk around the city promises to be very exciting.   To take it, you just need to win the trip. 

During the campaign, InstaForex partners should attract at least 20 active clients with a total deposit of $20 000.   The lucky winners will be determined by four random numbers.   These numbers will be generated by the last digits of the quotes of 9 most popular currency pairs. 

Names of the winners will be revealed on February the 28th at 23:56, 23:57, 23:58 and 23:59 (GMT+2).   The winners will be those partners whose tickets of commissions over $1 will coincide with the generated numbers. 

Follow the link to find more information on the Win a trip to Borussia game campaign. 

Hurry up to participate!

Post Merge: January 17, 2020, 07:47:44 AM
Dear Traders,

Please pay attention to the changes in trading hours during Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in the US.

On January 20th, 2020, spot metals trading (GOLD, SILVER, XAUUSD) will be closed earlier than usual at 08:00 p. m.  The same change in trading hours applies to trading metals and energy futures.

On January 20th, 2020, CFDs on shares, Futures Agro, and Futures Goods are not available for trading.

Trading hours for other financial instruments remain unchanged.  However, there can be low liquidity on the market during that period.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support Service.

Best regards,



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