Author Topic: Assured Wealth Management ? the latest scam in Nigeria  (Read 1064 times)

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Assured Wealth Management ? the latest scam in Nigeria
« on: May 05, 2019, 04:33:42 AM »
Please send this message to the people you love if you don?t want them to be scammed. Also alert the authorities before they bring more pain and more ruin to innocent Nigerians.

They created a WhatsApp group that looks professional and they look for victims by inviting them on social media. They can comment on Facebook post of someone who has thousands of followers or they tag people with many friends so that innocent victims can join their groups, using the WhatsApp Invite link, and telling people they can be rich overnight.

What?s their message? ?WE WILL DOUBLE YOUR MONEY WITHIN ONE HOUR.?  Send a minimum of 10K (there is no maximum) and get 100% within 40 minutes. You can then re-invest the money.

They don?t have any websites they can really show. What they give you doesn?t exist, and they claim they don?t allow people to comment so people don?t spam them. This is partly correct. But they also don?t want people to comment that they?re fake.

You?re no allowed to comment in the group. Only the 3 admins below can do that.

+234 806 642 0723 ? the head of the criminals

+234 816 427 2418 ? a partner in crime

+234 816 563 1317 ? a partner in crime

This is their WhatsApp invite link: 

This is one of their adverts on Facebook:

?It's an investment platform were market woman and business men and also a student do invest and they are making it, It's an investment platform were you get 2times of what you invest, We are just using it to assist the citizens of the country for the betterment of life, It's a newly launched and it's really paying, It's very genuine and authentic platform, Like if you invest from 10k up word to 50k you will receive your double payment in the next 1hour you can chat us this Whatsapp Link below Note no scamming of each other and your payment is guaranteed.? ? Felix Blessing (apparently one of them).

Her Facebook profile is: 

They?ve no legitimate business model.

Sometimes, they enable the group to comments, usually for a few minutes. The comments are from those who testify that they have invested and have been paid, giving Glory to God, and promising to invest again. Admin will also reply by congratulating them. The screenshots they show you are really, really forged. And for those who?re real, it?s the screenshots of the alerts from the monies sent by their victims.

After a few minutes of testimonies, the group is disabled again so that people cannot comment. Needless to say, those who testify are also part of them.

The pictures they use on their WhatsApp profiles are fake. You can only private message them. So if you realize that you?ve been duped, you cannot alert others in the group. You?ll just be blocked privately. Those numbers don?t mean anything to them. If you raise too much dust, they can easily remove the SIMs and start using another lines while looking for more victims.

If 10 people leave the group, 30 people will be added, because Nigerians want to get rich quickly. Is that not the type of prayers they offer in the church (riches they don?t work for)?

They?ll try their best to persuade you, like saying ?You?re in safe hands,? ?Calm down.? ?I?m a Christian.? Give us a benefit of the doubt.? ?You have nothing to fear.? Etc., etc.

These 419 people belong to a large network of different players for a common purpose: to get your money. They appear Godly, religious, serious, sincere, convincing, rich, influential, with lots of high-security professions, until you fall into their traps.

They may also be using delay tactics after you?re duped. It?s when you begin to threaten them that they block you and remove their SIMs.

Really successful people don?t reveal their secrets. If they can really double money every 40 minutes, they don?t need to start looking for people to help. No-one loves you to the extent of persuading you to benefit from the secrets that can make them billionaire.

Someone turns 30 USD to 60 USD in 40 minutes. If that can be achieved, the whole money in the world will go to the person in less than one month. But this is a lie.

I don?t know when Nigerians will stop being gullible.

People like this should not be allowed to live in the society.


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Assured Wealth Management ? the latest scam in Nigeria
« on: May 05, 2019, 04:33:42 AM »

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Re: Assured Wealth Management ? the latest scam in Nigeria
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2019, 09:53:43 AM »
These type of scams are normal and I donít think any sensible person will ever get into this.  And even if anyone gets into this itís sensible to try and get out asap.  It will be crazy to put our hard earn money into something like this as it will not benefit anyone.

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Re: Assured Wealth Management ? the latest scam in Nigeria
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2019, 09:53:43 AM »