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Ore processing technology and ore processing plant
« on: January 04, 2019, 04:12:16 AM »
While the inside of a mill seems to be a very baffling maze of tanks, pipes, pumps, conveyors, motors, chemicals, pulps and solutions to the visitor, this seeming confusion is actually a carefully designed system constructed for only one objective and purpose - to recover the valuable minerals which are locked up in the ore. Digging ore from the earth is only half the battle.  The coal crusher plant of the ore is often just as challenging and expensive, which takes place in refineries, smelters and mills.
All milling and concentrating processes begin with a grinding and crushing stage, which most of the time represents most of the total cost of processing the ore. Ore minerals are generally found within and among grains of other minerals of ore or relatively gangue minerals which are worthless.  This fact makes the silica sand plant of some ores more complicated than others. For example, to the metallurgical engineer, a complex sulphide ore containing microscopic particles of sphalerite within small blebs of galena or other sulphides presents a special challenge, in other words, to design a milling process that will liberate these different constituents from each other as economically and cleanly as possible so that each may be recovered.
During the ore processing flow, the primary crusher is most of the time a jaw crusher.  The ore falls into the opening between a couple of metal jaws at the top and is crushed by the short, quick, motion of the one jaw which is movable process which is very similar to that of an animal using its jaws to chew its food. A secondary crusher is very often needed when the product from the primary crusher is too large for appropriate grinding.  The main type which is used North America is the cone crusher.  It is a close relative of the gyratory crusher, even though the speed of the cone crusher is faster and it is designed to handle smaller pieces of rock.


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Ore processing technology and ore processing plant
« on: January 04, 2019, 04:12:16 AM »

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