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When it comes to getting traffic to your website whether you a newbie or have been in the online business for a while one of the best feeling you would ever have is getting people to visit your website without you having to pay for advertisement and posting on social media.   

We all know that content is king when it comes to the success of any website, no matter the niche you are into and how beautiful your website looks without the right keywords in your title and content no one will be able to find your website online so using the right keyword is very important.     The days of having to figure out the right keywords to use on your own is over as there are tons of keyword research tools out there that you can use to get this done.   

When you are starting out, you might not have enough money for you to subscribe to most keyword research tools example ?I call them the king of keyword? Google Keyword Planner which is free but requires you to run campaigns on Google Adword before you can use this tool.    Thankfully, there are still other free keyword research tools you can use and I will highlight some of them in this article.   

What Is Keyword

Keywords are the words that are typed in search engines by people to locate a particle content or website.    Example ?let?s say you just published a post on how to fix a bicycle tyre and someone wants to learn how to do it, if they type in search engine how to fix a bicycle, Google will be able to locate and show your website to them because your content has a keyword related to what the individual entered.   

You can?t expect to write content on how to fix a phone and expect Google to show your website to someone who typed how to fix a bicycle.    So whatever niche you are into you have got to look for keywords related to your niche.   

Benefit Of Keyword Research Tools

I should not just start listing the research tools you can use if you don?t know how beneficial it would be to you.   
Most people wonder why after publishing a content they still don?t get traffic from search engines, this is because they fail to do a keyword research on the particular topic they are writing about.   

Keyword research tools helps you know what works and doesn?t work.    It serves as Gods eye to help you know what people are searching for related to your niche so you can position your content to get traffic from search engines.    Most keyword research tools give you the actual monthly search of any keyword you are looking for so as to enable you make the right decision of the keywords to use in your content.   

With that said lets jump into the best free keyword research tools you can start using today

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hxxp: naijahowtozone. com. ng/2018/10/24/5-best-free-keyword-research-tools-you-can-use-to-rank-on-google/


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