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Job Vacancies at Field Intelligence, Friday 24, August 2018
« on: August 25, 2018, 07:51:58 AM »
Field designs and builds innovative solutions for improving child survival and access to health commodities in several African countries, with a focus on innovative logistics solutions. Our team works from Berlin, Germany and Abuja, Nigeria. We?re looking for engaged people to work with us on the technology which powers our projects.

We believe that only diverse teams can build strong solutions to the often wicked problems that health systems in emerging contexts face. We believe people matter the most - those we work with and that we work for. We believe in the power of careful design, incorrigible curiosity, and respect for the people and challenges we engage with. Our aim is to make a meaningful, positive and lasting impact on communities? access to healthcare.

We?re looking for someone with a love of ops and data engineering to work with us on the country-scale, mission critical logistics and program analytics services which we provide to public and private health supply chains. You?ll help design and develop internal data management and analytics infrastructure. You?ll also help help us keep our national-scale services secure, stable and snappy.

You will work closely with our development teams in Nigeria and Berlin, supporting them in deployment ops and monitoring, ensuring they have stable powerful data manipulation tools at their disposal, and supporting ad-hoc data manipulation needs.

This is a full time 12 month contract position based in Berlin or Abuja. Full time employment also an option.

Attention to detail and a drive to investigate real-world systems through data
Professional experience with client- and server-side Javascript and document-oriented databases (Elasticsearch, CouchDB a plus)
Professional experience with AWS (Lambda, Kinesis, API Gateway), ELK stacks, and some form of CI/CD
Professional experience as a data engineer or DBA, handling production data
Experience working with enterprise applications featuring complex business or information processing rules
Excellent communication skills and ability to play multiple roles in a team
4+ years work experience in commercial software development, including considerable professional experience working in a team
High creativity and problem solving abilities
A penchant for creating internal tools
Experience with core modern Javascript development tools (npm)
Location: Nigeria/Berlin
Language skills: English (fluent)
Love of data visualization
Supply chain experience
Strong gif game

The rules for interface design focused on the next billion internet and mobile users are still being written. Established internet audiences are enjoying the fruits of the professionalisation of interaction and interface design, yet in emerging markets, the users of which carry vastly different and diverse cultural backgrounds, assumptions, priorities, and levels of technological literacy, design is too often still a cosmetic afterthought.

We believe an opportunity exists to contribute to the development of an evidence-based methodology for producing engaging, effective design for the world?s emerging markets, and as an organisation, seek to establish proven excellence in a field on the cusp of an historic explosion in demand, but currently nonetheless currently largely ignored.

We?re looking for digital designers to help us shape and achieve this vision, starting with visual and interaction design for a family of web and mobile products for healthcare, health logistics and conservation. Our designers will work closely with our developers, users and subject matter experts to investigate and synthesize requirements and opportunities, researching, designing and building comprehensive, beautiful solutions and the processes that help us reach them.

Day to day, our designer will translate high-level requirements into structured interactions and intuitive, functional workflows, as well as design interfaces and methodologies for navigating complex information. They will assist with mockup and asset production, problem solving and basic front-end development where necessary. Ultimately, our designers will be part of the team which helps us push the boundaries of design as a practice, and refine it as a tool for social and economic empowerment.

This is a full-time position, with frequent (but negotiable) travel requirements.

Proven experience with and passion for design research, cross-cultural design, information and interaction design
4+ years working experience in a fast-paced environment (agency, software development company, freelance portfolios also considered)
MS/BA/BS in design-related discipline, or comparable work experience
Demonstrated excellence in interaction, visual, and experience design. Demonstrated knowledge of design best practices and their implementation in web and mobile (portfolio required)
Strong communication and teamwork abilities; Field makes thorough use of design reviews and critiques - no one works in a silo!
Comfortable spinning up wireframes, clickable mockups and a modern front-end dev environment
Demonstrated ability to decompose and complex systems and data to produce effective interfaces and visualisations
Excellent analytical and creative problem solving skills
Location: Abuja or Berlin
Language skills: English (fluent)
Professional experience working on data-driven decision-support systems
Professional experience designing for novice or semi-literate users
Professional experience working remotely and with distributed teams
Front-end (javascript, css, html5) software development skills.
We?re looking for a motivated enterprise javascript engineer to help us build and maintain our suite of country-scale logistics and program intelligence systems. You?ll help investigate user needs, design solutions alongside our team of technology and domain experts, then architect, build and ship features within our mission-critical health commodity logistics services.

Your job will include architecting, building and supporting clean, modular, well tested code based on well supported design patterns to address a variety of real world supply chain and public health challenges. You will work closely with other developers in Berlin and Nigeria, supporting each other and collaborating through frequent code reviews and strong adherence to best engineering practices, and will be supported by a team of domain experts, deploying and supporting your solutions in the field.

4+ years professional experience building and maintaining live enterprise systems
Professional experience architecting software to address complex business needs (supply chain a plus)
Professional experience with client- and server-side Javascript, and document-oriented databases (CouchDB, AWS experience a plus)
Excellent communication skills including experience working in cross-cultural settings
A deep curiosity about information architecture, design patterns, and critical evaluation of new technologies
Experience with serverless and event-driven application architectures
MS/BA/BS in computer science, or comparable work experience
High creativity and problem solving abilities
Location: Abuja or Berlin
Language skills: English (fluent)
Experience with data-driven decision-support systems
Experience in designing for offline-first solutions or environments with unstable internet connections
Experience in remote work with distributed teams
Front-end (javascript, css, html5) software development skills

We?re looking for motivated data analyst and manager to support our innovative health system logistics initiatives from our headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. You?ll help collect and manage data from a variety of health and logistics systems to produce the insights that drive our operations, shape our products, and ultimately strengthen health systems.

Your mission will involve exploring data from operational systems for managerial and product development insights, responding to customer requests for specific extracts and report, and investigating data quality issues alongside our business, technology, and health teams to help identify and diagnose problems and opportunities, develop basic models and management tools for internal and external audiences, inform product and service decisions, and drive real impact at scale.

Professional experience in automated data analysis and manipulation for medium-large data sets
Expert-level spreadsheet usage, including descriptive statistical analysis, develop pivot tables, use advanced formulae
Professional experience in statistical programming (Javascript, Python, R or similar)
Professional experience conducting data queries and manipulation using SQL and Javascript
Professional experience using basic statistics for data analysis and decision support (distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.)
Experience working with nosql databases (preferably couchdb, elasticsearch)
Excellent communication skills and ability to play multiple roles in a team
Scientific mindset, and proven ability to decompose and distil complex problems into clear testable components
A deep curiosity about the live sources and implications of data
4+ years work experience in data analysis or related field, including considerable professional experience working in a team
Strong mathematical background
High creativity and problem solving abilities
Language skills: English (fluent)
MS or BA/BS related to statistics, or comparable work experience
Professional experience using Github as a primary source control system, and git-flow as a primary workflow
Experience producing data visualizations (D3.js, openLayers)
Experience applying statistical machine learning techniques to real-world problems
Experience with business intelligence systems
Experience with javascript and nosql data sources


If this sounds like a place you'd like to come to work, we humbly suggest we could do some great things together. Please get in touch with a portfolio at


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Job Vacancies at Field Intelligence, Friday 24, August 2018
« on: August 25, 2018, 07:51:58 AM »


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