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Should Christians Pay Tithe Today?
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:52:53 PM »
NB: What you are about to read may be contrary to what you believe.  But recall, it happened during the time of Jesus when He was trying to introduce something somehow ?different? to already entrenched law and tradition of the Jews.  The same thing is happening today.  Tithe as one of the Jewish laws has been firmly established as a big monument in today?s Christendom.  But those FEW who accepted Christ and what Paul preached about him were those who REASONED with them in the face of the so called popular tradition of the Jews [Act 17:1-9].  Serving God faithfully and having His accurate knowledge today, in most cases, has NOTHING to do with popularity of beliefs as it was with the Israelites then.  So you are invited to reason and follow through this unbiased research.  Take PAINS to read the cited scriptures and reason along if they are so.  [Acts 17:10-12].  You are welcome!


A tenth part, or 10 percent, given or paid as a tribute, especially for religious purposes.  The Bible tells two instances prior to the setting up of the Law covenant or Mosaic Law in which tenth part of possessions, or tithe, was paid to God or to his representative.  The first was on the occasion when Abraham gave Melchizedek one tenth of the spoils of his victory over Chedorlaomer and his allies.  (Read Gene 14:18-20). The second instance at Bethel when Jacob promised to give tithe to God.  (Genesis 28:20-22)


Books of Exodus and Leviticus contain a set of laws given to Israelites in Mount Sinai which are referred to at Leviticus 27:34; one of which is the tithe found at Leviticus 27: 30.  It is a perfect law to guide Israelites to Jesus Christ after which it becomes inoperative.  It is like people escorting a woman to her husband?s home during marriage.  After the marriage, the people go back home, leaving the husband and the wife alone.  The same thing is with the Law covenant to Israel.  The WIFE is Israel, the HUSBAND is the Christ, and the PEOPLE are the Law Covenant.  The wife is now subject the new law of the anticipated husband; not to her people anymore.  Compare illustration above to Galatians 3: 22-25


The Levites have no inheritance in the land of cannan.  Hence God is their portion or inheritance (Numbers 18:20-21, Deut 14:27, 2Chron 31. 5).  They perform sacrifices at the Temple for themselves, their household, and the rest of Israel until the perfect sacrifice would come which is the blood of Jesus Christ to be shed once and for all (Leviticus 9:7).  Meanwhile, God instituted Tithe to be given to the Levites to cater for their needs while they carry on their priestly service pending the arrival of Christ.  After Jesus Christ has come and sacrificed his perfect blood, the duties and office of the priestly class and the Levites would cease in the temple and be replaced by the office of the owner, Jesus Christ as the High Priest .  That is why the curtain or veil of the sanctuary[temple]cut into two from top to bottom when Christ died, signifying an end to priestly service and that we are no longer under law through Moses but under law through Christ[Mathew 27:51].  The entire serving priests and Levites and all Israelites will now be converted to Christians and follow Christ the Chief Priest (Matt 10:38-41, Luke 9:59-62).  Majority of Israelites did not know this when Christ came.  This is one of the reasons they killed Him ignorantly. 


At a time, Israelites later became unfaithful to paying tithe to the Levites and they abandoned paying of tithe to the house of God.  But God used Nehemiah to counsel and motivate them to be paying tithe so that the Levites would not starve and to continue their temple service.  (Nehemiah 13:10-11).  Later God encouraged them by making statement at Malachi 3:7-12.  But this portion of the Bible is what some people use to create fear in people?s mind today to press home their wish knowingly or unknowingly.  They did not research the Bible to know why this statement was made by God.  It is like watching a scene in the movie and you just make your judgment once and for all.  Some would say ?You are poor, sick, or having problem because you are robbing God.  You did not pay your tithe?.  But where in the scriptures did God punish the Israelites that refused to pay tithe.  Rather than punishing them, He would counsel and motivate them as you have read in the two texts quoted above.  Will God of that time change and start punishing people today simply because they refuse to pay tithe? Not at all.  This is because you and your material things belong to Him.
 The Bible is like a complex city with a complex network of roads.  As a driver, you need to understand most, if not all, of the road networks and how they link before you can have perfect understanding of the city so as to drive without a hitch and even to show others.  In the same vein you need to understand the entire books of the Bible and how they interlink before you can understand its intents and purposes.  But behold the burden of the Law Covenant; including tithe has been lifted from you with the death of Christ.  It is finished.  But how are we to give to God today? This is a paradigm shift that still leaves some people spiritually behind today! Please read on.


Jesus Christ was subject to Law Covenant or Mosaic Law.  But when he started his ministry for about three and a half years, he was in effect releasing the Israelites from the claws of the law covenant.  (Luke 2: 21, 22, Galatians 4:4, 5).  The DEATH of Christ has fulfilled and ended the Law of Moses or law covenant.  [Romans 10:4].  Hence Christians today are not under obligation to obey laws like Sabbath, woman purification after birth, and TITHE, etc.  Pls compare Ex.  31:13 -17 to Matt 12:1-8.  Scribes, Pharisees were even rebuked by Jesus, when Law Covenant was still in vogue, for emphasizing on Tithing by disregarding the weightier matters of the law of Christ found at Gala 5:22-23.  Hence Jesus was trying to direct them from deeply entrenched Mosaic Law to his perfect laws.  Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:4-12.  But note that the principle of law covenant is still valid today for Christians but physical observance is not in operation today anymore.


 Pls read Ephesians 2:15, Romans 10:4, Romans 6:14, Gala 3:23-25, Colossians 2:13-14.

The Mosaic Law is perfect law for perfect people.  But we are imperfect! It makes our transgressions or sins manifest.  It was instituted to protect and guide the Israelites until the coming of Jesus Christ.  (Gala 3:23-25) Now Christ has come to take over.  Also, the custodians of this law, the priests and Levites, are imperfect, they died and needed to be replaced.  Now we have a perfect high priest -Jesus Christ - who cannot die hence needs no replacement.  Pls read Hebrews: 7:1-28, 8:1-13, 9:1-28, 10:1-39

Christians today are to give to God because of LOVE not through TITHE anymore but as CIRCUMSTANCE PERMITS not GRUDGINGLY OR UNDER CUMPULSION.  It should also be given SECRETLY, not to be announced.  You are to give yourself, your honestly earned your money, time, energy, and thoughts, worship, thanks, appreciation etc CHEERFULLY to God.  Pls read 2Corinth 9:7, Matt 6:2.

Law covenant or Mosaic Law contains more than 600 commandments some of which are Sabbath, Passover, tithe, burnt offering, sin offering, and so on.  True Christians today are not under obligation to observe them physically.  Their principles still bind on Christians.  Since Christians are not under these commandments of which tithe is one, true Christians today are under no obligation to pay tithe.


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Should Christians Pay Tithe Today?
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:52:53 PM »

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