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20 BUSINESS PACKAGES THAT CAN STILL MAKE YOU MILLIONS IN 2009 even during this economic depression.

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get your financial breakthrough manuals at a highly reduced price


2.        gsm short code business blueprint {35100} {price is 3500 naira only}

3.        gsm bulk sms busniess blueprint.        { price is 1500naira only}

4.        Information marketing business manual.        {discover how to make between 100,000 to 1milion monthly using your mobile phone and bank account with no start up capital.
{price is 2,500naira only}

5.        Watch your favourite dstv channels FREE on your computer .        you get the software and manual .        {price is 3,000 naira only}

Make payment of 2500 naira only to get packages 1 to 4 at a huge discount.

YOU CAN EASILY GET THE e-MANUALS via your email address.

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what u get to print are the recharge card voucher forms , i.       e the 100s and 200s naira forms of recharge cards {all networks}.        The gsm company do no print the voucher forms themselves , they contract it out to major dealers { we have abt 5 of them in nigeria} these dealers sells individuals like you and me who is interested in the gsm card printing biz the pin numbers at a discounted rate.        you purchase the pin numbers from them and print it out at home or from a computer center if you do not have a computer at home.        you then sell at your own price to retailers adding your own little profit per voucher card.        what you get in my manual is the detailed information on how to get in touch with the major dealers {their full information, contacts and website etc.       }, how to set up and print your cards, how to market your
finished products at a huge profit.        What you need now to start up this lucrative business is the necessary information which I have prepared in my manual.        The manual is so simple that it explains what is required to start up, and most importantly, you will know the numerous companies you will be dealing with.

All you need for recharge card printing business are:

1.        Computer system with internet
(optional as you can do everything in a cybercaf? within 10 minutes)
2.        Printer (optional as you can go to a nearest business center to print)
3.        Your email address (compulsory)
For an average startup, you would need a minimum startup capital of at least N9,400.        Which would guarantee of earning between N4,000 ?

N5,500 daily.

The key to your earning much in this business is that the more capital involved, the more income you earn daily.

2.       .        GSM SHORT CODE BUSINESS {35143}.        i make over 70k daily as a part time business

GSM Short Code (35143) Money Making Machine

WARNING: This is the secret Top GSM Short Code ( i.       e.        34500) Operators don?t want you to know! In the last few months, I have broken the hearts of some ?I TOO KNOW? short code operators i.       e.        I ? Touch, Mtech when I exposed How To Get Your Own Short Code To Advertise Your Products/Service On A Platter Of Gold and earn in 3 dynamic ways when people send their details to you in this format: CLICK (space) information (space) email address to 35143!

Well, I have decided again to release this secret to you.        But first of all, let me show you the 3 dynamic ways I earn from this short code service.

1) I earn when thousands of GSM Users send ?What Will You Like To Eat On Christmas Day? Text either (a) Jollof Rice (b) Fried Rice (c) Eba to 34500 and win fantastic prizes.        N100/sms from GLO/MTN/ZAIN/STARCOMMS, which they find very easy to do.

2) Having spent their N100 to obtain more information about my product/service advertised and having become my potential lists, I send my carefully prepared sales letter to them and earn more when they buy the product/service.        (I have included a practical way I received 4700 replies from Nigerians in one single day and sold to 3, 150 of them)

3) And thirdly, I either rent their phone numbers / email addresses to other marketers/organizations e.       t.       c.        who want to advertise their products & services and seminars for the cost of N50 per subscriber which brings me an additional N5,000 per 100 subscribers.        What if you have 1000 subscribers, which I will show you how, and charge a token amount of N40 per subscriber, it goes for a whooping N40,000 just for a single deal.        Isn?t that terrific? What is the secret behind this success? Wait till I unfold it in ?

Discover The Secret SMART Nigerian Seasoned Infopreneurs, Marketers, Advertisers & Promoters Like ME Do To Get GSM Users Give Us Money Regularly Even Without You Begging Or Selling Any Product To Them? Guaranteed!

? revealing a brand new medium of attracting genuine prospects to your adverts and at the same time earning in 3 dynamic ways.

Dear Friend,
What you have just read above is not a joke.        Yours truly activated the system after several months of terror research on how this money making machine can get into the hands of ordinary Nigerians from the big players i.       e.        Mtech, I ? Touch e.       t.       c.        And here and now, it is at your door step, knocking gently at your door waiting for you to open.        Next, I will tell you what the perfect GSM Money Making Machine is.


If there is any business that can make anyone rich with less stress, it is vehicle tracking business.        At least you will make 100,000 monthly.        Do you know that there are about 7million vehicles or cars in Nigeria? If you are only tracking 1000vehicles/cars in Nigeria and each is paying you 2,000 naira only every 2months for your services, that is 2 MILLION NAIRA !! But they will pay you more than that! To make money in vehicle car tracking business is almost the easiest money spinner.        All you need for the business is sim card of any GSM network, tracking devices and a GSM phone which you already have.

you will make money by
1.       .        Installation of tracking devices in vehicles / cars
2.       .        Tracking of cars of other people
3.       .        Setting up of tracking platform for big companies and make up to 1 MILLION each

GSM Car tracking business is one of the simplest and easiest businesses you can start even without minimal capital investment if you have to start from the scratch on small scale, and yet it?s one of the biggest paying businesses ? if you ask me.        Of course you know that no car owner wants to lose his or her car ? not now that many are buying ?tier-rubber? cars, and some even as loan from the bank.        Any car owner can afford to spend extra N60,000 to N100,000 to protect his or her car from being stolen, and if ever stolen, to be able to track down the car and recover it as soon as possible.

What would you say of a product that can help car owners find their cars after thieves snatch it from them at gun point? Some say, it?s impossible! Others say, but how? I will answer the question, but how? The almighty power of GSM technology goes far beyond just making and receiving calls, it can do much more than that.        With a GSM SIM card inserted into a car tracking device, you can monitor the car?s speed limit, cut off fuel supply, stop the car engine, know the location of the car, hear conversations going on in the car, and so much more through your GSM Phone.        Now you can see why every car owner must want to have it in their car.        But this is even the piece meal, wait for how companies can use GSM car tracking.

The vehicle tracking device VTU is the total sececurity protection and fleet management solution.        By using the latest GPS and GSM technology to protect and monitor your car, truck, bike, boat (or moveable asset) virtually anywhere and then locate it to within a few metres.        The device incorporates a covertly installed module (which works and communicates independantly) but has the ability to run in conjunction with your local GSM network (DTMF, voice message, SMS, GPRS or GSM modem call).

4.       .        GSM BULK SMS BUSINESS.

How much is this package? Am sure this is the question in your mind.        Well it is affordable because the information you will get from it will help you out.
Therefore, the package is just N2,500 {EASTER RPOMO PRICE}.        Considering the fact that I am advertising to job seekers.

YOU CAN EASILY GET THE e-MANUALS via your email address.

MAKE PAYMENT OF 3000naira only into
acc no: 5743010010371

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It is Time to Start Making Free and Unlimited GSM calls without recharge Card {CAN BE USED TO SET UP A CALL CENTRE OR FOR PERSONAL USE},You will also know how to browse 24/7 free on your mobile phone,Laptop and desktop

Free Browsing On Mobile Phone, Laptop, And Desktop.        Free 24/7 GSM Calls,This is Where We Share The Whole Secrets .        .        .        .        .        .        .

If you are tired of throwing money to local GSM Operators and Internet Service Providers, then this is your place.


It does not matter how much you have spent on GSM Calls and Internet Services, and If you are like me, who had thrown some cash away to obtain free browsing software like ?your freedom? that was eventually banned in Nigeria and the seller could not refund the money back, then it is time to celebrate, why? You ask me; it is because within five minutes, I will show you how to:

(1)How to make free and unlimited local and International calls 24 hours a day, Sevens day a week, No GPRS, No recharge card needed, No monthly payment with friends and family

(2Browse 24/7 free on your laptop, no charges
(3How to browse 24/7 at home or office with your desktop computer
(4)Browse 24/7 free on your mobile phone forever, without need to pay for any charges whatsoever.

This is different to what you have been hearing all around the places.        Those hypes about free Internet browsing that were spreading around the places are dying down now because the people involved didn?t have access to the original.        Now that they are retired, we can now discuss real thing, and believe you me, I lie not, you will be amazed with everything you will leam here about making a free GSM Calls 24/7 and browsing the internet free.

The Current form of Internet Service in Nigeria
Apart from the poor services (forget any band name they attached to their services, whether 3.        9G or 4.        8G EVDO or Bomb blast!) plus series of insults and waste of precious time you meet at their offices across the country, fees charged by Telecom and internet service providers in Nigeria is beyond the scope of an average man.

Apart from set-up fee, mobile internet service in Nigeria goes between N500 ? N600 everyday, in addition to this, you have to acquire 3G modern which goes for about N25,000 for every device your want to connect.        You can see, this in unfair for a service we all need like air and water! I remembered sometime ago in my office, we were paying about N500 to access internet several time we loaded this money, the company withdraw the money immediately from our phone and their internet link would not work, they would refuse to refund the money, this had happened for several occasions, and I know you have experienced such a thing as well.

The fact is, the end has come to all these problems, what I will show you concerning free browsing and free GSM Calls will be more than enough to relief you of all the charges heaved on you by the GSM Operators and Internet Service Providers.

Call or Browse Free with your Mobile Phone,

The way we make phone calls is changing.       Infact, in many circumstances, things have already changed.       Take long distance calls for instance, many service providers are already using VOIP technology to supplement their service cost changes, hence enable them to offer a ridiculous charges most times.       Voice Over Ip (VOIP)is a method for turning analog audio signals into digital data that can be transferred over the internet.
You may be asking yourself how this is useful most expecially to the little five inches mobile phone you are holding,that is where we are landing effentually, but you need some basic knowlegde of the technology.       Through sophisticated software enable devices sound signal can be converted to digital signal,which can travel within internet networks to an assigned destination.       this is simple brain behind Voice Over Internet Protocol.       You speak to your phone, your a software in your phone convert your voice to digital signal and send it through internet networks which is almost free compare to GSM network

This actually is the simplest thing to do.
* You can browse any website under this sky.        No other program can do this in Nigeria now.
* You will be connected to the free Call Server where you will be making free 24/7 GSM Call.
* You will never be charged a kobo
* Who says browsing with phone cannot be fast.        Don?t believe this.
* Use this phone anywhere you go.

Call or Browse Free with you Laptop
This is even more simpler.        Don?t pay a kobo for anybody to browse with your laptop and again stop paying to make calls.        .

Browse with your Desktop
These programme will also enable you to browse on your desktop free for life.
As you can see, many people outside cannot achieve this, because they don?t known the right source, but you?re fortunate enough to know.        I know someone that pay N15,000 for free browsing on his Laptop, the whole thing collapse within three months.        Another guy, right in my presence pay N8,000 to activate free browsing on his phone, though this product and most other software in Nigeria cannot open all the website except our own that can open any website in the world.        As I?m going to handle this product to you, these are what you will be able to do with it.

* You will be able to make free GSM Calls with your GSM phone, no recharge card needed.
* You will be able to browse free of charge, faster, reliable and durable either with your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop.        FOREVER!
* You will have access to where you can buy phones e.        g Nokia 6230, 3110, 6230i, N70, and N72 et.        c and other brands of phone that is suitable enough for this program.        I will tell you where you can get these big phone for as little as N5,000 ? N12,000.
* You will be able to know if anyone is using private number to call or flash you.        You will know who that person is.
* You will be able to install the program yourself under 5minutes, even if you have never come closer to computer or mobile phone.
*You will be able to make millions of naira, helping others to install this program.
* Our program cannot fail, it will only fail if there?s no more satellite communication across Nigerian space-which is virtually impossible.

I know you will really need this product, It is a great job,I tell you! , considering what each package does, that is, if I am to charge you separately, say, charge you separately for GSM phone package, for laptop package, and also for desktop package, then charge you for free calls package, that will be a hell of money, but I wouldn?t do that, atleast for this moment.        This is a professional service but really cheap,because of the current economic meltdown.

The first 100 people will pay N3,500 for the complete package which you will use for both phone, laptop, and desktop plus free call server and installation guild.        Never worry, anybody can install it.        This personal installation will enable you to make money selling the product and installing it for other people.        After the first 200, we will begin to sell the package separately at N7,500 each.        Book your own combined packaged today for only N6,500; I may get all the 200 people in a day.

Payment Method

MAKE PAYMENT OF 3000naira only into
acc no: 5743010010371

Text your payment details i.        e depositor?s name, teller number, amount paid,and valid email address to
419 Scam  or email walballs2000@yahoo.       ca

The mannual will be sent to your email address within 2 hours

For more information, call 419 Scam or email walballs2000@yahoo.       ca


(hxxp: www.       walbiz.       wordpress.       com) for full detail


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