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Orire: I知 Not Intimidated By Other Contestants
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:58:15 AM »
Dr. Adebayo Orire is a governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State. The medical doctor-turned politician believes he has the best credentials to be the party flag痴 bearer in next year痴 election and that the APC is likely to win the election. ODUNAYO OGUNMOLA reports.

How do you rate your chances in the race for the Ekiti APC governorship ticket?

We have aspirants and we have aspirants. We might be 20, 30, 40 or 50 in number, but when you look at the whole lot, there are very few aspirants in the real sense. Owing to the sentiment that is making the rounds home based, party faithfulness and integrity you find out that when you talk of home based, I have been in this state since 1980, practising medicine. I have what it takes; I have always been around, except I go for holidays for two or three weeks, so nobody can be more home-based than me among the whole lot. When you talk of party faithfulness, perhaps you mean somebody well-rooted in the party. You remember that when AD went down, during the first coming of Governor Ayo Fayose, I started ACD here in my hospital and single-handedly funded it for over six months and ran it until it became AC and from AC to ACN and from ACN to APC. I would be the oldest, most faithful, party patronizing aspirant; nobody can be older than me. I have invested so much in time, in exertion, in money and in emotion, growing this party. So, nobody can be more faithful to this party than me. Even as an aspirant in 2007, when about 14 aspirants defected to the PDP, because it was my home, there was no way I could have built a home and run away from it. I stayed back even when there some minor or major issues when we were dethroned, I stayed back when the leaders of the party appealed to me. No aspirant could claim faithfulness to this party more than me; what of integrity? Everybody knows me. Over the years, my principles have changed. I am first and foremost a medical doctor, then a pastor and a politician. On the basis of integrity, none of the aspirants can claim to be better than me. I have a passion for Ekiti; I have all my investment in Ekiti and, to God be the glory, there has been no ward we visited when I was consulting that I was not embraced by the people. My passion for Ekiti did not arise from my intent to contest; I love Ekiti. It痴 my place of birth and that痴 where I have all that I desire. If you know what they are saying outside, that Orire is the best man for the job and if he has enough funding, he will be the next governor.

Are you not intimidated by the array of aspirants that have joined the race?

Before I declared my intention, I went to discuss with the Deputy National Chairman (South), Chief Segun Oni, because I was suspecting he would show interest and after some time he said yes. I was with Babafemi Ojudu, I knew he was going to show interest and I visited the minister, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, who said no. But, even if I don稚 have his approval to join the race, we are talking of a state that have been destroyed and pillaged by previous administrations, particularly under the PDP. These are people who were involved and we have not had the pass mark. There is no way I can be intimidated with their coming out to join the race. They contributed to the problems we are talking about. We want a fresh face; someone living in the state and therefore can understand the suffering of the people. This must be someone with ideas, particularly one who has made a success of his own life story. There is no way I can be intimidated; actually if you remember what I have just said, I vied in 2007 and as at that time, me and Segun Oni vied together. But, he left for the PDP and eventually became the governor. We knew what happened thereafter; it was not a clear-cut victory. We knew what happened during Fayemi痴 time. I can never be intimidated, but I am a very good friend to each of them and we have mutual respect for one another. But, to me, if they had asked for my view, I would have advised them not to vie, because the Ekiti man is not as stupid as they think he is. We cannot forget in a jiffy what happened during the Segun Oni era; we are still suffering with the massive defeat we experienced during the Fayemi era and we are still part of the story of the confusion that happened between Ojudu and Opeyemi Bamidele and between Bamidele and Fayemi. If the trio had managed the party well, we wouldn稚 have had any problem today in the APC; we would have remained in power. But, because there was love, peace and harmony among the trio, our party was disgraced and today we are all facing the problem. There is no way I could be intimidated by their aspiration. In fact, it makes it very interesting and I know that very soon, some of them will come and support me, because they know the stuff I am made of.

What is your assessment of the Fayose administration so far?

The Fayose administration is a curse to this state and to this country. It痴 disgrace, abysmal misrule. In fact, we are talking about what happened in Fayose痴 first coming, but the current one is unthinkable. You can imagine someone who claims to be the friend of the poor riding a N40 million car loaded with cash on the streets of Lagos. After the car got burnt, he came back to replenish it with more expensive cars. I don稚 know how many of the cars he bought for the common man that he eats guguru (popcorn) with. Somebody who claims to be a friend of the masses, who is given to stomach infrastructure, but cannot pay six months, eight months salaries. He has turned Ekiti to a state where a teacher would steal a pot of soup from the fire to feed himself and his children; he has turned Ekiti to a state where people would consider the option of suicide, because of poverty and inability to feed the family. He actually said it that people may not bother to turn up for work, if they don稚 have transport fare. I don稚 know the type of government he is running. In fact, he is not ruling, but he is ruining the state. He is actually killing Ekiti and he boasts openly that Ekiti people are stupid and foolish. I am not really sure that those white elephant projects he is doing are not actually inflated and I am not even sure of their quality. We have seen bridges built in Lagos, Abuja and other places; they are not as rough as what we are having in Ekiti now. Only God will save us; we hope the bridge would not collapse in three or five years. We are devastated by his impunity and lack of shame; he has reduced governance to nonsense and theatrical showmanship. I know those who wanted him in are now regretting it; the teachers are regretting, civil servants are regretting, local government workers are regretting and the Igbo people living here are cursing him. One or two weeks ago, your governor went to the streets, at Bisi market, and started cutting cake, his birthday cake. I can稚 see a normal human being cutting a birthday cake on the streets; I can稚 see a normal governor going to the market to share loaves of bread; I can稚 see somebody who calls himself a friend of the masses charging you N1,000 to buy ankara wax and force you to pay and say he is distributing it free. I can稚 imagine somebody ordering kindergarten pupils to pay taxes, even in private schools. Is it the schools he is taxing or the children? Is he taxing them for going to school? Are we really sure of the quality of education we are having? Can we really account for the tax they are collecting? It痴 all bravado and braggadocio; it痴 just a period of misrule and God will soon save us from the period of disgrace we are presently in Ekiti.

What are you bringing to the table, if you are elected?

Ekiti State is a virgin land, untapped, unexplored, so I will go to two major areas. One, industrialisation, I am promising within four years 100 industries, small scale, medium scale and large scale. As we speak now, there is no single production line in Ekiti State. That will be foremost in my agenda and I am putting it in figures, so that it can be cross-checked. Then I will go into massive commercial, mechanised agro-allied pursuits. I will put figures again. Ekiti will cultivate 100 million cocoa seedlings and 50 million palm trees in four years, apart from animal husbandry and arable farming. We will be able to feed ourselves and export yams, cocoyams and tomatoes. We are going to process some of them and I will make about 1,000 millionaires out of women traders and artisans. We are going to look for women who are into different trades and professions, I mean tailors, food sellers, cloth sellers, vulcanisers, mechanics who are established here and we will give them N1 million each to spend solely on these businesses. By the time you empower them in each of the three senatorial districts, the economic base of this state will just be lifted immediately. Apart from liberalising the local government structure, I will give them autonomy to function and I will also make sure that the civil service is civilised and upgraded.

We are going to make sure that every civil servant is computer literate, so that the job becomes easier. These are straight forward things I could fund outside the monthly allocation from Abuja and it will make Ekiti great automatically. These are some of the ideas I have practiced before personally on my own and I know how much they can work. I have planted palm trees before. I was raised as a young child on cocoa plantation; I know what a million naira could do in a poor state like ours; in businesses in communities like Ikoro, Omuo or Efon. I have lived in Ekiti most of my life and I know what can be done to make Ekiti great. We are still going to open up our communities, maintain our roads and we are going to prioritise and make sure that people will add value to their lives and have value for their lives in our government.


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Orire: I知 Not Intimidated By Other Contestants
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:58:15 AM »

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