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Drivers at Nationdelivery, Monday 11, December 2017
« on: December 11, 2017, 06:17:46 AM »
Our company is the Africa market leader in global express, Logistics. Nation delivery Nigeria Ltd , is a company registered as a logistic under cooperate affair Commission RC 1038133 since 2012 and infrastructure with the introduction of online tracking ensuring that we can continue to handle your parcels with greater speed precision, and bring cheap parcel delivery to the masses, so we are best placed to meet the rapid growth in demand within the express parcels market.
If you?re looking for cost effective, reliable, quick and efficient courier services, then Nationdelivery will have your collection and delivery completed exactly how you want it. We know that?s what you?re looking for when you want to send a parcel and that?s what Nationdelivery, a courier service that prides itself on offering all this and more, is all about.



well presented, hardworking and efficient young person who has an aptitude for success through confidence, accuracy and team work.A man that has a clean driving licence, is comfortable going on long road trips and has knowledge of concepts such as vehicle safety and road weight capacities.flexible and innovative courier service both locally and nationally.Excellent driving skills and is not only able to make deliveries but can also perform routine maintenance on delivery vehicles.He can remain focused for long periods of time and will always do his best to ensure a company achieves its service guarantees.

Polite, friendly, and have a professional appearance.
Ability to climb, sit and stand for extended periods of time.
Prepared to work flexible hours to meet customer needs.
Comfortable dealing with members of the public.

Coming up with ideas to improve efficiency.
Willing to work overtime/shifts including days, nights,weekends and
holiday periods.
Building up relationships with customers through regular deliveries.
Physically fit and able to do demanding manual work i.e. lift heavy goods.
Driving safely and responsibly.
Truck driving skills acquired whilst studying
Key skills

Safe driving
Road traffic laws
Vehicle safety checks
Multi drops
Route planning
Customer service
Fuel economy driving
Forklift operating
Comprehensive understanding of road safety signs.
Loading and unloading goods onto a delivery fan.
Ensuring a load is secure and that the weight is distributed properly
on the delivery fan.
Using standard vehicle equipment like tail lifts, pallet trucks and stillages.
Knowledge of Digital Tachograph cards.
Good geographical knowledge of the local and national road network.
Delivering goods to schedule and on time.
Inspecting a truck for mechanical defects prior to departure and also
ensuring that the cargo,parcels is properly loaded & secure.
Completing all necessary administrative paperwork.
Ability to read maps & follow signals from a loading crew.

Applicants should send Cvs to


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Drivers at Nationdelivery, Monday 11, December 2017
« on: December 11, 2017, 06:17:46 AM »

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