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When good news had been
as rare as a sighting of any
member of the Glazer family
in Manchester, it fell to
Wayne Rooney to provide
some cause for optimism.
When a man was needed to
send his side through to the
Carling Cup final and extend
Manchester City's long wait
for silverware, Rooney
obliged. That is all too
typical: whenever anything
needs doing at Old Trafford,
Rooney seems to volunteer.
Wayne Rooney: The
only reason Manchester
United can be optimistic
about their future.
The spirit is willing, the body
equally so. In a squad where
anaemia appears to afflict a
few and the physical failings
of the decaying undermine
others, he is an anomaly. In
a group of players lacking
forceful virtuosity, he is an
exception. In an age when all
others appear to covet a
move to Real Madrid or
Barcelona, he is the odd man
The England striker's
declaration that he is happy
in England, despite supposed
interest in Spain, should
provide consolation for the
Manchester United
supporters in worrying times.
His performances offer
excitement, something too
few of his colleagues are
capable of engendering.
Rooney's goals have brought
a title challenge that would
surely have vanished had
he succumbed to an injury at
any stage of the campaign
and his chest-puffed-out,
studs-flying bravado gives
United a swagger they would
otherwise lack.
Rooney's ubiquity has long
been a feature of life at Old
Trafford. His wholehearted
efforts sometimes belie his
status as a centre forward,
with the position of
frustrated full-back one he
has become accustomed to
playing - earnestly chasing
back on either flank when
needed, and even when not.
Many have suggested that
this part of his game proves
he lacks the selfishness that
characterises many of the
great goalscorers. Rooney
will probably never be able
to restrict his movements to
the width of the penalty box,
but he has certainly acquired
a ruthlessness of late. His
quadruple against Hull took
him to 99 Premier League
goals and a tally this season
to 19 in 22 games. For a man
who had rarely struck at the
strikers' holy grail of one
every other game, it
represents a stunning
It is also reminiscent of two
of his former accomplices;
Carlos Tevez is now
applying a finishing touch to
accompany his considerable
efforts elsewhere in
Manchester while, three
seasons ago, Cristiano
Ronaldo began his journey
from irregular scorer to
invariable match-winner.
Rooney had less far to
travel, but the rate at which
he has progressed is
notable nonetheless. So, too,
is the solitary nature of his
excellence en route.
There was supposed to be a
democratic distribution of
Ronaldo's responsibilities
this season. To Michael
Carrick, the penalties; to
Nani, the free kicks and
outbreaks of gratuitous
showmanship; to Antonio
Valencia, the spot on the
right wing; to Michael Owen,
the iconic No. 7 shirt; to
Dimitar Berbatov, the role of
imported match-winner.


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