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She's the hottest face on the Fox network--and with those luscious lips and that flawless body, it's not hard to see why. Jessica Alba is young, aggressive and ready to take on the world. And she's only 20, so imagine what she'll want when she's a little older.

More than just a pretty face, this action hero has real talent: the raven-haired actress was nominated for a 2001 Golden Globe award for best actress in a dramatic television series and won TV Guide's 2001 breakout star award.

Of course, her look is hot, hot, hot. Hot enough that L'Oreal recently signed Jessica as a Feria hair color spokesperson. And hot enough to grab 10.9 percent of your votes, easily outdistancing blonde beauty Charlize Theron for fifth sexiest woman in Hollywood.

Maybe it's her pouty, party size lips. Maybe it's her genetically engineered superhuman intellect. Or maybe 12 million viewers a week are tuning in to Dark Angel for her unflappable sassiness and spunky sangfroid in the face of a nihilistic, dystopian, post-nuclear-magnetic-pulse future.

Nah, it's the lips. Unfortunately, all us sci-fi geeks will have to continue to adore from afar. This heavenly angel is engaged to co-star Michael Weatherly, who received more than a few write-in votes from our poll.

Jessica Alba


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