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passive income online
« on: March 22, 2017, 07:45:04 AM »
Let me show you how to turn #6, 600 into a multimillion dollar business.  Just follow these simple steps:
STEP 1: Fill out a membership form and register with Helping Hands International with just #6, 600 one time payment.  This registration is the first step because it opens the door to endless opportunities available in H2i.
STEP 2: Write down the names of at least 50 persons you know currently, who you would love to share this opportunity with.  These must be people who can afford this #6, 600.
STEP 3: Share the H2i opportunity with two serious minded people from your list and have them register with H2i under you with their own#6, 600 each.  Even if it takes you a whole 2 weeks to achieve this, no problem.  Take your time, screen your list, and pick your first two downlines carefully.  (Feel free to invite your upline to help you talk to these people, if you feel that talking to them is a problem for you).
STEP 4: Now mentor these two downlines of yours to do exactly what you have done.  That means they should also follow the steps 2, 3, and 4, just like you did.
If you and everyone entering your network follows these steps, religiously; that is, everyone duplicating himself in two weeks, you get paid regularly, they get paid regularly, and everyone qualifies for and enjoys the bountiful benefits available in the H2i Compensation Plan.  Some of these benefits are:
*Regular income for life.  Enough to make you financially free.
*Brand new laptops
*Brandnew cars
*Free international vacations
*Opportunity to learn a trade or business skill of your choice for free
*$2, 000 given to you to empower any two less privileged people of your choice.
*An executive brand new Jeep
*Empowerment fund given to you to visit and empower any orphanage home of your choice.
*Opportunity to apply for loan, either to acquire new property or to start up a new business, or even to expand an existing business.
*A house of your own.
*A share of the company's yearly profit given to you as a retirement pension for life.
Can you now see why we are always proud to talk about H2i? Do you now see that its worth it? Can you also see how simple it is? Did you notice that it took just a token of #6, 600 and a few simple steps to assess all these life changing benefits?
What are you waiting for?
What is holding you back?
Join Helping Hands International today, and see your life turn around dramatically.
Call 07038446573
WhatsApp 07038446573


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passive income online
« on: March 22, 2017, 07:45:04 AM »


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