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Pardon me to start by asking you a big question;


Ok, I am not going to just answer this boring question but will also expose a free simple way of printing the recharge card by yourself free!!


  It?s no longer require up to N100,000 to start printing GSM Recharge card.   With less that N10,000 you can start and operate this booming business, You don?t even have to register in any organization to start printing Recharge Card of all network. 

 The most exciting part is?

***    With less than N4,500 or N9,500 you can kick start your Recharge Card
       Printing business

***    You Don?t need to own a computer or printer of your own (I will
       show you how to do that)

***    You can be receiving your pins through text message on your phone
       or through your email address if you like

***    You can advertise your company?s name and what you do on the card
       you printed

***    You can sell it in retail or in bulk

***    You can customize you card to suit your taste

***    You can track the date & time of printing

***    And lots more?


Guess what? You Can Make N40,000 to N200,000 A Month Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear & Boxer Only printing recharge card!"


CAN YOU GIVE ANSWER TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS? if yes then you are on your way to making money supplying the recharge cards you printed from your room. 

*How many GSM call center are in the street of your area

*How many people use GSM phone in your area

*How many recharge cards are loaded by individual and call centre
 operators each day

By now you should know where I am heading to.   Every second of the ticked clock people talk.   And when they talk, they pay.   So The game is ?People Keep Talking And You Keep Being Paid? simple. 

Whether you believe it or not GSM has become an essential commodity in Nigeria .   So what are you waiting for? The potential of your daily income is unlimited. 

 I?ll show you how I started this business with less than N9,000, the money I borrowed from my mother.   But now, I make over N300,000 monthly from printing GSM recharge card.   Mind you; I have over 300 people waiting for me each day to come and market them the cards I customize and print from my backyard. 


What did you need to start this wonderful business

1.      A minimum of N4,500 or N9,500 Capital

2.      Software that generate the pins

3.      Bulk pins (This you will be buying from the authorized dealers)

4.      A computer (this one is optional)

5.      A LaserJet Colour printer (this one is also optional)


I am going to reveal 4 companies/sources where you can get the recharge card pins and software.   This is a secret that you are privilage to have, infact almost other business consultant want to attack me for letting people lay their hands on this information.   It is then left for you to chose from which company to work with. 


 If you are using this company, you do not need computer, software or printer.   You will only need a small machine called orange box which they will sell to you at N15,000 you will need to order for the pin with a minimum of N5,000.   you can get your orange box at No.   368 Ikorodu Road Maryland , Lagos or call 080336004265 or 08055633648


MTN N100 = N94.  20
MTN N200 = N193
MTN N400 = N385
MTN N750 =N725
ZAIN N50 = N46
ZAIN N100 = N94
ZAIN N200 = N188
ZAIN N500 = N455
ZAIN N1000 = N920
GLO N100 = N94
GLO N150 = N141
GLO N300 = N280
GLO N500 = N457
GLO N1000 = N883
STARCOMS N500 = N468
STARCOMS N100 = N931
MTEL N250 = N227
MTEL N400 = N358

Their software and installation price is N15,000

 let me stop here we will continue the lesson next time. 

For more information email gtnigeria@freefollowup.  com
and after that, I will give you the priviledge to some life changing manual as a bonus for reading this free information. 

Remember The FREE life changing manuals is still on

The manual includes;

.   FREE  155 Home Business Opportunities & Ideas You Can Start Within
  24 Hours value 2,500

? FREE step by step guide on how to Trade Fixed Odds profitably worth #1000

? FREE step by step guide on how to market information worth #1,000

? FREE step by step guide on how & where to get paid for reading e-mail &
  surveys worth #1,000. 

? FREE complete step by step guide on how to print Recharge Card worth

? FREE step by step guide on how to configure your phone & browse with
  your pc free worth #500

? FREE step by step guide on how to create a blog, add Google Adsense plus worth #1,000

For this free offer visit hxxp: www.  gtnhomebusiness.  com/newoffice.  htm

To your great success. 

Victor Joshua

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My new office offer is still on so visit www. tnhomebusiness. com/newoffice. htm


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Recharge card printing business is very lucrative, its a business every Nigerian should venture into. I just want to share a very powerful resource I just discovered for RECHARGE CARD PRINTING BUSINESS for beginners at
If You Have Not Visited Then I Know Why You Have Not Been Making Money Online.  

Who Else Want To Start Earning A Guaranteed N140,000 Monthly Printing Recharge Card, Visit For How to start RECHARGE CARD PRINTING BUSINESS

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Re: How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business With The Little You Have!
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My business partner and I have figured out a solution for the pin distribution allows one to have total control of their electronic pins.   The system we have put together is not complete yet but will be very shortly.  Our system is designed to handle different recharge card nominations from different providers.   The recharge card types include GSM, PCS, CDMA, cable TV recharge cards, and Internet Caf? pins.   We will be providing real live time reporting along with a web based electronic pin distribution solution for cellular, land line carriers, wholesalers, and distributors.  Our wireless POS terminals will be able to provide full support for multiple merchants and carriers which make it possible to sell e-pin recharge cards in hard to reach locations.  What is really cool is that our system eliminates phone card printing, provides a high level of security, inventory management, and distribution.   Shortly I will be gathering some Beta testers, so if you are interested, by all means please contact us through our application form. 
hxxp: dealers. recharge-card-business. com/application. aspx

Brian Marshall
info@recharge-card-business. com

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Re: How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business With The Little You Have!
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