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This is Lagtech-we have been in existence since 2001 delivery services and products to many Nigerian.    we would handle all your shipment to Nigeria with cheap fee delivered to your house Address .   our shipping point at Compact Logistics int'l ltd, 4 ileshomi str by afijalo roundabt mafoluku, oshodi-very close to the airport.   

Website: www.   nairashipment.   com
Lagos Phone: O9O6541O357
USA Phone: 009 1 601 251 2624
USA Roaming Phone (Flash and text only-No calls)
Email: lagtech48@gmail.   com 

After making any Payment to us: please send an email with the subject ORDER and include the following details:
Name, Phone Number, Amount Paid, What paid for.    Not sending this email will delay your order and or it may not even be done.   

We can help you buy anything you want from Ebay, CraigsList, Amazon or any website.   
We have been buying and selling things on ebay.   com and craigslist.   com for a while now.    If you want to buy anything from ebay , craigslist, any website or generally in the USA-we are here to help you.    We have offices and agents in Nigeria and also in the Minneapolis area in the United States.    Also -we can help you start your own importation business.   
Between 2016 Nov and today ?we have served over 400 Nigerians who spent over 37 million naira-which we have faithfully handled.   
Shout out to our people-
To buy anything on ebay, amazon or craigslist:
1) Send an email to lagtech48@gmail.   com  with the item id-or number.    If its an auction item-indicate -the maximum amount you want to pay.   
2) Pay to our GT account (with GT-the money can be withdrawn right away in the US)- especially with Craigslist-time is of the essence).    Or visit our office in Isolo-to pay.   
Email us for account details now-lagtech2999@yahoo.   com
3) We buy the item and ship to you.    If its craigslist-we get the item same day where possible-if ebay-depends on how fast the shipper ships your item.    We ship every week through Sovereign Cargo Services.    They have an office in Brooklyn Park,Minnesota, USA and Ikeja, Nigeria.    Items arrive every Friday.    Shipping time is usually 7 to 12 days.    In some cases-could be longer.   
4) For ebay items-We charge $30 per transaction -.    For Craigslist items-we charge $30 + cost of transportation to pick up your item-craigslist is face to face transaction.    This is $3 to $10 depending on the area.    Some areas-like Buffalo, Shaokpee, Burnsville-attract higher.    Burnsville for example is almost 2 hours drive to and from our office.    If your item is less than $50-there may be reduction in charges.    Sovereign Cargo Services- charges $5 Per pound-thus its by weight.    The average laptop costs about $39 to $50 to ship.    Phones and tablets should not cost more than $10 to $20.    You are also free to choose any other form of shipping (US Post, Fedex, DHL etc) 100% payment is required for Craigslist and Ebay items except in some cases since we are buying on your behalf from another seller.    For our own items -75% pre payment is required and you can pay the balance on arrival/delivery.   
5) You have the choice of items being sent directly to you and you pick up at the office in Ikeja or it can being sent to our office in our name and you come pick up in Isolo.    There are no custom charges-except a $35 charge for cosmetics and medicine.   
Items land usually on Fridays at our shipping point at Compact Logistics int'l ltd, 4 ileshomi str by afijalo roundabt mafoluku, oshodi-very close to the airport.   
We also sell laptops of our own at our US office via craigslist and ebay.    Our US Office is one of the top 5 sellers of laptops on Craigslist Minneapolis with 100% positive customer feedback-made possible by our iron clad 30 day warranty policy! If you are looking for a laptop-check this thread or visit our website www.   nairashipment.   com
In the last 3 months-we have helped an ever increasing number of people get items for cheap on minneapolis.   craigslist.   org and ebay.    We can help you too.    And if what you want is to start your own business or grow it-then we can help you too.   

All our contact details are on the front page of this thread-please contact us if in doubt.   
please dont post your email address here, If you need any information-get our Business help-line O9O6541O357  and email address  lagtech48@gmail.   com .   
Before you make any payment:
Please Crosscheck
We Look forward doing more Business with you in Future, God bless.   

Many people in Nigeria have gotten items for cheap and even for free through us on Craigslist-but in recent weeks-the many pick up requests has made many frustrated- they want their item picked up and when we cant-it becomes frustrating.    The limited hours in a day, the informality of Craigslist-where some sellers are just not serious makes picking up hard sometimes.   
As a resullt -we have employed a driver so that pick ups can be faster.    We are testing this and if it works well-it will be permanent.   
Please note the following:
1) All pick ups are $30.    If you are ordering multiple items at once-the 2nd item is $25-3rd item is $20-4th and other items $15.   
2) We only deal with minneapolis.   craigslist.   org This area is known as the Twin Cities and includes the cities of Minneapolis and St.   Paul (the capital of Minnesota) and the dozens of cities around these two cities.    We charge the cost of petrol to pick up these items.   
Minneapolis?Saint Paul is the most populous urban area in the U.   S.    state of Minnesota, and is composed of 182 cities and townships built around the Mississippi, Minnesota and St.    Croix rivers.    The area is also nicknamed the Twin Cities for its two largest cities, Minneapolis, with the highest population, and Saint Paul, the state capital.    It is a classic example of twin cities in the sense of geographical proximity.   

Its about 16483.   07 km?- about as big as
The Twin Cities area is as big as Lagos State all the way to Osun and Ondo State -so you can imagine the driving time for one pick up.   
1) The state is about a quarter the size of Nigeria.    Minnesota is 225,181 km? - while Nigeria is 923,768 km?.   

Craigslist Petrol Charges.   
We only deal with minneapolis.   craigslist.   org.    This covers an area bigger than Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Oshun states.    Each time we pick up for you-there is the cost of petrol to these cities besides the applicable commission.   
Under minnespolis.   craigslist.   org there are 6 counties.    We live in Hennepin County which is the largest.    Hennepin county inlcudes many cities and is half the size of Lagos State.   
The counties with some of the cities and petrol costs are:
Hennepin County
Anoka/Chisago/Isanti County

Some Cities and Petrol Costs
Brooklyn Park
Brooklyn Center
Maple Grove
North Minneapolis
Mounds View
Columbia Heights
New Brighton
Downtown Minneapolis
South Minneapolis
White Bear Lake
St.   Paul
North St.   Paul
South St.   Paul
$25 and up
ST.   Cloud
Bordering cities in the State of Wisconsin like Hudson
St.    Cloud-$30
Rochester (only by special request) $50

We have succesfully shipped going to a thousand items to Nigerians in the last 2 months.    In several instances-we have had some clients frustrated with the speed of shipping.    There are several forms of shipping.   
1) Our recommended shipper-Sovereign Cargo-
Charge is $5 per pound.    Whatever your item weighs multipled by $5.    1 pound is 0.   5 kg
We ship every Wednesday and it is available for our pick up after going through pick up earliest the following week Saturday (11 days).    In some instances it extends to the following weekend (thats almost 20 days).   
We have used our shippers-SC-for over 3 years and they have been wonderful.    With them -you can be best assured-
-No theft
-No customs duties
-No asking for extra money after shipping
-No sudden increase in fees
There are only two updates for this shipping:
1) The day it ships we tell you.   
2) After it lands-and clears Customs-shippers contact our Lagos people and we update you to pick up.   
Please check our website www.   nairashipment.   com/shipupdates.   htm to track your shipment.   
By this method-you have the following options to get your item:
1) Have the items sent to you directly so that you pick up your self from Compact Logistics int'l ltd, 4 ileshomi str by afijalo roundabt mafoluku, oshodi-very close to the airport.   
2) Have our man pick up your items as is our practice.    If this is your choice-you have the following choices:
a) Meet him at the Compact Logistics-usually 11am on a Monday.   
b) Meet him at his Isolo office-ANY ITEM NOT PICKED UP THAT MONDAY ATTRACTS A SURCHAGE as there is the added cost of transporting to Isolo.   
c) Have a Transporter shipped to your location.    There are many options.    You can either contact us to handle this for you or check for the many transporters that offer well bill services .   
If the item is addressed to you Directly your transporter can pick up from Compact Logistics directly.   

Aside from Craigslist and Ebay -there are many places you can also buy from.   
liquadation.   com is one place.   
There are many others.   

Website: www.   nairashipment.   com
Email: lagtech48@gmail.   com
Lagos Phone: O9O6541O357  Mr Richard

We Look forward doing more Business with you in Future, God bless.   


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