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There  are  enormous  benefits or advantages of sending  bulk SMS  One of the   benefits  of the bulk sms technology is the ability of sending messages to a large group of persons within seconds. 

 If you have ever tried to send a text to more than one person at a time, you will notice how hard it can get.   Now imagine how hard it will be to send messages to over  two  thousand (2,000) persons at a time! 

However, with bulk SMS , all you need to do is to simply type in your text and click on send.   The messages get delivered at once to all the numbers in the recipient box within seconds. 

You can also schedule your bulk sms to be sent when you want it on a particular date. 

The next  benefit  of  using bulk SMS is the lower cost of sending bulk messages for very little money for as low as 0.  80 kobo depending on how large is  your  recipients list .   If you have ever bothered to go to a media office  to ask for the cost of an advertorial slot, you will understand  here the cost implication when compare with sending low cost bulk sms to your expected recipients. 

While reaching out to 500,000 persons over the radio or TV will likely cost you so much, using bulk SMS to get across to the same number of persons will be cheaper and affordable.    With bulk SMS, you save lots of money on reaching out to your target audience easily. 

Thirdly, bulk SMS gives you the opportunity to reach out  to your target audience ,  customers ,members easily etc.   With a cell phone, you will agree that the easiest way of getting your attention other than phone calls is through receiving  text messages.   Whenever a text gets to your phone, you will normally want to  read through it first  before going back to what you were doing.   

Now, it doesn’t matter what it is that you are talking about in the bulk SMS, you can be sure that 99.  9% of the recipients will receive your information and they will either decide to response depending on the content of your message  and how attractive or convincing  it is to your  recipients.   

The same cannot be said of other  means  of disseminating information.   Even with all  the  adverts that get aired on TV or radio how many do you really care to listen to? Maybe  few. 

These are some of the benefits of using bulk sms for your personal communications with friends, family, send product or service promotions to customers or targeted customers, use it for  evangelism and church, school, company  or group meetings, programs communications.  like us on facebook @ facebook.  com/fastestsmsnaija
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