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My Mum Doesn?t Like My Music ?Base One
« on: August 27, 2016, 02:06:55 PM »
Fast rising rap artiste, Ayomipo Sotunde, better known as Base One, tells Saturday Beats about his career

Your hit song was titled Werey Re and recently, you released Skon Skon. Why do you like giving your songs weird titles?

It is because I am promoting my alter ego; the ?mad man? in me, but it?s not literal. It is something poetic, a figure of speech.

What sets you apart from other rap artistes in Nigeria?

I?m a versatile artiste who does the kind of rap that makes people laugh. When you listen to my lyrics, you have to pause and play it intermittently to appreciate my wordings. Whenever I am composing my songs, I think a lot and I use the things that make me laugh to form my songs so that I can also make people laugh. That?s what distinguishes me from every other rapper.

How was the experience working with Fuji legend, K1 De Ultimate?

I feel blessed working with him and for me, that?s a major highlight in my career. The song is really making waves across the country because I infused my rap skills into one of his old songs and made it sound fresh. The song title is ?Better Dey Come?. We were able to create a bridge that connects both the old and young. All the experience gathered during the recording is worth the positive response it?s getting across the country.

Did you actually set out to be a musician?

While growing up, I used to admire bankers who usually wear nice fitted suits and ride fancy cars. That prompted me to study Banking and Finance in the university hoping that when I graduate, I would also work in the banking sector. But things did not go as planned. I later discovered that most bankers live their lives on loans and I didn?t want to toe that path in life. I also realised that being a banker, I might never have time for myself as the job requires me to wake up early and close late and my weekends are not guaranteed. And as God would have it, I discovered music and I am doing very well.

How did your parents react when you told them that you were choosing music over Banking and Finance?

Actually, my mum detests my music a lot and she does not support it. When I told her that I wanted to do music, she was okay with it. All she said was that the most important thing was for me to finish school. So I had to juggle both my music and studies. By the time I graduated in 2012, I had already learnt few tips in the music industry before I became a part of it fully.

As for my mum, even if we are in the same car driving to church and I play my CD in the car, she will just eject it and throw it out of the window. Even though she is not totally in support of my music career, she still loves me. You know there?s this natural love that mothers always have for their children. Besides, she knows what I am doing is legitimate. It?s not something that is illegal and it?s not that I?m causing any trouble or bringing any problem to the household. So she just loves me naturally, she doesn?t have a choice. If you love me, you?re definitely going to love my music.

A lot of your colleagues are venturing into Nollywood, are you toying with the idea as well?

Honestly, my acting skill sucks. I don?t know how to act. I remember going to PEFTI owned by Wale Adenuga production for an audition and I was paired with somebody. We were given a script to study and after few minutes, we were called to act and present what we had read without the script. Veteran actor, Antar Laniyan, was one of the judges and immediately he shouted action, the other guy I was paired with delivered his line smoothly and when it was my turn, my brain switched off. Right there and then, I knew acting was not my calling. I just told the man, ?I?m very sorry sir, thank you very much? and I went away.

Do you have plans working with any Nigerian female act?

For me, the female artiste that I will like to work with in Nigeria is Asa because she?s a legend and a big brand to reckon with. I have always dreamed of working with the likes of Jay-Z, Drake?the list is endless because they have so many talented people abroad.


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My Mum Doesn?t Like My Music ?Base One
« on: August 27, 2016, 02:06:55 PM »

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