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History of Arewa Consultative Forum
« on: June 22, 2008, 06:18:17 PM »
On March 7, 2001 at Arewa House, Kaduna, a meeting of Emirs and Leaders of thought was held. Presided by His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido, the Sultan of Sokoto, the meting was attended by nine emirs, two former President and 31 prominent personalities from all over the North*. The purpose of the meeting was for the Emirs to brief those in attendance on matters of serious concern to the people of the Northern States, arising from the wave of violent religious and ethnic disturbances being witnessed in the region, especially the Kaduna crises. The prevailing situation was tense and desperate, threatening the survival of the unity of the people of the North. Something had gone wrong but even more disturbing was the absence of any cohesive leadership or articulate plan of action to halt the dangerous drift. The briefing also deplored the situation and emphasied the urgent need for northern leaders to rise to the challenges posed. The emirs had resolved to arrest the situation by spearheading a process of restoring the legendary unity of Arewa involving all the people of the region. It was recalled that the first and only premier of the Northern Region, the Sardauna of Sokoto, Late Alhaji Ahmadu Bello was able to wield the various peoples of Arewa into one united block imbued with dignity and a sense of purpose and history. Over the years after the death of the Premier, the unity and peaceful co-existence of the people had been steadily eroded, rendering the concept of Arewa a mere nostalgic notion. The Emirs declared that it is high time to address the issue of restoring peace to the North as a basic condition for harnessing the abundant human and economic resources for a feasible programme of development. The Emirs noted previous attempts made to revive the Arewa concept such as the formation of the Turaki committee, the Northern Elders Forum and the Unity and Development Foundation, and appealed to the groups to unite in the same spirit that prompted them to unite the people of the North.

 After the briefing, there were responses from some of the leaders of thought present sharing the concerns expressed and supportive of the need to rekindle the Arewa concept and brotherhood. There was a consensus on the creation of a Forum where our Emirs, technocrats and holder of executive and Political power can meet and agree on what need to be done to achieve a redefinition of Arewa and a process of accommodation and inclusion that involves all the people of the North.

 At the end of the meeting, a committee was set up under the Chairmanship of His Highness, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, the Emir of Ilorin to take up the assignment outlined immediately. As directed, the Committee held its inaugural meeting the following day, March 8th 2000 at Arewa House, Kaduna with His Highness, the Emir of Ilorin presiding*. The meeting acknowledge the complexity of its assignment and the need for sacrifice and commitment of all members. The goal is to regain and maintain the oneness of the people of the northern states, irrespective of religion or ethnic differences. The Chairman implored all the organisations set up with the objectives of protecting Northern interest to dissolve and be subsumed in the new initiative to be known henceforth as the AREWA CONSULTATIVE FORUM. This appeal and identity was unanimously accepted. The meeting proceeded to deliberate on developing terms of reference, exploring sources of funding and setting up a secretariat for the Forum. It was agreed that the Forum would rely on the use of power of elected executive and legislative officers sympathetic to its cause, taking cognisance of the democratic dispensation in Nigeria. After exhaustive deliberations it was resolved that the Forum will try to rebuild confidence and bridges and strengthen relationship among all the people of the North. It will also attempt to get some measure of power for the Forum by establishing connections for working with the political leadership.


As a first step, the Forum resolved to request His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto to send a delegation to each of the following traditional chiefs in the North:

 Tor Tiv, Dr. Alfred Torkula, Gbongom Jos, Dr. Fom Bot, Aku, Uka  of Wukari, Dr. Shekarau Angyu Masa Ibi Kuryo II,  Chief of Kagoro, Chief Gwamna Awan, Ochi? Idoma, Dr Edwin Obekpa, Mureng of Bula, Chief Joran Fwa, Chief of Moroa, Mallam Tagwai Sambo, Long Geomai of Shrndam, Miskoom Hubert Sheldas and Obaro of Kabba, Oba Micheal Olobayo.

 A similar delegation would be sent to the 19 Governors of the Northern States as well as the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Deputy President of the Senate and other legislators. Membership of the delegation were drawn from ranks of Emirs and other prominent leaders of northern communities who are members of the Forum and other locally influential personalities. The Forum also resolved to establish institutions that would continue the dialogue already started. In particular it was agreed that there was an urgent need for developing a focal point to guide the North in the form of a blue print for action.

 The meeting developed terms of reference to guide the conduct of the work of the Arewa Consultative Forum as follows:

 a).      Set up machinery for regular dialogue to ensure that issues likely to lead to breach of peace are settled amicably and promptly.

 b).     Establish contact with the political leadership in the North in order to harmonise the approach towards a solution of the problems facing the North;

 c).      Set up local committees to monitor the situation and coordinate efforts geared towards getting a solution in their areas; 

 d).     Establish contact and develop relations with similar organisation working in other regions of the country.

 e).      Have the power examine and deliberate on any matter that can promote peaceful co-existence in the North in particular and the country in general.

 f).      Have the power to co-opt any members who, in its new, can contribute in any way towards achieving its objectives.

 In recognition of the personal merit of some individuals and in view of the need to broaden the base of the Forum, it was resolved to rite the following into membership: Chief Sunday B. Awoniyi, Chief Solomon Lar, Chief Ezekiel Yusuf, Chief Baba Adi, Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim SAN, Ambassador Elias Nathan and Alhaji Idi Faruk.

 Since its inauguration, the Arewa Consultative Forum has grown from strength to strength, several general meeting were held at the Arewa House, Kaduna with impressive turnout. At the 8th General Assembly meeting it was resolved to direct the Secretariat of the Forum to organize the inauguration of the three organs of the Forum namely:- the Advisory Council, the Board of Trustees and the Central Working Committee. A consultative meeting   between the conference of Northern Governors and a delegation of the Arewa Consultative Forum was also held on April 9, 2001 on the formation of the organs of the Forum. After the adoption of the Constitution of the ACF by the General Meeting on April 10, 2001 by His Excellency, General Yakubu Gowon in his capacity as Chairman Board of Patrons in an unprecedented historical gathering attended by respected northern leaders and people from all walks of life. Also present were their Excellencies, President shehu usman Aliyu Shagari, Turakin Sokoto, General Muhammadu Buhari, Genaral Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and General Abdulsalami Abubakar. His excellency the Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji AhmedMohammed Makarfi was Chief Host. At the end of which Malam Liman Ciroma was appointed Chairman of the Advisory with Brig-Gen Divid Bamigboye as Deputy.

 On May 15 and 16 2001, the Board of Trustees and the Central Working Committee respectively held their inaugural meetings and appointed their leaders* Chief S. B Awoniyi became the Chairman of the Board of Trustees with Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako as his deputy. Alhaji M.D Yusuf became the Chairman of the Central Working with Alhaji Hassan Mohammed Agwai, Ciroman Keffi as Deputy. Alhaji Ashek Jarma Vice Chairman while Col. Hamid Ibrahim Ali and Inuwa Abdul-Kadir, Magatakarda Babba as Secretary-General and Deputy respectively.

 The Secretariat of the Forum is temporarily located at No 4A Sani Sambo Avenue  provided by Alhaji Lawal Idris on gratia for two years, while  Malam  Mamman Daura of Kaduna Furniture Factory donated furniture worth of over a million Naira to the Secretariat. Among other activities of the Forum, a delegation was sent to visit and condole northerners who suffered the Odu?a Peoples Congress (OPC) genocide in Lagos area. Some cash and relief material were donated by the delegation. A similar delegation was sent to visit the people of Bauchi and Plateau States and condole them on the tragedies involving footballers and students respectively. The Forum also raised a committee to come up with a comprehensive response to correct the misinformed testimonies of the Ohaneze at the Oputa Panel on Human Rights Violations and present it before the Panel.


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History of Arewa Consultative Forum
« on: June 22, 2008, 06:18:17 PM »

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Re: History of Arewa Consultative Forum
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Re: History of Arewa Consultative Forum
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