Author Topic: "Who Else Needs A Professional Website That Shifts Products And Services?"  (Read 1054 times)

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"Who Else Needs A Professional Website That Shifts Products And Services- Not Just For Fancy? "

Friend, let's be very open-minded with each other here.  How many websites online actually shifts products or services or even get prospects to call in? very tiny handful right? and the ones that even get the sales are the very simple and stoopid looking ones.  Not the expensive looking types with multiple colors, graphics and videos.

You know, those expensive websites, from what I have recently noticed, the only use they are putting them to is just adding the web addresses to their business cards and flyers.  And even when a few people decide to visit the websites they never wait to get the information on the homepage; never return or even remember the websites- let alone buying from or even calling from the websites.

Now the question here is, why is it so? it is so because most of the websites, by the reason of the heavy graphics and videos they contain, take so much time to load and display to the client.  Even when the pages open up, they look very complicated without much directions.

And of course, the client is always in a hurry while he is online, and any website that appears to waste his time, he'll just close it and run to the next available website.

So if you want a website that gets the sales, I can help you with my years of experience as a Web Developer/Consultant and an Internet Marketing Spe...t.  I can help you put up a professional website that will thrive favorably at the search engine competition; and keep your visitors spellbound.

To hire me for this service, you can reach me with my phone number: 07035180310.


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