Author Topic: the new way of configuring operamini on mtn and new free internet settings 4 PC.  (Read 2931 times)

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before i forge ahead, let me treat MTN Fu*kup on operamini editable server:

mtn new free internet browsing settings using operamini 4.2 editable server:
choose custom 4 in the first box,
then in the second box type

if it is not yet connecting, then apply the following tricks:

if you are using S40 or S50 phones or any java phone, then go to menu>settings>configuration>personal configuration: then disable the proxy of each of the accounts you have there; i.e open the accounts one by one, go to proxy and change it from enable to disable. then make personal configuration the default and activate the default for all applications.

but if you are using S60 phones or any other symbian phone, apply the following tricks:
go to menu>tools>settings>access point: select the particular access point you are using for your operamini, open it and click on option, choose advanced settings and scroll down to proxy address, delete the and leave the box empty. also delete the 8080 in the port and leave the box empty as well.

then start your opera now, it should be browsing by now.

check out for more!!!


if you still encounter any problem, call me on 08063669662.

now back to the business of the day

Due to upgrades in the GPRS servers of various ISPs in Nigeria, it has led to the dilapidating of some free internet clients. But we are not going to be watching these damn service providers do their worst and drag us into their costly data plans. Because of this, new softwares for free internet browsing have been discovered that even prove to be better than the formal firewall by passers such as your-freedom client and its counterparts.

The new software that works with MTN network now is called PINGFU UDP IRISH TUNNELLER. It is a mass firewall breaker which works through your computer?s DNS environment. The software is very simple to configure only if you know the correct settings and the little programmings that will be used to manipulate this tunneler so that it can bypass the internet firewall. It can now allow you to browse the internet uncensored and all the data will transferred entirely free without being charged a dime. This internet set up is very much reliable and very flexible to use. The internet speed is between 803kbs and 1mbs. Now you see that the speed is very much ok and you can imagine the type of internet speed you will be enjoying if you have any ?INTERNET DATE TRANSFER ACCELERATOR? capable of multiplying your internet speed up to 7-10 times the normal speed. (I can help you get the internet data transfer accelerator if you need it because it helps very especially for people like us using dial up connections)

A new setting for free internet browsing with zain network has been discovered and the software is the almighty your-freedom multi protocol client.
(These service providers think that they are wise enough, but am sorry because I can never be a part of their unkindly internet tariffs; likewise you reading this post).
As I was saying before about the new settings for zain with freedom, it is entirely new settings than the formal one and this one is extra fast ones you have a good ZAIN GPRS service in your area.

Pingfu UDP also works with zain network. The settings with that of MTN are not too different; only the proxy settings are required to be changed.

A Software has been developed which can be used in watching the DSTV channels on your computer free of charge.

The prerequisites of watching the DSTV channels free of charge on computer include:
-   A computer set (desktop or laptop)
-   stable internet connection
-   the DSTV software
-   the crack code
-   and the settings.

*I guess that whoever wants to enjoy this free DSTV package must own a computer system. Whether it is desktop computer or a laptop/notebook PCs.

*the computer must be connected to the internet. Either a broadband internet or dial up connection; paid or free internet, but your system must be connected to the internet before you can enjoy this.

*now this software that I am going to give you is a software that when installed in your system, it can enable you to watch the DSTV channels free of charge without any form of subscription fee. so all the live shows will be on your screen 24hours once you have internet connection on your system and it is entirely free.

*the crack code is the code which you are going put in a particular space inside the welcome window of the software. This crack code will now make the software not to ask you of any smart card number nor the recharge pin so that you can now watch both paid and free to air DSTV channels free of charge on your computer whenever you want to.

*the settings are going to come in a manual. This manual will be your guide through out the installation of the software, how to configure the software and how to make the best use of it.

Any of the above packages will be sent to you through your email as attachment when you want to get any of them. The package will include the required software, the crack code if it is required and the setup manual. So what you need to do when the mail gets to your inbox is to download the attached files, install the software and follow the instructions inside the manual and achieve your aim.

So if you are interested in getting any of the above services, then call me 08063669662.
You can as well email

Kind Regards,



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this guy, which planet are you from? am happy for you that God gave you all these talent.  abeg my email is msdos51@yahoo. com.  try and send me some of the new free internet browsing settings please.
think positive, think possible!
together we can move the mountain!!

just believe in yourself!!!

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You guys are doing wonderfully ok! But pls what will it take to get the configuration? cos i need the settings on fbt sent to my email- townjuju@yahoo. co. uk

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 3.  It provides you with another good options if you are interested in learning languages or alternative programming.
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Get an ip tool that will get all working ips and ports for your free browsing. Call 0803234471 or 07081973917
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