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Exporting bitterkola in small scale
« on: December 30, 2014, 10:44:36 AM »


You don't need any experience to get started because I'll hold you by hand and show you how it works.

You don't need capital or registration with any exporting council before you get started, I'll show you the way round it.

You don't need several days before you start seeing result cos I'm presenting you my result.

You don't need to start looking for the farm products, they're everywhere here in our fathers land, Nigeria

You don't need to start looking for buyers, I'll take you to them where they are looking for supplier.

All you need is ability to follow simple instruction, that's all.

Before the discovery of crude oil, farm product exporting like cocoa and others are the major source of income in this great nation Nigeria so, you don?t need to be skeptical.

adomu yusuf is my name and you may not know me but i tell you, several people know me that I don't tell people what may work but I tell them what is working and what I'm currently doing myself.

Last year 2013, I told people about my marketing business video, some embraced it and some felt it's one of those lies. Those that embraced it are reaping the financial result now and I can't blame those that didn't embrace it, people lie so much.

I've packaged a manual for you on "HOW TO EXPORT FARM PRODUCTS ABROAD"

I can guarantee you that you'll make money because so many buyers are waiting for you and you can be sure of 2 to 3 buyers in less than 7days.

Let me tell you how much you can be making on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. $17 is the international export price for 1kg of bitter kola (Garcinia kola) and you can get it locally here in Nigeria for just $1 (150naira) or less. Do the calculation for 50kg of bitter kola.

I will show you how your buyers will gladly pay for transportation. If you exported the above goods at $14/kg you still have cool cash. Two buyers a month is all you need on any farm products of your choice and you'll be fine.

Enough of my stories, I guess you can't wait to get started and sincerely, you?re one of the first people I contacted about this hot information so I suggest you take a positive action.
I'll be charging you a small fee to have 100% access to this information.

This information worth #20,000 but I won't do that not even #10,000, #6,000? NO, #5,000 looks perfect but I know the condition of nigeria that we are in financial mess, real financial handicap so I'm giving you access for an incredible amount of

#1500, yes one thousand,five hundred naira.

Oh! You said it's too cheap? I made it that so cheap because of you so that you'll have no excuse. Less than two thousand naira only

You can make payment into my bank account and text your payment details including your e-mail address to my phone number: 08085038965 and I'll send the manual to your mail box in less than 24hrs.

Bank Name: GTB
Account Name: adomu yusuf isah
Account number: 0033956447

Never forget, right action at the right time is the difference between success and failure and this year is running out like last year.

Opportunity appears to many but very few access it and finally possess it, you've access this opportunity, go ahead to possess it.

Invest one thousand,five hundred naira today and change you financial status and that of your family forever and ever.

Once again, one thousand ,five hundred naira only

Bank Name: GTB
Account Name: adomu yusuf isah
Account number: 0033956447

adomu yusuf isah

enterprise bank
adomu yusuf

Thanks for your time and see you at the top before the end of this year.


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Exporting bitterkola in small scale
« on: December 30, 2014, 10:44:36 AM »


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