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The calculation method of bearing life, rounding
« on: April 04, 2014, 06:17:19 AM »
Usually, the rolling bearing life calculation steps are:
1.  According to the technical parameters and bearing parts of the host structure and primary bearing type and size,Bearings Limiting Speed www. bearing-us. com/ calculation of load acting on the bearing;
2.  Calculate the equivalent load;
3.  According to the bearing rated life formula of bearing life;
4.  Check the rated load and speed limit.
Rolling bearing 90% of the rated life refers to a group of bearings bearing before fatigue spalling can reach or exceed the operation number (at 106 RPM) or under a certain speed of working hours.
The fundamental rated life of the ball bearing:
L10 = (Cr/Pr) 3 (millions)
In the actual calculation, usually expressed in hours worked bearing's life (hours), as follows:
Lh = (Cr/Pr) 3 / (n) of 60 * 106 (h)
Cr: for radial basic dynamic load rating (KN), refers to a set of rolling bearing supposed to withstand constant radial load, under the load of basic life expectancy of one million RPM rating.
Pr: for radial equivalent dynamic load (KN), refers to the actual all kinds of applied load bearing radial equivalent load.
The fundamental rated life of the roller bearing:
L10 = (Cr/Pr) 10/3 turn (millions)
With working hours for the life of the bearing (h) : as follows:
Lh = (Cr/Pr 10/3)/(n) of 60 * 106 (h)
Rated life calculation method is determined according to the ordinary bearing steel and general working conditions, the life reliability of 90%.  Considering the material and the influence of conditions of use and the requirements of high reliability, the international organization for standardization of revised rated life formula, joined the reliability coefficient, coefficient of material coefficient and the conditions of use.
At present, the overseas advanced ball bearing the actual service life is calculated life is more than ten times, reliability, more than 95%, our factory production of the service life of ball bearing level can reach the domestic advanced level.


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The calculation method of bearing life, rounding
« on: April 04, 2014, 06:17:19 AM »


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