Author Topic: You Need an Internet Marketing Coach If You Are Really Serious  (Read 463 times)

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As you grow you need different coaches and mentors who have specialized in different areas to help you learn new skills.  Internet Marketing has many components and many spe...ts in many different areas.

As a beginner I suggest you enrol in a reasonably short program that will guide you through and give you the basic steps that are required to get you web site up on the World Wide Web plus the guidelines required begin to immediately start to build a data base and get some traffic to your site.

There is always another way to do things on the Internet and you don't have to know them all, you just have to know one or two ways to get you moving in the right direction and more importantly taking some action.

You can and should do the improvements later as you go, but for the perfectionists amongst you out there, don't wait until it is prefect or it will never happen.  Look at Bill Gates for the prefect example, if he didn't realise Windows until it was prefect, he still would not have released it, but now what he does is release a new update every couple of years and makes us all pay for the improvement to his product all over again.  How clever, so you see you perfectionism is holding you back.

When you have completed a three to six month program, then you will have some knowledge and then you can ask yourself a series of questions, but don't expect to know what others know who have been around for years before you.  The questions should be like, what are you may wish to pursue and then find yourself a suitable mentor for that area?

You do not need to remain loyal to the one mentor forever.  This is about your growth and development, not about loyalty and staying with someone once you have learned those skills.

For genuine personal development and growth, move on and learn a new skill, improve and broaden you own knowledge, who knows one day you may just be a mentor to someone else.
if you are really serious about it send your email to coaching4naija@yahoo. com


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