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« on: June 18, 2013, 10:24:05 PM »
                    Engineering  Design Course on  AutoCAD, 
                          PDMS, AutoCAD P&ID,   HYSYS     
                                             IN LAGOS

Ken Technologies is an Engineering design company focusing on implementation, Training, consulting and Outsourcing. In the course of our operation we realized that most Engineering firms in and outside the country needs Engineering   graduates that are well equipped in the use of the following engineering design Software (AutoCAD/AutoCAD Plant
3D, AutoCAD P & ID, PDMS).


    COURSE OUTLINE:           PART: A
?   AutoCAD( 2D/3D) Drafting/design
?   Isometric Drawing
?   Isometric Dimensioning
?   Converting  from 2D To 3 Dimensional Environment
?   Modelling of Solid objects( Complex 3 dimensional drawing)
?   Application of 3 Dimensional Tools (Slice, Subtract, Extrude, Taper Faces, Union,) Etc.
?                                      PART: B   ( BASIC PIPING)
?                Piping Systems Detail Engineering/Plant & Piping Layout Engineering/ Piping 
?                 Drafting.       
?              *Basic Principles of Piping and its Components.
?              * Piping Fundamentals
?             * ASME Codes & Standards
?             *  Applying AutoCAD 3D Plant Software in Modelling Pipe Fittings(Elbow 90 and
?               45 Degree, Reducer (Concentric and Eccentric), Flanges, Plug, Valves, Tee) etc.
?            * Adding  Piping Supports(Hanger, Strut) to a Pipe and Piping components using
?               AutoCAD 3D Plant.
?            * Mechanical/Process Equipments
?            * Flow Diagram
?              Developing Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Layout.
?               Adding Flow lines, Instrument lines, Inline Components(Reducer, Valves) to
?               P& ID Layout.
?            * Interpreting and developing P & ID Diagram and Plant Modelling.
?            * Piping Specification, Piping Isometrics
?           * Piping & Equipment Layout

                                                            PDMS    COURSE MODULE
?   Axis System (Piping Isometric):
?   Identification of Equipment and Primitives ( Equipment and Primitives orientation)
?   Creating of Equipments (Tanks, Reboiler, Heat exchanger, Column, Pumps)
?   Modifying Equipment( Orientate, offset, move)
?   Setting Attributes ( Height, Diameter, Position, orientation)
                                               PIPEWORK MODELLING
             Piping in PDMS: Basic Concepts
            * Piping Specification: Setting the appropriate specification
            * Pipe work tool bar
            * Pipe creation Form
            * Pipe Branch Head and Tail connected
            * Creating Branch components (Pipe fittings)
            *Pipe Branch Head/Tail position Explicit
           * Pipe components creation form
2.  Attaching fittings (Elbows, Valves, Flanges, Reducer, Tee, Cap etc) to Equipment
3. STRUCTURAL MODELLING: Designing Beams and Columns:
                                                    *   Choosing specification for Beams and Columns (British Standard)
                                                    *    Offsetting Beams and Columns
                                                    *    Designing Plates and Panel
                                                    *    Picking Plates and Panels points.

     Training Schedule
   Morning Session:   (10 am- 1pm)
   Afternoon Session: (1 am- 4 pm)
    Evening Session     : (4pm-6pm)
   Saturdays               :( 10am-1pm) 7 Saturdays

Fee: AutoCAD (2D/3D)                                                                                                  = #30,000.00
         P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram Design and Interpretation) = #10,000.00
        Auto Plant (Pipe, Equipment Modelling)                                                         = # 20,000.00         
PDMS AND P&ID (PIPING MODELING AND INSTRUMENTATION)                       = #30,000.00
1st Instalment (70 percent of course fee)


Mechanical/Chemical/Petroleum Engineers, Geologist, Electrical/Electronics, Material/Metallurgical, Electrical, Civil/Structural engineering graduate and Undergraduate, Jobseekers, Draftsman.
Training Benefits:
-   Excellent Materials Provided (Design Manual/ Chart).
-   Industry leading Software used in training (Auto CAD/Auto CAD Plant 3D, PDMS, Pipe fit pro). Full Installation on Student Laptop.
-   Certificate in AutoCAD, P&ID, Auto Plant, PDMS.

Management: Ken Technologies
 Tel: 08060360538, 08028553955
OFFICE:   26, Ikotun Road, College College Bus Stop, By Diamond Bank.
                       Suite 15, Kazam Plaza.


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