Author Topic: Dysfunctional Families Breed Rot In Education  (Read 171 times)

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Dysfunctional Families Breed Rot In Education
« on: June 07, 2013, 10:32:27 AM »
With over 10.5 millions of children in primary school, poor performances in both secondary school certificate and higher institutions entrance examinations; coupled with the low quality of tertiary institutions products across the country, an expert in education matters has blamed the rot in the sector on a number of factors.

 Dr. Clement Ehebha, a consultant on educational matters, has postulated a mirage of factors that have caused the dislocation in the education sector.

 He says a society that is driven by the craze for material wealth is bound to breed dysfunctional homes, and in turn, gives rise to children who are bankrupt in reading learning and hard work.

 Thus, many children nowadays prefer to watch European football, home video, or play computer game rather than reading.

 Another major antithetical to the growth of education, he asserts, is the low quality of teacher, who are themselves product of a system that has everything but merit. If those meant to impart knowledge are themselves handicapped, confusion will be the only word to describe the spiral effect part of the problem, he remarks, “is half baked teachers in most of the mushroom private schools around who resort to quick fix solutions to attract students were regulations is next MC.

 “Most private schools are thus termed magic centres where tailors, mechanics and traders enroll without receiving lectures to score A’s in 9 places”

 According to him, rustic teachers who can hardly read and merely “certificated”, products of the dying system as we have today, in Nigeria who have no passion for teaching because of poor remuneration-can hardly impart positively on the sector.

 Today we have teachers who only want money here on earth to catch up with their friends in the schools that lack laboratory simulated practicals”. This does not tell well of a system that wants to catch up with the rest of the world, he argues.

 He emphasizes that a growing morally bankrupt and goalless society that craves for mere paper qualification and not knowledge that correspond with the certificates, and a nation that rewards gangsterism instead of encouraging scholarship will continue to wallow and swim in the ocean of education decay and relegation.

 Dr Ehebha flies some posers as he asks. “How many youth croppers or graduates can write their names these day? How many firstclass could pass the last NNPC test for graduate employment? How many of our current political rulers realize the different between education and literacy?”

 To give vent to his posers he gives a graphic picture of the result the last unified matriculation Tertiary Examination (UMTE) According to him, 1,644, 102 candidates sat for the examination. Out of that number, 1,629,102 opted for paper-pencil Test(PPT) with only 15,000 opting for Dnal Based Test (DBT).

 Out of the over 1, 600,000 candidates that wrote the examination only 10 had more 200 marks, while 628 scored between 270-299 marks. And less than 3000,000 had 299 marks and above while 120,000 candidates’ marks were with held or seized.

 On the average less than 37% can be said to have passed the examination which leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the system.

 The consultant reason that incompetent leadership at federal, state and local government levels that encourage and reward mediocrity and “ageroism”, instead of knowledge and competitive society, is one or the major bane that contributes to the rot permeating the sector.

 To him, this is not from the fact that the nation is governed by rulers (not leaders) “who themselves are merely or barely literate but actually never educated to appreciate what total education is, to realize that education is the total development of an individual’s abilities –moral, spiritual, functional, skills etc-and not just able to read and write English Language”.

 To put a stop to this slid, he notes, government should treat teachers and the entire knowledge industry with respect and sense of responsibility rather than with disdain and lip service that are presently obtainable in the system.


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Dysfunctional Families Breed Rot In Education
« on: June 07, 2013, 10:32:27 AM »

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