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Seeking Inner Reflections For Outer Space
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:19:24 AM »
Seeking inner reflections for outer space

His name like his paintings, capture the blend of rich Nigerian history, Brazilian and Switzerland roots. Though a rare face on the Nigerian art scene, seven years after his last show in Lagos, Raul Olawale Da Silva, will on Saturday, at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos present new paintings in a solo art exhibition entitled, Inner worlds outer space. The collection, which is in two parts will feature in the care series and works influenced by science fictions and movies.

Raul, who also does skating, performance and installation art, said at a sneak preview in Lagos at the weekend that he got lots of impressions from his senses while growing up as a child, especially when he visited Prof. Bruce Onobrakpeya?s studio in the company of his father.

According to the Lucerne, Switzerland-based Nigerian artist, the Lagos beach is a major attraction and source of inspiration each time he visits Lagos. On structuring, composing and shaping of art work, Raul said: ?When I start a piece of work, I mark the canvas in a somewhat unpremeditated way. Sometimes, I use natural markings that are already present. These marks are orientation points from which I start my quest of creating the right tension, balance, imbalance, and rhythm. This changes constantly while I work, as I incorporate seemingly random movements, which are, however, very controlled. I adapt to the creation emerging on the canvas by carefully adding layers of colors which I work on over and over again, from different angles and sides.

?This process enables me to react to situations during production, and to use varied materials that set me free to express multifaceted ideas and stories. These stories are affected, dominated, connected and guided by my state of mind made up of memories, reflections, observation, smell, taste and many other influences.?

Of the 38 paintings for display, his large oil paintings on canvas are overwhelming as they draw viewers into an intense battle of colours, spaces of tight and profuse strokes and patterns, interspersed with calm, languid moments of yellow and shades of blue, white and red.

He throws up some distorted figures that are intertwined with phones wires against black and white space. Raoul?s journey of expression, had its beginning in summer art classes at the National Museum, Onikan Lagos, enriched by parents who had a deep appreciation of traditional and modern art and created a home environment full of paintings and sculptures of the best of the masters.

Childhood schooling was followed by four years of an in-depth apprenticeship in cabinet making, before completing an arts degree at the prestigious School of Applied Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland. This was followed by years of almost hermetic studio work.

Apart from Fine Art, Raul is a skilled freestyle snowboarder, street skater and surfer, and has honed his technique to expert level. His passion for music and the outdoors and his deep understanding of the forces of nature have influenced how he interprets and responds to his ?outer space?. His commitment to environmental protection and the need to safeguard the Lagos coastline have led him to begin working on a large installation of found objects, which were discovered while scouring the beach landscape.

Inner worlds outer space which will run till September 9, is sponsored by Deutsche Bank, First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Ltd (FHN), Global Energy Company Ltd (GEC) and the Wheatbaker, all corporate entities, which have a strong art focus as part of their corporate social responsibility, and who are keenly watching emerging artists in Africa.


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Seeking Inner Reflections For Outer Space
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:19:24 AM »

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