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Business Opportunity April 2013
« on: April 21, 2013, 09:50:58 PM »
Before I say my testimony, I am going to talk about 3 facts about investing especially with people/company you have not seen before but you are taking a bold step depositing with them. . . . hmmm. .

1.  It is risky
2.  It is for the strong willed and people that believe in super opportunities.
3.  It is for trusting people who believe all things work together for good no matter the situation.

If you do not have these facts in place, you can never invest with companies you see online and most have changed people's lives for good even though many also have damaged lots of people's orientations, if you think I am lying, see the amount of investment programmes that come daily and the amount of many people that invest with them.

The ones who do not take a step to do so are afraid, doubtful, scared and think mostly about their past experiences which makes them not to take a step and they lose a lot doing so.

If you think I do not know what I am saying, go and check out top investment forums and see big internet marketers promoting investment programmes and making large money from them while the doubters still remain on their level believing in their past orientation that investment online are scams so they see scams all their lives.

Many online investments are risky but many people do make lots of money from them, YES, I do not want to mention names of people, I know about 12 Nigerian internet marketers that are full time promoting investment programmes and making lots of cash, who cares whether they fail or not, onto the next one, GOD being our strength, we shall not relent.

I am into web designing, business and online investment programmes as my sources of income.

Late September, I saw a Nigerian investment programme through the Guardian newspaper and also via facebook ads called GoldWise Nigeria (www. goldwisenigeria. org), went to their site, colourful, professional, have contact address and number even though I live at Ilorin, I decided to invest with them at their min.  deposit levels, what is N20,000. 00 (a risk I can take that can backfire or bless me depending on the company's orientation and also would not affect my current state of living), I called them, most online fake ones do not have phone numbers/emails, they talked to me well and I decided to invest with them.

The N20,000 I invested was money I can afford to risk at the particular time, I cant invest N1 million at that starting period with them lest they carry my money and run hence I tried with money I can afford to lose, N20,000, some still cannot afford it thats why I said online investment is for the strong.

Their deposit method is liberty reserve so I can funded my lr to $120 and went ahead to invest with them because they said at the end of my working period, they would pay me into my savings bank account as my payment choice and I liked that.  I did that and honestly, by November 2, at the end of 30 working days, they paid me N40,000 into my savings bank account.  Wow was what I did, what a suprise for the first time I am trying an online Nigerian investment program.

The excitement spurred me up, I called my friends up, told them about them and we decided to give it a try again.  Each of my friends brought in N150,000. 00 (The excitement caused it) and we were 5 (4 of my friends with me) hence making a total of N750,000 (that is with a company I decided to try with N20,000 for a start), we called them up at GoldWise and funded our liberty reserve equivalent of $4500. 00, all money from our corresponding businesses and other programmes we are into.

Alas, suprisingly, REALLY, we were afraid to invest that type of amount but since it was a group fund where everybody contributed part of his earnings too, we decided to give a shot, thank GOD, it has paid off now because we were recently paid an amount of N1. 5 million into our account provided (mine), remember, it was a group fund contributed.

Sincere, it is suprising and unbelievable and we cannot begin to tell you how happy we are, especially me that introduced my friends, now more people are celebrating me and wanting to invest. 

Where were they when I decided to take the risk, People hmmmm, thank GOD it paid off at the first place, if not, you know the rest story now.

Officially speaking, online Nigerian investment is not easy especially when you have not gone down to their office and you are taking a bold step, if it fails, you can have hypertension hence I tell people to invest what they can afford to lose.  Honestly, I believe in miracles, I do not know about you and it has paid off, I must admit.

If you do not have heart brother, sister, do not invest online, if it goes wrong, you can commit suicide if you are not strong but WHAT IF IT FAVOURS YOU AND PAYS YOU JUST AS GOLDWISE NIGERIA DID TO ME, thats another thought I tend to give attention most times?

Most investments I am into are international and I am a Regional Representative in one and it is at www. hxxp: goldenarium. com/?ref=madeginternational

Others are:
hxxp: bizoppers. com/users/483371-adegbola-matthew
hxxp: eccpub. com/?partner=madeginternational
https://uinvest. com. ua/?amigosid=51503

The only Nigerian investment programme I have ventured in my life is GoldWise Nigeria and it has changed my life well, I invested into it because I saw it via facebook ad and also confirmed through a reputalble national newspaper.  This is my link of GoldWise Nigeria found at hxxp: goldwisenigeria. org/?ref=madeginternational

Never forget to pray to GOD to show you the way before you take any step.

I am grateful for my secured guaranteed returns from GoldWise Nigeria, to be sincere.

Thank you very much for listening to my testimony, I am willing to hear yours.  In this stage of mine, I am investing the DESIRED UNBELIEVABLE N1 million and see where it lands me for my friends too have decided to invest very large sums also and we are having no regrets doing so.

Watch out for the testimony, it is a risk and I have decided to take it, most dont, most cant, I thank GOD I can.  (I have taken it already january ending and I have been paid so now, I am a Millionaire, Praise GOD!!!)

Go and take your risk and if you cant, keep on watching people that do and keep on being on the same level that your past orientation have put you to and the people that do take risks, see them climbing up for there is a far powerful light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Your financial breakthrough is here with GoldWise Nigeria, I must confess since it is Nigerian at the first place and they pay into your savings bank account if thats what you prefer.

Matthew Adegbola
madeginternational@yahoo. com
hxxp: goldwisenigeria. org/?ref=madeginternational (Best Nigerian Online Programme since I have joined in 2012)
hxxp: goldenarium. com/?ref=madeginternational (Progressing to be a Regional Representative)
hxxp: bizoppers. com/users/483371-adegbola-matthew
hxxp: eccpub. com/?partner=madeginternational
https://uinvest. com. ua/?amigosid=51503 (Very very nice, safe and secured foreign investment)


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Business Opportunity April 2013
« on: April 21, 2013, 09:50:58 PM »

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