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« on: February 23, 2013, 09:38:06 AM »
his New Free Internet Sim and use it watch
DSTV Chhannels FREE of Charge! ? on: February 23, 2013The only reliable free internet browsing connection
in Nigeria now is the free internet connection that
has to do with the Telkom Sim Card. you can get
more information on this by clicking on the
following link: new-simcards-that-
can-be-to-browse.html Like i said earlier in my first posts about these new
free internet browsing simcards, the sim cards were
imported from South Africa. The network experts in
South Africa reprogrammed these Telkom Sim cards
to use MTN Nigeria in order to access the Data
services anywhere in Nigeria Absolutely free of charge.
These sim cards are used to browse the internet
free of charge on both computer and on phones.
The sweetest part of it is that it doesn't need any
configuration setting or any additional software to
work with. All you need to do is to insert the simcard into your phone which you are using to
browse or if you are using a MODEM, you will then
replace the simcard inside the MODEM with the New
Telkom Simcard that you will get from me. The next
step is to establish a dial up connection to your
computer system either with your phone or with a modem. When that is done, you have just
succeeded in opening the free internet browsing
doorway. All your browsers will be set to either
Direct Connetion to the Internet or Autamatic Proxy
Detection. The same thing applies to Yahoo
Messenger and every other thing that needs Internet Connection on your System. (I repeat
again, it does not need any free internet browsing
software for it to work. it works just like a paid
Internet connection, the only difference is that the
simcard will offer you a faster and reliable free
internet access without you paying any money to the Internet Service providers).
The internet speed is tremendous. when using this
simcard, you will be getting an internet/download
speed of about 530kbs. This grants you
uninterrupted 24 hours very fast free internet
browsing connection. This Sim can also be used to make calls when recharged with MTN Nig Credit;
but it does not receive calls! With its speed and
reliability, you can comfortably use it and watch TV
channels free of charge on your computer  for more information on how to watch DSTV channels free of
charge on computer systems and on mobile
Also, the same thing applies when you want to use
it and browse the internet free on your mobile
phone. No cheat code is required. You will use the Default configuration settings and trust me, you are
gonna witness an internet speed you have never
experienced before in Nigeria. It's even an added
advantage to the people who stay in places that
have 3G data access. That means more speed and
more enjoyment. Just in case you forgot, browsing with this Simcard is Absolutely Free of Charge.
In case you are interested in getting any of these
Simcards, it will sent to you through either a courier
service like DHL, UPS, EMLS, etc; post services/Nig
Speed-Posts or any transport service of your choice
like ABC transport, Peace mass transit/express courier, Ifesinachi transport, etc. But before this
Parcel will be sent to you, you will have to pay for it;
the cost is N6,000 if you are buying one simcard or
N5,500 if you are buying more than one. The parcel
will contain the simcard(s) purchased and a small
manual just to help you in case you don't know to establish a dial up connection between Phone/
modem and your computer.
The payment will be made through the bank.
So, if you want to pay for the simcards, just call me
on 08135730973. Also, in case you want to see me
in person to make some confirmations, just give me a call so that we make arrangements on how we
are going to meet with each other. Guarantee: This International Sim card for free internet
browsing on MTN is covered with 5 months
guarantee. That means that nothing is going to
happen to it, at least for 5 months, or even if
anything happens to it, i will replace the service for
you or refund you your money. This does not mean the after 5 months it will stop
working, it is not like that. the fact is that before i
bought the Sim from my South African partners, i
complained to them of how MTN has been blocking
free internet browsing softwares and settings for
the past 2 months (i guess you all are a witness to that), so they told me that they are aware of that
and that they are giving me 6 months guarantee.
So, since the 1 month is already gone, am now
giving my clients 5 months guarantee. this means
that within the 5 months, if anything happens to
the Sim, you will get your money back. Also, am working on another International Sim
card from Benin Republic, which by God's grace will
be ready in the next 2 months. So when that one is
ready, i will contact you and send it to you free of
charge just as an update, you are not going to pay
for that one. How the Sim is Delivered after Payment: when you purchase the Telkom Sim card, it will be
sent to you through any courier service or any
transport service of your choice. within 7 hours, the
parcel has reached your location. you can then
collect it using the way-bill number which i will
send to you including other details of the parcel after i might have sent the parcel. when you get it,
open the envelop, bring out the Sim card and slot it
into either your phone or a modem, then establish
a dial up connection and you are done. No other
free internet software is needed for it to work.
Every other thing on your computer system is set on direct connection to the internet. Its just like
paid internet. How to Watch 72 Premium DSTV channels free of charge on computer and on Mobile Phones A new Free DSTV Sotware has now been
designed!!! The DSTV software is the software that helps you
watch 72 DSTV channels free of charge on your
computer. The Channels include: All the super
sports channels i.e sp1, sp2, sp3, sp3n, sp5, sp6,
sp7, sp8, sp9, and sp10, also there are Eurosport,
silverbird, african magic, mnet, trace tv, mtc, urban Gs, channel O, GTV, mbc3, aljazeera, fox, bbc, cwtv,
setanta, ait, cartoon network and so many other
premium DSTV channels, which with the help of this
software, you will be able to watch them all free of
But before you will able to make use of this DSTV software to watch DSTV channels free of charge on
your computer, you must have an internet
connection on your computer. The work of the
internet connection is just to give a network access
to the DSTv software, since you will not be making
use of Network receivers like the Dish, LNP, decoder, or any form of antenna; so the internet
covers their functions.
This DSTV package will be sent to you through your
email as attachment. The attached files will be the
DSTV software and the setup manual. the setup
manual is just to guide you on how you are going to configure this dstv software after installation on
your system and of course how to make use of it.
This free DSTV package comes with a bonus
package of how to watch 25 DSTV channels free of
charge on your mobile phone. The channels that
you will be getting on your mobile phone include sp1, sp3, sp5, sp9, eurosport, cnn, mtv, african
magic (amag), trace, espn, mnet, etc. what you will
do for this one is just to download the application
from the email that i will send you and install it on
your mobile phone, then use the setup manual that
comes with it set it and within 2 minutes, you are done and its absolutely free.
Before this DSTV package will be sent to you, you
will have to pay for it and the cost is N3,500. The
payment is also done through bank.
So, if you are interested in getting any of the
packages above, you can contact me for the payment details, you can call me on 08135730973. If you are getting two of the packages together,
there is a good discount but we will talk about that
on the phone.
Best Regards,
Frank njoku.


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