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Your Contribution Towards Vision 2020 And The 7-points Agenda.
« on: December 27, 2008, 07:39:54 PM »

The giant of Africa, a land that is flowing with milk and honey of various mineral resourses located on the continent of Africa on the coast of West Africa.   The country named NIGERIA meaning "niger area".   Nigeria was granted full independence in October 1960, as a federation of three regions (northern, western, and eastern) under a constitution that provided for a parliamentary form of government.   Under the constitution, each of the three regions retained a substantial measure of self-government.   The federal government was given exclusive powers in defense and security, foreign relations, and commercial and fiscal policies.   In October 1963, Nigeria altered its relationship with the United Kingdom by proclaiming itself a federal republic and promulgating a new constitution.   A fourth region (the midwest) was established that year.   From the outset, Nigeria's ethnic, regional, and religious tensions were magnified by the significant disparities in economic and educational development between the south and the north.  
The climate is tropical Nigeria's climate is tropical, with a long wet season in the south lasting from May to October, and a shorter wet season in the north from June to September.   Temperatures are highest between February and April in the south, ranging from 26?C to 32?C in March. 

These are the words of the Mr President:

I CONSIDER it appropriate at this juncture to take a closer look at the two key buzzwords that have in recent times been ingrained in the polity in order to ascertain whether or not there is any connection between the two.   The link or otherwise between the two would give insight into whether or not the Yar'Adua administration would be able to achieve these grand agendas.   The two fashionable catchphrases are "Vision 2020" on one hand and the "Seven-Point Agenda" on the.  .  . 

The Yar'adua's 7-Point Agenda


POWER AND ENERGY ? The infrastructural reforms in this critical sector through the development of sufficient and adequate power supply will be to ensure Nigeria?s ability to develop as a modern economy and an industrial nation by the year 2015. 

FOOD SECURITY ? This reform is primarily agrarian based.   The emphasis on the development of modern technology, research, financial injection into research, production and development of agricultural inputs will revolutionalize the agricultural sector leading to a 5 ? 10 fold increase in yield and production.   This will result in massive domestic and commercial outputs and technological knowledge transfer to farmers. 

WEALTH CREATION ? By virtue of its reliance on revenue from non-renewal oil, Nigeria has yet to develop industrially.   This reform is focused on wealth creation through diversified production especially in the agricultural and solid mineral sector.   This requires Nigerians to choose to work, as hard work by all is required to achieve this reform. 

TRANSPORT SECTOR ? The transportation sector in Nigeria with its poor roads networks is an inefficient means of mass transit of people and goods.   With a goal of a modernized industrialized Nigeria, it is mandatory that Nigeria develops its transport sector.   The PDP government has already started this process by the ongoing rehabilitation and modernization of the railway.   While the reforms might take some time to take effect, it is a need that must be addressed. 

LAND REFORMS ? While hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost through unused government-owned landed asset, changes in the land laws and the emergence of land reforms will optimize Nigeria?s growth through the release of lands for commercialized farming and other large scale business by the private sector.   The final result will ensure improvements and boosts to the production and wealth creation initiatives. 

SECURITY ? An unfriendly security climate precludes both external and internal investment into the nation.   Thus, security will be seen as not only a constitutional requirement but also as a necessary infrastructure for the development of a modern Nigerian economy.   With its particular needs, the Niger Delta security issue will be the primary focus, marshaled not with physical policing or military security, but through honest and accurate dialogue between the people and the Federal Government. 

EDUCATION ? The two-fold reforms in the educational sector will ensure firstly the minimum acceptable international standards of education for all.   With that achieved, a strategic educational development plan will ensure excellence in both the tutoring and learning of skills in science and technology by students who will be seen as the future innovators and industrialists of Nigeria.   This reform will be achieved through massive injection into the Education sector. 
To this end, there is need to support the Mr President 7-point agenda in order to realise and achieve the desire vision for the laydown activities for vision 2020 and the seven point agenda.   I will like to seek for comments, suggestions and construtive ideals of the entire nigerians towards this great plans.   Comments, suggestions and construtive ideals are welcome via this mail
                                       naijacontribute@ymail. com


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Your Contribution Towards Vision 2020 And The 7-points Agenda.
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