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Your Ultimate Package!
« on: July 16, 2012, 02:02:07 PM »
"Hello and Good Day!

Before i go on i will like you to download this free ebooks of mine, read about them below
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1.  Work from home. 
This guide will take you on a step by step trip on discovering how
men/women who are in the internet business get it all done, and
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standing your present state at this moment. 

2.  UkFree. 
Ever wanted to own a uk address at no cost, then you have you wish
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this will definitely blow your mind on how you can turn facebook,
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Two weeks ago, I finally succeeded in launching my one and only
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ofcourse to the fullest, and now is time to make that life glow,
even though you are not a computer litrate, you are good to go"

This ultimate package contains how you can use your mobile phone
and be the man you always wanted to be, without working for no
man or taking orders from he/she, you are the boss of yourself,
and I know that feeling, being self made, and your own boss, coz am
living the life now ever since I took the ultimate risk that made
me now. 

What risk some of you may ask?

I may not answer that Question,
But all you have to know is that, for you to make it in life, you
MUST take risks, else you will never be the man you want to be,
and you know that!

Most of you who must have being online searching for ways of
making it, might have concluded by now that this Guy is pro
bably trying to sell to us, this same online survey, referral
stuffs, that end up paying into your paypal account that is
not allowed in Naija, or other online paying method, that
frustrates us, Yeah us, coz I myself has being frustrated
for years too. 

But here is the good goood good news.  . 

You are getting paid into your (Nigeria)Naija bank account, the
same way you normally get sms alert from mtn, glo etc.   wow right,
Yeah, try me.  .  . 

This ultimate package contains the easiest, fast and legal way
you can make your money and get paid directly into your Naija
bank account no corner corner, using your phone or any other
device that can surf the internet very well. 

This ultimate package contains a well explained, one leg at a
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just your mobile phone and how can you make more than that. 

It can be more than that if you can play better than me, Yeah,
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But with this Ebook, you are good to go, better and better than
anybody, online, 'BELIEVE' is the 'KEY'

So why did I call it the ultimate package, while i just mentioned
only one way, well, 'PATIENCE' is the 'KEY'

In this Ultimate package I will be giving out Freely, the one leg
at a time guide on using "youtube" and making cool money, from
$200 and above, Using "paypal" and making Thousands of Dollars, if
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But how can you verify your paypal account, and get your money
into your naija account, coz its all about money into naija
account right, no worries, coz am also attaching, my one leg
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Thats not all people, yeah thats not all, for something to be
ultimate you need more. 

I will also be giving out my guide on how to make more than $100
on "facebook", and how to create a website, people make lots of
money from creating websites for people, it depends on you. 

Note: my package does not involve the following:

*.   selling

*.   advertising

*.   running websites

*.   media buying

*.   recruiting

*.   article writing, spinning or submitting

*.   surveys or paid to read programs

And also you dont have to:

*.   Spend money on advertising

*.   Place classified ads on various websites

*.   Pay for additional resources such as hosting and autoresponders

*.   Promote products as an affiliate   

*.   Recruit new members (MLM),

The moment you get my package you are set to start making money
instantly, with just little work any time you feel like, then
you get to bed and watch your money build up, in no time.   Easy.  .  . 

Now the deal starts,

If you know its time for you to start grabing your money, and
taking full control of your world, then make your investment
by investing in my Ultimate package specially made for you, by
paying the sum of #1,500 into the account below. 

Acc Name: Ezeokafor Chigozie
Acc No: 02660520197549
Bank Name: UBA


Acc Name: Ezeokafor Chigozie
Acc No: 4210001013545
Bank Name: Oceanic Bank

After payment text "The Ultimate Package" with your name, email
address and teller no to "07085605066".   and under 24hrs you wll
get your "ultimate package" in an email as an attachment, not link
so that you can easyly download, start making your money
and you will surely smile, to the bank. 


I will also give out the link to getting a brand new laptop, for
Just 14k, and two other wonderful links that will definitely
move you, all this will be included in the Football betting guide
i will send to you, on how to bet on  one of the best football sites
online, and never lose, coz the secrets of betting on the site I
will give to you, only and only if you can refer 5 of your friends
to purchase this my ultimate package and you are good to go, that
is not hard to do knowing full well that you must have more than
100 friends. 

So if you finally get them, to get My Ultimate package. 

Text there 5 email address to me(the one they used in ordering
for the packages), your email address, and when
verified, I will forward the Bonus to you under 24hrs.   

Time: Time is ticking, money is being made, grab yours now,
this offer will last For one week, so you can at least, get your
self together, because this package was made for you. 

Always note this!

To make it in life, you must have to take that huge step, stand for
something, be satisfied with what you are getting and make use of it
to the fullest.  .  .  .   or fall for nothing. 

Your Partner In Success,


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Your Ultimate Package!
« on: July 16, 2012, 02:02:07 PM »


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