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    Yes,you will be making nothing less than $200 every week without stress at all if you join the sites listed on this message. If you are the kind of person that is really ready to be making good money online without going through lot of stress,you need to consider joining all these sites.

          Do not think because they involves you paying money,they are going to be too risky for you or you want a program that is totally free. If that is your view or opinion,then you are not ready to make money online. Everything in life involves risk. The Billionaires of this world did not because of risk stopped investing or getting involved in businesses.

         Many are making billions of dollars from internet yearly,you too can be like them. I can be like them and it is one of my goal in life. You and i can be like :


    Mark Zuckerberg who is worth $17. 5 Billion at the age of 28years old. He founded Facebook.


    Dustin Moskovitz who is also worth $3. 5 Billion. He is Zuckerbeg partner,age 28.


    Blake Ross,26 years old who is worth $150 Million. He is the founder of Mozilla Firefox


    Gurbaksh Chahal,29years old,who is worth $100 Million. He founded ClickAgents,BluLithium and        RadiumOne,all advertising network.


    Matt Mickiewicz,28years old,whom is worth $100 Million. Founded Sitepoint,Flippa and 99designs.


    Pete Cashmore,26years old who is worth $80 Million. Founded Mashable. com ( One of the leading blogs on internet )


    Alexander Levin,27years old who is worth $56 Million. Founded ImageS.......



    Sean Belnick,25years old who is worth $50 Million. Founded Bizchair ( A successful furniture - selling site )


    Mathew Mullenweg,28years old who is worth $40 Million. Founded WordPress & Akismet.


    Catherine Cook,22years old who is worth $30 Million. Founded MyYearBook. com

                                All these are young people who made their money from internet.

                                                       Others are :

    Larry Page,39years old. Co-founded Google and is worth $18. 7 Billion.

    Sergey Brin,38years old. Co-founded Google and is worth $18. 7 Billion.

    Jeff Bezors,48years old. Founded Amazon and is worth $18. 4 Billion.

    Masayoshi Son,54years old. Controls Japanese Internet and Telecom Firm SoftBank. He is worth $8. 1 Billion.

    Eric Schmidt,57years old. Google's grown up chief executive and is worth $6. 9 Billion.

    Pierre Omidyar,44years old,Launched Online Auction Site,eBay in 1995 and is worth $6. 7 Billion

                All these people made their money online without fearing to take risk. Life is all about risk,you only need to manage the risk for your own gain.


    The man that brought online investment is Charles Schwab,74years old,worth $4. 7 Billion. He is the founder of SCHWAB Corporation.  He started from somewhere and took risk and now he is a billionaire.

       So,if you are ready to make money online and work towards achieving something big or being like all these Billionaires,then check these sites. Though you are not going to be making billions from them but,they can be the stepping stone for you. If you already earning good money online,include them and increase your money or wealth. All you have to do is deposit money with them an withdraw when you want. You have nothing to sell or any task you must do. If you manage things well,you can make millions of dollars.

        The thing is,all of them are from established admins and each are having more than one sites that people are earning money from.


                                            What i love about them are :


    Can start with low amount of money like $20,$15,$10,$6,$5,$3,$1.

     Pays daily


     There are proves of daily payouts on the sites


     They are having forums where you can read other people's comment about them and get updated.


    You can chat with owners live


    They are gaining lot of members daily


    Many are having no minimum that you need to have before cashing out and they are paying within 24 hours.


    All country can join.


    Supports major online payment processors - Alertpay ( that had turned to Payza),Libertyreserve,Perfectmoney,Solidtrustpay and Bankwire.


    Offers other ways to earn more money apart from investing on them.


    Good plans that will sustain them for a long time.


     Offers member the opportunity of advertising whatever they have to Millions of people for free.

                      With all that,your investment are in safe hands. Start with $10,you will be able to get or make that money back within two weeks which you can withdraw and use the further money or profit you get later from the investment to make more money. Withdrawing the initial money you invested will give you the assurance that you are now making profit. It is your profit you will be having as your investment on the sites. This is the best way to work on them,you will be managing the risk involved this way.


          Get me right,you can start with any amount,be it $50,$100,$200,$400,$500,the more or bigger your investment,the more earning or profit you will get. You will be able to get your initial investment back within two weeks and use the money you get after that,to make more.

                                                         The sites are :

    1. hxxp: adv. justbeenpaid. com/?r=pc5OUMcZsD     

                                                                        This is the best among all. It is having more than 500,000 members and making payments daily. Minimum investment is $10 and you will be getting 2% of that everyday. If you check the site,you will see list of members that had invested more than $10,000 are now making $1,000 daily. This is the site,i have ever invested so much money on. It had been in operation for more than two years  and still getting stronger. It is the only one i have sever seen offering new member free $10 as soon as they sign up. You can make more money by referring new people through your referral link.

                 To read about the site and see some proves of payment i got from it,check this link - hxxp: charllyincomespot. blogspot. com/2012/03/get-paid-10-for-signing-up-for-this. html

    2. hxxp: www. dailywealthads. com/?ref=charlly007

                                                                         This is another promising site with $10 as minimum investment and you will be making 4% daily. The $10 investment will give you 5000 Credits which you can use to advertise your product to millions of people on internet.

           You will find daily proves of payment on the site and there is Paid To Click offer,where you can click on ads and get paid. Referring new member will earn you 105 of whatever they invested and 5% of whatever those they brought in invested for life.

    3. hxxp: www. dailyprofitalways. com/?ref=charlly007

                                                                          $10 minimum investment,5% daily,1000 Credits you can use to advertise your programs. Referral bonus is 10% first level,5% second level. It is having a Forum where you can read other member comments and post yours. There is daily updates from admin too. You can as well have a live chat with the admin.

    4. hxxp: www. longtermpayments. com/?ref=charlly007

                                                                           This is having three plans.

    Invest $20 ( Which is the minimum amount you can invest on it ) to $200 and earn 4% daily.

    Invest $220 to $400 and earn 5% daily.

    Invest $420 to $4000 and earn 6% daily.

                             Each $20 will get you 5000 Credits. 10% referral bonus. There is a forum and you can chat live with the owner.

    5. hxxp: www. libertydailyincome. com/?ref=charlly007

                                                                   Minimum you can invest is $15,you will get 3000 Credits,4% daily,withdraw anytime. 10% referral bonus.  A forum and you can chat live with owner.

    6. hxxp: www. realityprofit. com/?ref=charlly007

                                                                  $10 minimum investment,8% daily. 8,000 Credits. There is also 8% referral bonus at first level,7% second level.  it is compulsory though that you log in daily for the earning for that day to be added to your account.

    7. hxxp: www. dailyadsprofit. com/?charlly007

                                                       Minimum investment $5, and you will be getting 3. 5% daily. Referral bonus 10% first level,5% second level.

    8. https://silverstructure. com/?ref=charlly007

                                                              Minimum investment is $1 and you will be getting 2% of that daily for 150 days. You can be cashing out your money anytime you want because the minimum is just $0. 01 through Libertyreserve and Perfectmoney,$1 through Alertpay ( Payza ) and Bankwire - $1000.

                               Earn more money for bringing in new members. When doing your registration,note down your Transaction Code ( Five numbers ) and make sure you see " Charles Oluwaseun. O. Aladesiun " as your Upline.

        One of the best thing about this site is,you will get back the main money you invested with them back after the 150days. Let's say,you invested $100

                                                  That will be :
                                            2 / 100 X 100 = $2.

                                           $2 will be your daily earning.
                                           $60 will be your monthly earning.
                                           $300 will be your earning for the 150 days
                                           And you will get your $100 investment money back.

           So,you will be getting $400 at the end of the whole investment period.

    9. hxxp: Royalty7. com/ref=charlly007

                                                                    This one is a bit different in the sense that,the minimum investment allowed is $25 and you will be earning 7% daily. It is another good site. There is a bonus for referring new member just like other sites. It pays daily.

                           When you are filling the registration form,take note of your Withdrawn Code ( five numbers ).

    10. hxxp: fundsdepositary. com/?ref=charlly007

                                                                    This site had been in operation for years now. The ecurrency exchanger i am exchanging my internet dollars with,referred me to this site and he is having more than $1,000 as his investment. So,your is safe. You can invest minimum of $10. You will be getting 1. 3% daily for investment below $1,000. Above that will be earning you 1. 6% daily.

                                                      Referral bonus is 4%. It also pays daily.

    11. hxxp: www. mybrowsercash. com/index. php?refid=199116

                                                                        This is the last but not the least. It is different. It is not an investment site,you only need to register and install their software on your  system. Doing that will enable you to be getting ads you must click on. The software will be bringing the ads. You must click on the link,wait on the site that shows up for some seconds and click any link in it. Waiting for seconds and clicking on any link on the site that shows up is the task you must be doing daily in order to be earning money from it.

                     Other ways to earn money on it are :

    Completing its offers

    Doing its tasks

    Referring new members.

                              There are upgrading options too. $12. 95 for Silver and $22. 95 for Gold Membership. Your Membership determines what you earn from it. It is compulsory you install their software on your system and enable it to be bringing you ads to click on.

                        Know that,the software is clean and it won't affect your system or slow down your internet connection. I have it on my system for months now without having any issue with it.

           As a bonus for joining these sites through my referral link,get in touch with me on

    Facebook - Charlly007

    Yahoo Messenger - aladcharlly1543

    Skype - Charlly005

                                   and i will get you a Internet Connection Booster for free. This software will speed up your connection real fast.

         That will be all for now. If you have any question,get in touch with me on either Facebook,Yahoo,Skype or 08037409708.

                                                   Do check my blogsite sometimes for more ways to earn money online - charllyincomespot. blogspot. com


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