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Set up Your Professional Forum in less than 60 minutes!
« on: March 28, 2012, 04:57:26 PM »
Below, is for you only to add to your arsenal of online wealth codes:

Have a Professional Forum Set up in Less than 60 minutes

Let me use this opportunity to inform you that you can create your
own website for forum by yourself.
I will give you a detailed information and training guide on how to
Set up A Professional Forum in Less than 60 minutes
Discussion forum like NBF is an online discussion site
where people can hold discussions in a form of posted message.

Reasons to have your own discussion forum:

1. Money: the main benefit of having your own forum is that you can get
direct income from your forum either by selling directly to your members
or promoting 3rd party averts E. g.  Google Adsense.  When Google places
adverts on your forum and your forum members click the adverts, you
will be paid directly by Google every month for all adverts clicked on your
forum.  An advert may fetch you around $0. 50, $1 or $2 per click.
Imagine you have 500 clicks by members for $1/click in a month, that will
give you $500 in a month.  This is the least amount you can earn in a month.

2.  Credibility -People will naturally see you as a leader when you have your own forum.

3. Site Content -  You won't have to work so hard to provide valuable contents for
your site because your members will definitely do this by posting different topics
that will get your forum loaded and get ranked on the search engine.

4.  Free Traffic:  - Forums get indexed by the search engine faster than "Normal' websites"
Your forum will be listed in Google search engines in the first page among the first 10
website when people are searching for information.  Search engines rate forums higher
than websites.

5. List Buildings - When someone joins your forum, that person automatically becomes
your list member which makes it legal for you to promote one product or the other to them.
People feel comfortable joining forum than joining list because they are certain to gain from
 being members of your forum than just being members of a list.

So, above are just a few reasons among many reasons why you should have your own
professional forum.  I can do this for you but I prefer my client doing it by themselves so
that they can put the content in their own words and arrange the forum in their own desired style.
Besides, it is very simple and easy to set up.  You don't need have any knowledge of
web design, java or any programming codes to set it up.  You can and will dot it by yourself.
Just get the comprehensive manual with my 24/7 online guide, you will do it for yourself and do it for others and collect your money.  GUARANTEED!

To set it up for you will cost you 25,000 Naira ($150) only but as I said earlier, I will give you a practical do-it-yourself package that I have compiled for your easy understanding for a token of 12,000 Naira ($70) only.

Stop wasting your precious time surfing the net in the name of looking for money.  Set up your own website on Discussion Forum and people will surf your website and you will make money!

In case you bought this package and not convinced or not satisfied under 7 days after following strictly what is therein, you can have your money back.

Let me know your opinion on above subject matter as soon as possible, the price and other issues that may be bordering you so that we can talk about it and get started.  Send a mail to mesilly007@gmail. com

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards.


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Set up Your Professional Forum in less than 60 minutes!
« on: March 28, 2012, 04:57:26 PM »

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