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Ikofx Multiterminal
« on: October 27, 2011, 09:46:07 AM »
IKOfx MultiTerminal supports all basic functions of IKOfx Client Terminal: working with securities at Forex, Futures, and CFD, alerts about system and trading events, fast news providing, internal electronic mail, multi-language interface.

The attractive side of IKOfx MultiTerminal is the ability to work with several accounts at the same server, track open orders and trading history for several accounts, trade on several accounts simultaneously, and distribute lots on several accounts automatically in equal parts or according to the ratio between available assets on different accounts.


a) Live Executable Rates
IKOfx quotes live and executable streaming prices.  These prices are updated automatically second by second reflecting the slightest move in the market.  Prices shown are actual executable prices.  The IKOfx always hold fixed spreads during normal market conditions.  Executions and confirmations are immediate under normal market conditions

B) Variety of Orders
Instant Orders: A trade is executed at the current market price.  This order is quick and efficient.  Click on the currency pair you want to trade then click on the price and the trade is executed!

Entry Orders/Pending Orders: Trader specifies the price he/she wants to open the position at.  Position is not executed until exchange rate hits the specified price.  Stop/Loss Orders: Used to pre-determine to what loss a trader is willing to take.  Limit Orders: Used to pre-determine to what profit a trader is looking to make.  Trailing Stop Orders: Used to minimize loss and set the stop order to move in the same direction as the market when it does in favor of the trader.

c) Account Information
Our MetaTrader-IKOfx trading platform does all the calculation for your account! It auto calculates your profits or losses of each trades in real time basis.  Your general equity, margin and profits or losses are also constantly updated by the slightest move in the market.

d) Margin Watcher
It is a safety feature embedded in this system of Forex trading that prevents clients from turning their deposit into negative value in their online Forex trading accounts.  Should the account Usable Margin goes down to zero, the dealing desk of Forex trading will close some of the biggest loss positions in order to protect the trader from losing more than the existing funds in the online Forex trading account.



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Ikofx Multiterminal
« on: October 27, 2011, 09:46:07 AM »

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