Author Topic: Step By Step Video Practical On Coupling Of A Fuelless Generator  (Read 879 times)

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Step By Step Video Practical On Coupling Of A Fuelless Generator
« on: September 18, 2011, 08:36:00 AM »
Hello pals.

If you have been online for sometime now, you must have seen some adverts on building a fuel-less generator from scratch.

This technology was invented by a proudly Nigerian and has been confirmed working with 100% guaranteed and i have been using my own since November last year till now.

When this invention came out, A workshop was done in lagos where we coupled a fuelless generator from scratch until it starts working and generates electricity.

Many people thought this invention impossible but i have sold over 3600 copies of the fuelless generator since last year November and am happy with the testimonies
 Nigerians are giving about this invention.

But wait

You might ask how does this work?
To learn how this Generator functions and the components used for it, Download the free ebook at (Acrobat Reader Must Be Installed In your system to download this pdf file)

The components are sold in every market all over Nigeria and its not costly just few components like the one below.

1. Battery ? the power originates from here = 60 Amps.

2. Battery Cables: Positive and Negative; there are two terminals (Positive
and Negative.

3. D.C. Motor ? to get current from the battery to turn the alternator.

4. Alternator ? If the coil inside the alternator turns; it generates electricity
through two red wires.

5. Capacitor ? to stabilize the current being generated.

6. Circuit Breaker: Two wires from alternator go into the Circuit Breaker.

It helps to break the supply of light if there is upsurge.

7. Charger:- It charges the battery as the system generates light and returns
(recharges) current to the battery

8. DC Motor: There are two types. DC motor and AC Motor. The DC motor
gets current from battery while AC cannot. DC can serve better. You
need DC motor not the AC motor. AC motor needs a converter before it
can work on its own it can?t get current directly from battery.

9. Fan: it cools down the DC Motor.

How It Funtions
The Coil turns to generate electricity and what turns the coils is DC Motor.
How do we join DC to alternator it is done by a welder.

When buying the alternator buy the shaft. It has two pointed edges. The welder
removes one side and drills a hole on the removed side to fit into the edge
bulging out from DC Motor.

Always tell them to test the DC Motor and other parts where you bought it.

When buying alternator you should buy the 3 covers.

Not Just that, you have to watch the video on the coupling process where a normal 1kva generator that uses fuel was converted into a fuelless generator by removing the fuel tank and some other components and installed some of the components mentioned above and it starts working lively.

You can get access to download the video online or get it shipped to your address depending on your choice.

Hurry and Grab a copy of this fuelless generator video practical at

Godswill Ohazuruike
C.e.o, Gurus Wealth Concept Intl


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Step By Step Video Practical On Coupling Of A Fuelless Generator
« on: September 18, 2011, 08:36:00 AM »


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