Author Topic: Glow-In-The-Dark-Cats May Help Shed Light On Aids  (Read 575 times)

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Glow-In-The-Dark-Cats May Help Shed Light On Aids
« on: September 12, 2011, 07:38:21 PM »
A litter of fluorescent kittens is
419 Scamng more than their proud
mother's eyes. These glowing
animals have been genetically
engineered to make blood cells that
are resistant to feline
immunodeficiency virus, or FIV, the
virus that causes feline AIDS. The
study could give researchers insight
into fighting AIDS in both humans
and cats.
While humans cannot get infected
with FIV ? and cats don't get sick
from HIV ? understanding how the
viruses work in different species
could lead to better treatments and
methods of prevention. HIV, or the
human immunodeficiency virus,
has already killed 30 million people
worldwide, with 33 million currently
"The world is suffering from two
huge AIDS pandemics," says lead
author Dr. Eric Poeschla of the Mayo
Clinic. "Less well known is the one
in cats."
FIV infects 1% to 3% of cats
worldwide, mainly feral cats. The
virus affects all species of cats,
including lions and tigers.  All but
domestic cats are endangered
"This [research] can help feline
health as much as it helps human
health," Poeschla says.

By INYOGU JAMES (08066599171) am a medical student EBSUTH Abakaliki, Ebonyi State


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Glow-In-The-Dark-Cats May Help Shed Light On Aids
« on: September 12, 2011, 07:38:21 PM »

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