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FOREX MANAGED ACCOUNT ROI(80%)Earning as for Indirect EARNING (Direct 20% MONTHLY 4 weeks)

    Our managed account program uses a proprietary system based on low leverage to limit     risk
    while still generating above average results.It is designed as a short/long-term     investment plan.
    Some positions may be held for hours,days, or weeks.

    You receive all the benefits of raymike investment trading experience and trading system     without
    any of the trouble or time of undertaking the trades yourself.Each account position     belongs to
    your portfolio alone.Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds which commingle your funds with
    other investors, your Raymike investment's trading account is in your name and all or     part of your
    funds can be redeemed within expiration of business days or agreement.

    Raymike investment enterprise only has a Limited Power of Attorney to trade your account
    Only you have deposit or withdrawal authorization.You also have read-only access to your     account, which
    enables you to track account equity and balance in real-time and create account     statements
    online 24-hours a day.
    You Know Exactly Where Your Account Stands Each Day
    Low drawdowns.

    Strict risk control, placing exit stops every time we place a trade.
    We do not add to losers.
    We are day and swing traders, Hold positions a short time, flat each evening and over     the weekend, thus
    avoiding price shocks, global conflict, and systemic risks.
    In this highly leveraged market, we feel money management along with capital     preservation are
    keys to being successful when trying to reap the benefits of proper diversification and
    positioning in the global market place.Now is the time to get a Managed Forex Account     with a
    high degree of customer service.Our Managed Account Program accommodates those
    investors who wish to allocate a portion of their capital to the foreign exchange     markets,

    Managed Forex with Integrity

    Once you become a client of the firm, your investment will be held in your name by a     CFTC
    Registered Firm .You will have access to all activity in your account 24 hours a day,     365 days a
    year via the internet.Traders are simply given a limited power of attorney to trade the     market on
    your behalf.If you ever need to withdraw your funds, simply request a wire.


    Information abounds on unsavory Hedge Funds and managed accounts for both individual and
    institutional funds.We have the highest integrity and pride ourselves on our open lines     of
    communication and our practice of treating clients funds as if they are our     own.Specializing in
    Managed Forex accounts and founded in 2006 to offer investors the opportunity to     participate in
    the Forex market through managed accounts.

    Offered by a registered LLC in the US Europe and Asia.Trader and partners.

    1. Source of profits - Forex

    2. Principal lock-up for 38 days after each deposit

    3. Withdrawal of interest can be requested monthly. Specific W/D procedure will be        required to follow.

    4. Returns variable - typically between 30% per month/ 50% for indirect investment as        profit withdrawal

    5. Trading records will be discussed with depositors

    6. Minimum for full participation - $5,000 or above

    7. Membership will be limited to the first 10 depositors until further notice.

    8. Deposits received before the 25th of each month will be placed into trade by the 1st        of the following month. Any funds

       received after the 25th of each month until the 25th of the next month will be placed        into trade the second month following. I hope thats clear.

    9. Direct deposit to a specified and honest forex broker or through bank wire.
       Please contact Admin for


    10.W/D's will be processed in the following manner.You may request interest only after     the end of the first month after          your deposit and every month after     that.Principal will be available 3 months after deposit.Earnings percentage will be          provided at the end of each month.You may request a withdrawal between the 1st and the     5th of the month following
       end of the first month.Payouts will be processed between the 9th and the 10th.

    11. Access to private disccusion group under will be made available to all confirmed     depositors

    12.Contact the Admin or

    This is a private opportunity exclusive to this site.

    Minimum Deposit-$3,000 or above
    Rate of Return (ROI)80% monthly
    Monthly sharing 50%

    For Direct Management will Attract 20% monthly with a minimum capital of $1000


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