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Get paid to travel abroad
« on: October 04, 2008, 11:29:15 AM »
Clubfreedom is an exclusive members club offering a range ofbenefits and

privileges in the areas of travel andinvestmentopportunities.  Membership i

ncludes access to theClubfreedomtravel rewards program and

opportunities to earn income through

the eCash-Invest business opportunity.

Membership to Clubfreedom is only through invitation
by another

Clubfreedom member.  Membership to Clubfreedom is
provided with

the purchase of a Clubfreedom Wholesale Access

A Wholesale Access Certificate provides access to

bookings for travel with Clubfreedoms preferred
suppliers for

twelve months. The Clubfreedom Rewards Program offers
Members the

ability to earn generous cash rewards for marketing

Wholesale Access Certificates and helping build

membership base.

The Rewards program was created after extensive
research to

create an exciting and revolutionary way to reward
members with

cash rewards that has the potential to be a life
changing new

income stream.

The Clubfreedom program has been so successful that

Clubfreedoms launch in September, 2006, hundreds of
thousands of

people from over 150 countries have become proud

members sharing in millions of dollars paid out by

as cash rewards!

hxxp: www. clubfreedom. biz/TRAVELVACATION


the starting point is hxxp: www. clubfreedom. biz/TRAVELVACATION.

the next two to join the link above will be tagged 1a and 1b

1a will have 2a/2b under his link

1b will have 3a/3b under his link

2a will have 4a/4b. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2b will have 5a/5b.

3a will have 6a/6b

3b will have 7a/7b

4a will have 8a/8b. . . . . . .

4b will have 9a/9b and so on and so forth.

THOSE INTERESTED SHOULD PM OR EMAIL ME at eugenepeters2000@yahoo. com SUBJECT: send the next CF next-in-line and i will PM or email you back.

when the person has registered he should PM and email me his link and i will give him a tag such as 1a or 1b or 2a. . etc and place his CF link as next in line.

I an expecting your PMs AND emails





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Get paid to travel abroad
« on: October 04, 2008, 11:29:15 AM »


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