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The Formula For Writing A Winning Letter
(Say Hello To AIDA)
If you are familiar with the sales process, you may have run into the AIDA formula. 
?A? stands for ATTENTION
?I? Stands for INTEREST
?D? Stands for DESIRE
?A? Stands for ACTION

This is a structure to a top-producing letter (or ad). 
1.   The Attention portion of the formula is your headline.   If your headline does not capture attention you are done before you even begin. 

2.   The Interest of the reader must be furthered once you have their attention.   The best way to do this is with compelling benefits that answer, ?What?s in it for me??

3.   Moving on to Desire.   You need to create a strong desire for your prospects to call you.   One way to do this is by introducing a free bonus or some other appealing fact.   Also, this is the section where you will want to include testimonials. 

4.   Finally, you want to move that prospect to Action.   Your entire letter is wasted unless your reader takes action.   So you need to ignite that action (call your office, come-in, order, etc.  ).   Many times you can increase action by inserting a deadline or a discount for quick action. 

The above information was culled from Yanik Silver  e-book  SUREFIRE SALES. 

Yanik Silver is an infopreneaur , who has being online since 1998.   This what Steve Harrison have to say about him. 

?Every time Yanik Silver gives me copywriting advice, I make more money.   For instance, recently I thought I had a really good letter until Yanik got a hold of it.    He made it MUCH better.   Thanks to his thorough critique and insight we were able to put out a mailing that pulled in over $312,000.  00 -- our best ever!.  ?
 - Steve Harrison, FreePublicity.  com

Stay tight and fused with CHRIST. 


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