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Google Adsense is really making people rich, how? Google has pay-per-click advertising program that pays when someone clicks on the ads you display on your website.

Thousands of dollar are being made everyday through Google Adsense yet so many people do not know that easy way to make money from Google Adsense without ?website or blog?.

In this article I want to reveal the new and exclusive Google Adsense money making secrets to rake in dollars into your account without owning a website or blog.  With this strategy, you don?t need to worry yourself about writing articles.  You don?t need to copy others people?s article for your blog.

Tips To Make Money Through Adsense For Domain

Step 1: Do a research on high paying keyword or key phrases.  There are many tools in the internet that provide services in helping to determine what keywords and keyword phrases are mostly sought out.  Perhaps the best free too is provided by Google.  Visit: Keyword suggestion tool.  You do need to sign-up for a free Google Adwords account to use this tool.

Step 2: Register the keywords as a as a domain name.  The top secret of this Adsense for domain is using high paying keywords for your domain names and you will distinguish yourself from those who are not making money from Adsense.

Step 3: Change the name with your Google Adsense PUBcode and change the IP number of you?re a Host code at your domain register.

Step 4: Write a small article and attach the domain name you have registered.  You should send the article to your mailing list and within 48 hours you should make some money.

Step 5: Drive additional traffic to the domain name and you will earn more money.

Step 6: Register more than 20 domain names and drive more traffic to them.  You will be on your way to making real money through Adsense for domain.

Step 7: Get to know how to get your domain name, since this is the most important aspect of this business.  You must not flop in this area.

There are two basic steps to getting started in this exclusive business.

First: Registering a domain name.  A domain name make up the address of your site and end in . com, . net, . org, . info, . us, . biz, . tv and more.

Second: Once you have registered your name, you will select a web host.  The web host is the guts of any website because this is where you create and publish your pages, build order forms, add functionality and maintain your site.

However, this Adsense money making opportunities is selecting the best domain name.

How To Select A Domain Name

You should register a name that contain your major keywords instead of your company name.  The average surfer searches by subject, not by proper name.  Choose a name that includes keywords that your target audience would likely use when they search.

In Adsense for domain, the domain name is the only factor weighed by search engines when deciding your rank.

Tips On Choosing The Best Domain Name

1.  Don?t register domain names that are long and too many syllables if you can help.  You want a name that can easily be remember.

2.  Use hyphens if your name is more than 3 words long (unless your name includes 3 short words

Domain Extension

There are several domain extensions available to you such as the ones I mentioned before.  Some of these work better than others and are more memorable at the same time.  The . com domain name extension is the best by far, because it is the most widely used.


bit. ly/150khomebiz

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