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Do you want to Earn Money Taking Online Surveys? Read on to learn how you can do this and find out some tips for what you should and shouldn't do.

What are Paid Surveys?
A paid survey is simply an online questionnaire that you fill in and submit in return for a cash fee.

There are many companies that will pay you for completing surveys and participating in online focus groups and it is possible to make extra money in your spare time doing online surveys. The main demand is for people in English speaking countries such as the USA and the UK, but there are also opportunities available for people in other parts of the world and non English speaking countries.

Are Online Paid Surveys Scams?
There are a lot of people who will claim that online surveys are scams, but in a lot of cases, someone who claims that an opportunity is a scam is just bitter because they have not been able to put in enough time to make any money. With online surveys you will need to register as much information as possible with the company and you will often need to fill in short screener surveys before being given a paid survey.  

This is because companies are generally looking for people that fit certain criteria or certain demographics. Every company will be looking for something different, so the more information you can provide to them, the more chance you have of receiving paid surveys.

Tips for Earning Money Taking Online Survey

 Use a separate email address - this will make it easy to keep all your survey information in one place and prevent your becoming overwhelmed with email to your main email address. I recommend using a Google Mail email address.

 Be honest - different companies are looking for all sorts of different people with different skills, background, interests, education and so on. If you are dishonest there is always the chance that the survey companies detect a discrepancy and you will end up with no surveys to do.

 Do as many survey screening questionnaires as you can. This will give you a much better chance of qualifying for the paid surveys.

You can also use a tool such as RoboForm to help you fill in forms more quickly and remember usernames and passwords for you.

Should I Pay to Join a Paid Surveys Website?
If you are just doing surveys for fun and for the purpose of earning a little extra cash and some points or prizes then there is no need to pay to join a paid surveys website. You can search on Google for free to join paid surveys or join up for some Free to Join Paid Surveys. However if you are treating this as a serious method of generating extra income then I would highly recommend paying to join a survey site. You probably need to do an average of 5 surveys per day to earn around $500 a month, so you need to gain access to a large database of survey companies in order to achieve this. Maximum Paid Surveys provides massive database of survey companies for a one time fee of less than $40 - a worthwhile investment if you are serious about earning money from online surveys

Recommended Paid Surveys Website
I have tried and researched many paid surveys websites and the one that comes out top is Maximum Paid Surveys.

But don't forget that nothing comes from doing nothing,so if you are really serious of earning GREAT PAY ONLINE, you should be ready for a great deal of hard work and determination.

It's high time you forgot those liars that says you can easily make a million within 3days,it's all crap.

Below here are for those interested,it's a free e-book titled 21 WAYS TO RAISE FAST CASH ONLINE

It's very enlightening,hence it is a must read for anyone thinking of getting even online.Just download it and save it to your system and read it carefully.
Thanks for reading


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