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« on: October 02, 2009, 11:53:01 PM »
Most of the time I sit down and think to my self the reasons why so many internet markers ?suck? in their efforts to make money from this internet marketing Business.  And after much pondering on the subject matter, I?ve been able to figure out the top reasons why most of these internet marketers  suck at making money online.  And these are the reasons:

1. putting up with scams: most internet marketers suck in their business as a result of allowing their selves to be easily deceived by these artistic write ? ups, shiny DVDs, CDs and graphics that these scam artists craftily, put up to rip-off these young and aspiring internet entrepreneurs.  If any body wants to make money online, he/she should carefully surf the net and get the right informations from someone he/she can trust and discipline his or herself to follow the strategies in the program against all odds.

2. Lack of action: internet marketers suck at making money on line due to their reluctance to take actions based on what they learn.  These marketers can whip out their wallets to buy informations with their hard earned money; And after buying them and reading the instructions on the program, they abandon the informations without putting what they learn to action.  And before you know it, they are out there again looking for another product to buy which they will eventually abandon after buying them.  At the end of the day, they end up making money for the internet instead of making money from it.

3. Laziness: laziness is another reason why most internet marketers suck at making money online.  Many marketers will readily start up their business, they will know and see what they are supposed to do to make more sales, but because of their ?heavy bodiness?, they will procrastinate; And laziness is the least character any marketer who wants to be successful should possess because, it will make you leave allots of things undone: thereby, making you loose allots of potential customers who are supposed to make you the money you so much desire.

4. Get rich quick mentality: This is one of the greatest Reasons why most internet marketers suck at making money from the net.  In fact it should have been the first on the list.  For most people, every internet business is supposed to be a get rich quick scheme a ?holly grail,? that magic formula, which will make them accumulate wealth virtually overnight.  As such, when they start up their marketing campaign, they instantly want to see the bucks pump into their bank accounts.  And if that doesn?t happen, they quickly get frustrated, abandon their techniques and go in search of another magic formula; And by so doing, they keep sucking instead of earning.

5. Lack of Persistence spirit: internet marketing, like every other business, has its challenges and this particular fact is what most marketers don?t realize; As such, whenever they encounter any challenge, the next thing that comes to their mind is to back-off; which ought not to be.  If marketers can see internet marketing as a business and not a get rich quick plan, they will be able to tackle any challenges that come their way and move ahead with their business until they make success.  One of the greatest attitudes an aspiring internet marketing tycoon should have above all things, is tenacity and the ability to see every problem or obstacles that comes his/her way as a conventional business challenge common to all businessmen and woman.

If and only, these sucking internet marketers can work on these their weaknesses, I strongly believe that they will start seeing success right away.  And as they continue to improve, the sky will be their stepping stone. 

For more informations on internet marketing, visit www. autoresmillionaire. com. to get more and more internet marketing tips that will go a very long way in helping you achieve your set goals as an internet entrepreneur.  Thanks for your time; you can republish this article so long don?t alter any of the content.  Wishing you a prosperous year for you and yours.  Stay blessed.

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« on: October 02, 2009, 11:53:01 PM »

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