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How To Turn A Mere N4000 Into Over N700,000 In Few Weeks..
« on: June 21, 2015, 07:57:55 PM »
I want to introduce to you Extreme Gold Business
Opportunity and open your eyes to a legitimate
way of turning N4,000 into over N725,000 within
6 weeks without selling products.
Extreme Gold Incorporation is a USA Based
organization that sell automobiles, laptops,
phones, home appliances, TV, washing machines,
air-condition etc, it also run multi-level
marketing business opportunity to help people of
Africa to gain financial freedom, and they have
expanded their horizon by extending this great
opportunity to Africa.  With their unbeatable
compensation plan, referral bonus, spill over
bonus, ewallet resellers, cheap products (no
monthly auto-ship) etc.  we all will experience an
MLM like no never before.
With Extreme Gold business opportunity, you can
turn a little one time investment of N4,000 into
an ocean of wealth.
You join this great system called Extreme Gold as
a leader with just N4,000 and you simply
recommend it to your loved ones (Family and
friends) for extra N725,760 in few weeks.
When you join xtreme gold vision of given a
helping hand to the needy, less privilege, widow,
motherless and the disabled, you become our
help partner and as our partner will believe in
making your life meaningful.
The touch and empowerment that we give begins
with you.  We affect your (our members) life first,
change your life for the better and empower you
financially.  When you pay a one-time
membership fee of N4,000, you become our
partner and have the privilege of enjoying among
other things;
Extreme Gold Business Opportunity
As a member, your xtremegold account is
enabled to sponsor and introduce others with
your referral link or direct referring.
You are to introduce at least 3 people.  You get
25% (N1,000) for each person you introduce.  So
if you introduce the 9 downlines in your basic
matrix, you get N1,000 x 9 = N9,000 instantly
plus spill-over matrix for all your downlines.
If you introduced at least 3 members - that make
you N3,000, giving you 75% of your investment
back same day.  Incredible you say? How much
more when you introduce all the 9 downlines in
your matrix, You will make N9,000 that is over
175% return-wonderful?
So what are you waiting for? Call friends and
relations, refer as many as you can and rake in
good money.
When the 3 people you brought also bring 3 each
directly or indirectly with the help of spill-over
effect.  All your downlines are happy because of
the spill-over.
As a member of Extreme Gold Inc, we help you
raise over N725,000 within 4-6 weeks with an
initial one-time investment capital of N4,000 with
our membership program.
Even if you don't refer and your sponsor is
working, you benefit greatly due to spill over
You register with N4,000 and introduce 3
persons, you get N1,000 {25%} referral bonus on
each downline, as soon as your leg is completed,
the system automatically you to the next level.
You earn N3,000 as referral bonus if you
introduce 3
Plus a nother N7,840 for completing your first
stage i. e your level 1.
Total earning when you bring 3 people is N3,000
referral bonus and N7,840= N10,840 and N1,280
is paid automatically to Admin as maintenance
Now, from the N10,840 you earn, N5,920 will be
paid automatically to someone above in your
team (Your sponsor?s sponsor).  Then you are left
with N4,920.
Now that you are in SILVER LEVEL, because you
paid your sponsor?s sponsor the sum of N5,920
for upgrade, you are eligible to receive N5,920
from each of your second level down-line ( i. e 9
persons) When they are automatically upgraded.
That is total sum of N53,280 .  i. e when each of
the 9 above got their 3's
From the N53,280 , you have earned, the system
automatically pay N26,880 to someone above in
your team and pay admin N5,920 and you keep
the remaining N20,480.
At this stage, you get paid the sum of N26,880
each from the 27 People of third level DOWNLINE.
When they are automatically upgraded.  i. e
N26,880 X 27 = N725,760
Aside all these, every member also have the
opportunity to enjoy:
Life residual income
Direct referral bonus
Spill under & spill over bonus
Cheap product benefit
Monthly incentive bonus
Leader's awards
Top recruiters awards
E-wallet reseller opportunity etc
Never let this great opportunity pass you bye. .  contact me on +2348139295237.  Am also on whatsapp.


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How To Turn A Mere N4000 Into Over N700,000 In Few Weeks..
« on: June 21, 2015, 07:57:55 PM »


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