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Efficient flotation plant is required to meet the threerequirements: 1, high inflatable degree, even bubble; 2, large capacity, lowenergy consumption; 3, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.  At present, in order to meet the above requirements, we mainly take two measures:1, retrofit the existing mechanical flotation cell;2, study on new flotation cells.
Transformation of mechanical agitation Quarry crusher is mainly to increase the amount of gas; onthe one hand, we can transform self-suction flotation cells to inflatableflotation plant, that is, press air into pulp; additional air compressor canlower impeller speeds and lower power consumption, while also reduce mechanicalwear, so that improve mechanical properties; on the other hand, we canmanufacture large flotation plant; practice has proved that in the case of sameflotation indexes, large flotation cells compared to normal flotation cells hasadvantages of large capacity, small footprint and low running costs; it is infull compliance with requirements of efficient cell flotationmachine.
Another way to reach efficient flotation is research new cellflotation; in recent years, domestic research on new floating equipment also getnew progress, the most highlight example is full-sectional micro-bubble stone crusher produced by SBM, whose whole section of bottom iscovered with one-way valve which allows pressure air enter into floating machinethrough it; the machine is with large inflatable volume, and bubble can beuniformly distributed within it.  Full-sectional micro-bubble  makes use of pressure air-lift air to stir the slurry, fundamentally repeal stirrers, reducing energy consumption.
The machine has large tank volume and ore-processing capacity, with 1-2 cells; wearing parts are made of wear-resistance rubber, easy to maintain.  Full-sectional micro-bubble flotation machine is a kind of high-efficiency flotation machine, it in future will completely replace mechanical agitation flotation cells.

During the development process of enterprises, choosing the reliable equipment is very important, which can make your effort on the road to success with less detours.  The selection of desulfurization gypsum plant should be complete based on the physical and chemical properties of desulfurized gypsum.  During the handling process of the desulfurization gypsum balls, the increasing of the particle size is the process of extrusion of desulfurization gypsum.  Desulfurization gypsum briquette machine can carry out one-time pressing of desulfurized gypsum into balls of high water content.  The purity of finished products and production efficiency of the machine are very high without adding any binder as well as the drying process.
The obvious advantage of the desulfurization dolomite plant is that the high moisture content of desulfurization can also be one-time pressed into balls, which does not need the addition of binder, so that the purity of the product is fully guaranteed.  We know that gypsum contains calcium carbonate and soluble salt, when they are evenly mixed with the cement, it can enhance the mechanical properties and stability of the cement based on its invariant setting time.  The deficiency is that the desulfurization gypsum has high moisture content, which can reach 10-17%.  If the strong viscosity desulfurization gypsum is applied to the cement production, it will be easy to adhere to the device.  In addition, it will cause a large number of material accumulation and blockage, so that the material conveying is not smooth, and the uneven mixing may results in low production efficiency, stagnation of the production or damage to the equipment.
Our company is specialized in producing briquetting machines, which mainly include coal briquette machine, dry powder briquette machine, desulfurization gypsum briquette machine, slag briquette machine, hydraulic pressure briquette machine, etc. 

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Wollastonite is the new market for jaw crusher
« on: October 16, 2018, 03:24:21 AM »
Wollastonite is usually crushed by large crushers, and the wide market of wollastonite brings new challenge to crushing industry.  SBM improve the product structure on the basis of small jaw crusher and the new PE jaw crusher is the first choice of crushing wollastonite.  our jaw crushers series imported Germany advanced manufacturing technology, has a simple and reasonable structure, high output, large crushing ratio, long life of tooth plate, even product granularity, low power consumption, and easy maintenance, is the advanced machine in the domestic market at present.
Wollastonite is a kind of ore material which has the good insulation and a high degree of whiteness, good dielectric properties and a high heat resistance, widely used in car, metallurgy, ceramics, and plastics etc,.  At present, the wide prospect for sand processing equipment is engineering plastics industry, and wollastonite is as fillers and reinforcing agents for plastics and rubber industry, which replaces more and more metal parts in industrial products and has a high demand on the market.
At present, the storage capacity and output of wollastonite in our country is the first in the world, and the annual output of wollastonite industry reached 55 million tons.  The products are exported to Japan, Korea, and Germany, which accounted for 70% in the international market.  At the same time, the demand of wollastonite is increasing continuously, and the experts predicated that the demand of wollastonite can reach 60 million tons.
Company has been sticking to the technology communication and strategy cooperation policy for a long term, namely, 'coming in' and 'going out' policy.  Opening foreign market is a stage for quick development. .  In the background of economic globalization, our tries to provide the best service and high quality products for global customers and makes an effort to achieve the optimization of the values and interests of the customers.

The existing production pattern of the concrete industry has low assembly technology and serious pollution and waste, so that green development becomes the inevitable choice to transform the development pattern.  Concrete industry has entered a crucial transformation period, and it has become a must to realize green production through production and operation pattern transformation and upgrading.
To realize sustainable development and green production of the concrete industry, the only way out is technical innovation and correct industrial policy orientation, so that the goal of reducing consumption of industrial resources and energy and pollutant discharge can be realized, and doing research on mixing waste materials into concrete and on the feasibility of applying recycled concrete in different strength grade, different structure and different part is an important aspect.
The new type of portable crusher for sale launched by zenith includes portable crushing plant and portable screening plant, which introduces German advanced technology and combines the domestic market demand and has excellent treatment effect on solid waste materials, and millions of construction waste per hour can be effectively processed.
The recycled aggregates produced through such technical processes as classification, crushing and screening of portable crushing plant with the waste materials such as construction waste, gangue, coal dust, desulphurization gypsum, ardealite, chemical waste residue, metallurgical waste residue and tailings can be used as raw materials for producing commercial concrete of below C30.
Our coal processing plant is usually assembled by our company, and it can be put into use only by a small adjustment or connection on the working site.  In this way, it can save the fees of installation foundation of equipment as well as save the labors of installation and adjustment.  The portable crushing plant manufactured by our company has a very compact structure, and in the design process, the transportation requirement has been taken into consideration, so that most machines can be directly consigned on highway and even railway long-distance transportation is also convenient.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Why are mobile crushers widely applied in the world?
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:39:31 AM »
Our company develops, manufactures, and markets mobile crushers which are applied widely in civil engineering, quarries and open-pit mines worldwide.  The mobile crushers offer high-performance with straightforward and reliable property.
Our advanced mobile crushing equipment has the following main features:
1.  The mobility of our mobile crusher lies in the short distance between shafts, small radius of turning circle, and the ability of moving flexibly on the ordinary roads and inside operation area.
2.  The mobile crushing plant can do field processing without moving materials away from the operation site, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.
3.  The integrative set installation pattern avoids the installing steps of the infrastructure of the divided parts of the whole set in complex field, thus reducing both materials and working hours.  The rational and compact spatial arrangement of the whole set increases the flexibility of the site residence.
The mobile crushing plant is mainly applied in the industries of metallurgy, chemical, building materials and hydropower to process materials that need moving frequently, especially to process mobile stone materials used for highway, railway and hydropower projects.  Customers can decide which configuration form to use according to the types of the raw materials, production scale and the requirement of finished materials.
We provide the qualities in crushing plants that customers exactly want.  Nowadays, our company focuses on innovative product design and after-market support systems which give added customer value.  We now offer a wide range of mobile crushing plants suited for demolition, quarrying and road construction applications.

Sand washing machine is widely used in construction sites , gravel plants (sand plant ), concrete hydropower dam site and other industries .  The machine has features of large treatment volume, high cleaning , reasonable structure, small power consumption, less sand loss( sand washing process ), and sand washing equipment transmission parts are related to water , sand completely isolated , so the failure rate is far much lower than the commonly used sand washing machine equipment ,which is the best choice for upgrading the industry in the sand washing machine industry.
In the process of using sand washing machine we find that motor failures often affect production ,the main faults are as follows :
a .  Rolling bearing excessive wear or assembly bad,which can cause the stator and the rotor mutual friction, making the iron core surface damage,and then causing a short circuit in between silicon-steel sheet,increasing motor iron loss , making the motor temperature rise too high .  When application fine file tools such as removing burr, eliminating silicon steel short sub,after cleaning,Coating with insulating paint,heating and drying.
b .  Dismounting the old winding of using excessive force ,which can cause pirates of the slot crooked , and splayed out .  At this point, the application needle nose pliers, wood hammer and other tools to repair ,making tooth socket reset , and in the bad reset the gap in between silicon steel to add green shell paper , wood and other hard rubber insulation materials .
c .  Due to other causes of damp core surface corrosion .  At this point required a clean sanding ,after cleaning ,coating with insulating paint .
d .  Around group of earth connection produce high temperature to burn down iron core slot or bad tooth department.  Available tools such as chisels or scraper to clean and remove deposited material, coating with insulating paint and drying .
e .  Between the iron core and base combinationwith loose , old screw can be tightened .  If the screws failure ,which can be positioned at the base station re- drill and tap holes , tightening the screws .

Structure of wet type marble grinding mill is more complex compared with that of other marble grinding mills, and complex internal structure also determines working mechanism of wet marble grinding mill is very difficult to learn.
Traditional strategies to control for wet dolomite grinding mill are various and each is with unique character and suitable grinding way; here, we introduce control strategy of wet dolomite grinding mill, hoping we can have a better understanding about the wet grinding mill.  Control strategies of wet marble grinding mill include the following categories:
1.  PID policy.  This control strategy is designed according to the principle of feedback, with advantages of constant feeding, constant definite proportion of water and steady grinding.
2.  Extremum control strategy.  This control is designed according to extremum curves, which makes dolomite grinding mill as a kind of single variable extremum, and then develops control system basing on the external characteristic of wet mill; but this control strategy uses barely in wet mill.
3.  Dynamic optimized control strategy.  This control strategy can adjust extreme value of variable quantity basing on the working condition of wet mill; it to a certain extent can improve grinding efficiency; while, the strategy has more demands on working condition, with poor auto-immunity, so it is easy to cause mistakes.
We can see that control policies to a extent improve production performance and grinding efficiency of marble grinding mill, but these three traditional control policies cannot take effective control to internal important parameter of wet type mill, with poor flexibility, and their effects in the optimization of wet type mill are not good. Therefore, control strategy of wet marble grinding mill is needed further study and optimization so that control systems can be more precise and more stable.

With the superfine powder grinding technology developing, the application range of slag grinding machine is increasingly wider.  This equipment has obvious advantages in slag grinding process, but there also exist certain problems.
Compared with ball mill, the slag mill is of high grinding efficiency, simplified technical process, lower power consumption, etc.  However, the traditional slag mill still has the following shortcomings:
1.  Material blockage.  Due to the slag is of high water content, it's liable to blockage or nodules in the node position of the feeding chute.
2.  Vibration.  This phenomenon may be caused by mixing with large block chunk of metal, the installation not meeting requirements, or unstable hydraulic.
3.  Material layer instability.  For example, when grinding dry blast furnace slag, it is uneasy to form material layer, causing feeding materials overflow.
Aimed at the above problems, Fote Machinery has optimized the vertical slag mill, and its technical advantages are as following:
1.  Integral-type roller skin, combined-type mill lining board, and replaceable grinding parts.
2.  Material grinding is under limited pressure.
3.  The roller inhibiting device with effects of mechanical limit and vibration reduction.
4.  Adopting adjustable cliff type keep-off ring, to extend material residence time on the millstone; Adding mill scraper and water-jet mechanism, further stabilizing the material layer.
5.  Adjustable nozzle ring; Multi-function hydraulic system, achieving loading, unloading, buffer, balance pressure, etc.
6.  Highly efficient powder concentrator promotes powder selection efficiency; Adopting reverse blade sealing technology and roller plate welding technology, prolonging the service life of the quick-wear parts.
7.  The feeding chute is designed as a reverse horn or added a timing rapping device, effectively avoid the occurrence of material blockage.

Vertical mill is the key equipment for smashing materials after coarse crushing, which is suitable for dry or wet grinding of various ores and other materials.  It is widely used in vertical, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metals, glass ceramics and other sectors.  The vertical roller mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motors, electrical control) and other major parts.  Its hollow shaft adopts steel castings, and the liner is detachable; its slewing gear adopts casting hobbing process; the cylinder body is equipped with wear-resistant liner, which has good resistance to wear.  vertical mill has stable operation and reliable work.  Both the dry type vertical mill and wet type lattice vertical mill can be chosen according to the materials and the discharging modes.
vertical mill can conduct dry or wet production, which can achieve simultaneous operations of grinding and drying.  The vertical mill has some outstanding advantages such as strong adaptability, continuous processing, high crushing ratio and easy control of the grinding fineness.  Our company takes technological innovation as its development motto.  Producing suitable ball mill from customers perspective is its bounden duty.  vertical mill has reasonable matching in the crushing and screening process, and it is equipped with advanced electric control system to ensure the smooth discharging, high efficiency and energy saving of the whole production line.  vertical mill has satisfied the great demand of aggregates in national construction projects.
Our company is a professional manufacturer of vertical mill, whose products are exported overseas.  We have complete specifications of vertical, which include large vertical mill, small and medium vertical mill, dry lattice type vertical mill, wet grid type vertical mill, overflow type vertical mill, etc.  The vertical mill produced by our company is in accordance with international production standards, which has favorable price and quality assurance.

Compared with traditional crushing equipment, mobile crushing station breaks through the limit of fixed crushing site, high transportation cost of the materials and can crush the materials on the working site, so that it is widely used in mine, metallurgy, building material, transportation and water conservancy industry.  Then why does portable crusher plant attract the manufacturers to do research? Fute Machinery thinks it is because of the following advantages of mobile crushing station.
1.  High mobility.  Mobile crushing station can be directly driven to the working site.
2.  Compact structure and convenient use.  Integrated rubber-tyre or crawler type equipment saves labor, material and space.  This machine is equipped with vehicular generator set and electromotor for the convenience of outdoor working.
3.  It saves production cost and reduces transportation cost.  Mobile crushing station can directly crush the materials on the working site, thus avoiding the transportation of the materials.
4.  High adaptability.  The three-stage crushing and screening system of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing can be freely dismantled and combined
5.  Stable performance and convenient maintenance.  The mobile crushing station is equipped with Fute PE series jaw crusher, PF series impact crusher, feeding machine and vibrating screen, and the transportation of the materials is equipped with belt conveyor with easy operation, mature technology, low investment and high yield.
6.  Flexible configuration.  According to the requirements of the working site, materials and particle shape of the customers, mobile crushing station can be customized to provide the customers with better and more suitable production equipment.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / The excellent advantages of mobile crushing station
« on: December 25, 2017, 04:13:41 AM »
Mobile crushing station is one of the major products that our company has been paying much more attention to all the time, which is one construction waste crusher that is being designed specially for processing the building construction waste, and this kind of machine can be designed and made according to different requirements of our customers, and the most excellent advantage of this machine is belonging to its flexibility because it can be moved to all kinds of crushing jobsites without being established in one place all the time, so there is no doubt that it can get so much higher compliment from the customers.
Our company as the leader of the mainland engineering machinery, can produce all kinds of mobile crushing stations with different specification and sizes, and the main categories of it are including crawler mobile crusher and the rubber type mobile crusher.
The customers can configure the various equipment in this mobile crushing station according to the difference of the raw materials or the requirement for the output and so on.
One of the most excellent features is to solve the problem that being established in one place, which certainly can decrease the investment cost, laboring time and some complicated procedures before the crushing process.  The portable crusher plant can directly go to the crushing jobsites no matter whether it is pointing to the flat roads or the bumpy ways.
The main performance characteristics of mobile crushing station is including its tight structure, easy to be operated while all the machines such as crushers or the screening machines can be installed in the mobile crushing station, which certainly can show so much by comparing with those traditional machines.
The information above on can be the direct reason why SBM mobile crushing station can be so popular in the modern mining market, which certainly can help us to occupy much more marketing percentage in the competition.  There is no hesitation to give us a call or to leave us a message if you are looking for one machine that owning the better performance characteristics in processing the building construction waste. 

High temperature will influence the operation of ultrafine mill, how does it influence the operation of ultrafine grinding mill? Today, we will tell you.  The answer is yes, and it has bad influence on the ultrafine mill.
1.  The high temperature of ultrafine will influence its workability, because it will make the ultrafine concrete to produce differential temperature stress which will cause concrete cracking.
2.  It will seriously influence the storage, packaging and transportation of ultrafine, and make the packing bag become crisp, thus increasing the breakage rate and worsening the working environment of the labors.
3.  It will raise the temperature of the bearing and weaken the lubrication effect, and generate some thermal stress which will cause the screws of the lining board to break off in the cylinder.  What is more, the grinding mill will not run continuously, thus damaging the equipment.
4.  It will increase the temperature of the materials that go into the powder concentrator, so that the adhesion of the internal wall and the fan blade of the powder concentrator will increase too.
We all know that the ultrafine mill plays an important role in the mining industry.  Its necessary for customers to learn to use the ultrafine mill properly to realize the high-efficient production.  Therefore, handle well the temperature of ultrafine mill will be one of the most concerned problems for us.

Nowadays, the majority of the manufacturing industries are in great demand for new type of superfine micro powder materials and the demand ranges also cover the production and manufacturing departments of all the light and heavy industry.  Raymond Mill plays an important role in the manufacturing and extraction of super-fine micro powder materials.  With the constantly increasing market demands for superfine micro powder materials in social production, the market demands for Raymond mill are also shored up.  As a famous brand in the mining machinery industry, our company aims at the market opportunities and increases the input in the research and manufacturing link of Raymond mill and makes this product to transform to the directions of energy conservancy, environmental protection and high production efficiency to realize the promise of supporting the customers one hundred percent to make their dreams come true.
The Raymond mill manufactured by us is designed by upgrading on the basis of the Raymond mill in the same industry and of many years of equipment research and development experience and the market feedbacks and it adopts the advanced structure of the same type of products in domestic and foreign market.  In the using process of traditional raymond grinding mill, we find that when processing calcite, there are plenty of 10m superfine ore powders in the 325 Mesh ore powders, so if we separate then with some technical means and expand the output, then the enterprise benefits will be greatly improved.
Metal and non-metallic ores and some other organic matters are the main source of the superfine micro powder materials.  After being processed with unique technology, these materials will have wide production adaptability and they can be used for the production and processing of industrial products.  If the property of the materials is modified, then their application ranges will be wider.  For example, many new-type industrial products uses superfine micro powder materials as the additive, so that the production cost is greatly reduced, and at the same time, the functions of strength, elasticity, high temperature resistance, radiation protection and ageing resistance of the original products are improved.
To ensure the continuous and smooth operation of the equipment, Raymond mill has many unique features.  First, its working efficiency is much higher than that of ball mill; second, the changing cycle of the grinding roll and the grinding ring is longer.  Other than Raymond mill, the grinding equipment manufactured by Machinery also include high strength pulverizer and high pressure grinding mill.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Construction Waste crusher plays a great role in Dali
« on: December 06, 2017, 10:03:08 AM »
Now, to Yunnan Dali can see a lot of special brick production line, especially in its use of raw materials, the brick production line of raw materials used in urban construction waste treatment after the aggregate, this new construction garbage disposal method is completely environmental protection.  At present, Dali is the introduction of many of the series of construction waste crusher, each equipment daily processing capacity of up to tons.
It is understood that the city's construction waste disposal equipment is the procurement of mobile crushing station, a total of tires and caterpillar type of two major categories.  This series of mobile construction waste disposal equipment has high capacity, can be more than hundred tons, mobile convenient, almost can adapt to any terrain, can quickly and accurately reach all kinds of crushing sites; High efficiency, the latest model of the series of construction waste treatment equipment in the year of energy consumption under the production capacity of nearly 20% of the old, In the market of similar equipment ahead.
This new type of construction waste processing production line has been gradually promoted in the country, some do better cities, such as Dali, can almost deal with the city's annual production of millions of tons of construction waste, the promotion of construction waste crusher not only in environmental protection has made a contribution, its savings are also a sky-high price Our company will strive to develop more advanced construction waste crusher, China's urban construction waste treatment to make a strong support for the cause.

The main element of bauxite is alumina, which can be used for aluminum smelting, abrasive materials and aluminum compounds.  The fine powder processed by bauxite grinding machine can be used in high-grade refractory materials industry, military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment and other department.  Our company has developed the raymond mill, which is the equipment specially designed for the properties for bauxite materials.  It can control the product size according to the need of production.  Due to its relatively high powder separating rate and low using cost, bauxite grinding mill has got numerous milling enterprises' concern.
Our bauxite grinding machine is developed by the experts with many years of painstaking research and innovative development.  It is successfully developed based on the high pressure suspension mill according to the needs and recommendations of customers, which has the updated design.  It provides high efficiency, efficient, energy saving milling equipment for the vast number of users at home and abroad.  The model uses flexible ladder working face, connection, grinding roller linkage booster and other five mill patent technology, which has created the overpressure ladder mill to the highest level in the world.  The finished powder materials produced by our ultrafine mill has uniform fineness with the screening through rate of 99%.  In addition, the important parts of milling machine are made of high quality steel and the wear resistant parts are made of high-performance materials.  The machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation, which is more popular than other milling machines.
High pressure grinding mill, high pressure suspension mill and tricyclic medium-speed micro powder mill are the benchmark equipment in powder making industry.  Our company produces milling production lines with a variety of models and specifications.  The specific prices need to be decided after configuring the appropriate production line, and you can directly consult our online customer service.  Our company wholeheartedly waits for your enquiry, welcome old and new customers to visit us!

Micro-powder crushing technologies is one new engineering skill with the development of the advanced modernization technologies, which has become one of the most important skills that being used to process the mineral ores or the industrial ores, so we can say that it means a lot for the development of the whole mining machinery.
Our national economy has achieved a lot in recent years, and raymond mill also makes a great difference to those engineering projects.  Mining machinery has passed the period of relying on the lower-paid labor and sacrificing the surrounding environment for the coarse development of the overall mining machinery, and it actively comes up with the methods to pursue for the new development roads in order to realize the win-win.
The advantages of our raymond mill:
1.  Lower investment and higher economic profit.  It can save 60-70% than that of those large-scale complete equipment.
2.  Lower energy consumption.
3.  Accurate classification levels.
4.  Less wear-grinding and low noise.
5.  Environmental protection.  There is no dust discharging in the operation.
6.  Convenient installation.  It is not necessary to establish the base because this kind of equipment is stable in the operation.
Our national mining machinery is being in one development period, so the demand for the powder grinding machines is being increased all the time, especially for the developed countries, so our state possibly can become strong in this filed.

Ultrafine grinding is a commonly used ultrafine mill, it is widely used in ore processing, building materials production, chemical industry, metal smelting and other industries.  Since the second straight, the production efficiency of the mill has been paid attention to, because the same equipment processing the same materials, under different operation, the production efficiency is different.  So how to improve the production efficiency of the mill is every two production enterprises need to face the problem.

First, we usually use a crushing device to break the material to a suitable size when using ultrafine grinding materials.  This can improve the milling system and improve the grinding efficiency.  We can also increase the high school separator, will need to reprocessing and finished materials quickly separated.  In addition, the separator can also be classified and wet materials collection.  In addition, ultrafine mill also need to consider the size of the material, temperature, the type of mixed materials and so on.  We should use the balance principle system to optimize and adjust the ventilation feeding capacity and the efficiency of other devices, then the whole system can improve the balance of work efficiency.  The application of this technology is usually only a two-point investment, but the profit can be increased, depending on the production situation, the average situation is the profit increased by 20%.

In order to improve the working efficiency of ultra-fine grinding, in recent years, the design of internal and external milling system is also increasing.  Before grinding, the material needs to be broken by crushing machine.  This will greatly reduce the size of the feed, thus reducing the burden on the grinding system.  After grinding, also need to sift grinding.  When the powder screening efficiency is improved, the more direct advantage is that the selected powder is timely, reducing the recovery of the powder, reducing the load of the equipment.

With the development of society, the domestic construction industry is developing quickly, so the demand for cement and coating material is increasing day by day, and the ceramic industry has also flourished.  Therefore, the powder is also in growing demand, as a result, the powder price is higher, and it has still appeared in short supply situation.  The rock powder material is produced by rock grinding mill, so a good rock grinding mill is the key to occupy the powder market.  The ore milling equipment is one of the main equipment for the production of powder, there are many applied materials of rock grinding mill, such as: kaolin, bentonite, limestone, fly ash and other raw materials.  The annual cement production capacity in China is billions of tons, and the use amount of powder is bigger, so we need one or more excellent grinding mills to ensure the continuous improvement of production, so as to bring more profits.
Our rock grinding mill is a newly developed milling machine, which is a kind of stone processing equipment.  It is mainly suitable for the superfine powder processing of stone materials with medium and low hardness as well as non flammable and explosive brittle materials with grade 6Mohs hardness, such as limestone, dolomite, calcite, chalk, charcoal black, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, illite, vermiculite, sepiolite, palygorskite, rectorite, barite, gypsum, etc.  The stone powder produced by ultrafine mill has very wide applications, and it even can be used for paper making, which grinds the calcium carbonate contains as the main component of the stone into fine particles and then blows it into 'stone paper'.  The invention of the new project has added luster to the road of industrial power in our country.  At present, the various manufacturers are improving the grinding technology itself, and its application has been widened.
When choosing the rock grinding machine, we need to investigate many of the milling machine manufacturers to understand the power, yield, fineness and pollution situation of the machine, and then choose a good enterprise to purchase after comparison.  Our comapany is engaged in the production and sales of milling machine for a long time.  With years of experience, we have played a decisive role in the domestic grinding mill market.  Our rock grinding machine has high efficiency and low energy consumption, which has been widely praised in domestic market, it is also exported to the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries.  We have occupied a leading position in the market, and the purchase of our grinding equipment is affordable.  The new kind of grinding equipment has been fully listed, which are in panic purchasing situation!

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / New type vertical roller mill for sale
« on: December 09, 2014, 09:23:31 AM »
Coal gangue vertical roller mill machinery is a coal mining an indispensable gadget,throughout the mining is additionally plays a vital part in bringing us tremendously facilitate the daily lives of human beings. Coal is known as “black gold” which reflected its importance to human life.
Zenith makes great efforts to improve the traditional machines and research new products to adapt to the new development tendency. At the same time, coal vertical roller mill is additionally in the development of large scale and high performance.
The raw material price of vertical roller mill mainly determines the price of vertical roller mill. vertical roller mill prices determined by models of VSI sand making machine, such as the models, technical parameters, feeding size, discharging size, production capacity and so on.
Our New type coal gangue vertical roller mill machinery has lots of features,
1. Advanced wear-resisting materials and the optimum vertical roller mill chamber make this vertical roller mill excellent.
2. Selective vertical roller mill, good performance.
3. Small size, simple structure, high vertical roller mill ratio, low energy.
4. High efficiency, simple structure and light weight, easy operation maintenance.
In the future, Shanghai Zenith hopes to provide you with the latest design and development, manufacturing of high-tech multi-functional devices. We hope to establish a long-term pursuit of higher value relationship with you, we always strive to provide the highest quality and efficient products.

MONDAY JOBS POSTING / Simple Description of Vertical Roller Mill
« on: December 05, 2014, 07:56:40 AM »
Vertical Roller Mill Application :
Vertical Roller Mill is a new kind of large-scale grinding mill which is designed specially to solve the problems of low capacity and high consumption of industry mills.  With decades of years? research, LUM Series Vertical Roller Mill is designed and manufactured based on our advanced design idea. Now it has found its extensive application in the mining ,chemistry, non-metallurgy and other hundreds of industries.

Vertical Roller Mill Main Structures :
It mainly consists of : powder-collector,grinding roller ,pressure equipment,grinding plate ,decelerator,electric motor,and and the machine shell ,etc.

Vertical Roller Mill Working Principle :
The motor dives the grinding table to turn through the speed reducer.  At the same time, hot air comes into the roller mill from the air inlet. The materials fall down the centre of grinding table from the feeder.  Because of the centrifugal force, the materials move to the edge of grinding table from the centre . The materials are crushed by the grinding roller when they passes the groove on the grinding table.  The crusher materials continue to move to the edge of the grinding table until they are taken away by the airstream.  Then the bigger materials fall down the grinding table and the process of crushing continues.  When the materials in the airstream pass the separator on the top of the mill, the materials fall down the grinding table from the taper filler under the force of guide leaf blade.
The fine powder comes out with the airstream, and is gathered by the dust catcher of the system.  The powder gathered is the final product of roller mill.  In the process of the contact of airstream , the materials are dried to meet the clients? need at the proper moisture. Through the adjustment of the angle between the separator and the leaf of wind?s direction (not suitable to the small type of vertical roller mill), and also the speed of the separator rotor, it can reach the proper fineness of the materials.

Vertical Roller Mill Technical advantages :
1)The time materials stayin the machine body is short ,which can reduce the repeating grinding and have a stable quality.
2)the adjustable dry air temoeture,and high drying ability ,energy-saving
3)the non-direct contacting equipment installed on the roller shells and the grinding liner can avoid the damage compact and strong shaking.
4)Vertical Roller Mill merges the crushing ,drying,grinding ,and classifying into a single whole .
5)Vertical Roller Mill and the liner adopts the high-quality materials ,which can reduce the abrasion and increase the service life .
6)the whole seal of the equipment makes the system work in a negative environment with no dust leaking and a clean environment.

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